Very Happy African American Rhinoplasty - Henderson, NV

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Can't believe I'm doing this!!! I've wanted...

Can't believe I'm doing this!!!

I've wanted Rhinoplasty since I was very young and finally have the time, money and courage to get it done.I consulted with 4-5 doctors before choosing Ryan Mitchell. I'm pretty sure I'm in good hands, and have been very happy with him and his staff. I will post through out this process. Hopefully this will help someone as so many of the post of RealSelf have helped me.

What we did: I already had an alarplasty before. Dr. Mitchell performed upper and middle osteomoties to make the width of the middle of my nose smaller. In addition he shaped my tip and took cartilage from my ear to add definition.

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Times Getting Closer! 2 Week Pre-Op Appointment

Just finished my pre-op appointment. Paid my remaining balance and signed all papers. Took more photos and set up a date next week to come back for my lab work.

My surgery time is 7:30am and I have to arrive an hour earlier. My friend will be with me but I'm going to call and check with the surgery center see if they have to stay in the building the whole time or can at least leave for food then comeback. If not I'm hoping they have a cafeteria.

Very nervous but excited.
I'll do another post soon on the approach we are taking to get the result I hoping for:)

Got My Medication!!

Picked up everything pescribed by my surgeon. Also looking into getting additional items, arnica and arnicare gel to help with swelling.

Got my nose waxed!!!

Just attached more photos of my nose before. Got my nose waxed today, hoping to save myself from having any extra junk up there. Eww

I'm less than a week pre op but have no nervousness. Ive been waiting for anxiety to set in but nothing yet.

Last Day Of My Old Nose

So tomorrow is my big surgery day.

I've been so busy with work and school I haven't had a chance to really take it all in. Luckily I got called out of work today and got to spend the night preparing (oh and I just moved into a new apartment yesterday, so everything is a mess... not the best idea... should of waited.)

Anyways I've attached a few more photos to clearly show how my nose looks in better light. My surgery time got switched to the afternoon, so I can eat up until 5am yayyy!!

I asked if it mattered if I was rested and I was told no. So I'll probably be up all night unpacking.... also need to get more food. I'm scared I'll run out since my fridge isn't stocked errrrr

Day Of Surgery

My surgery time got pushed back to 1pm, so I ended up not eating anything for over 12 hours. I arrived at 12pm did paperwork, they did a last minuet re pregnancy test and went over my medical history. The anestesia doctor did the same thing and tried to make me comfortable.

Last my doctor checked in with me and we didn't last minute not to do the alarplasty along with the osteomoty and tip shaping, he also asked me the night prior if he could use some grafting from my ear for my tip for more support.

Went into the room. Saw all the instruments, wanted to freak out but didn't have time to. They didn't do the whole count down thing like in the movies... and next thing you know I heard them calling my name and saying my ride was on there way.

When I woke up I started crying I was so hungry, and kept telling her I wanted a cheese burger. My surgery ended up taking the full 4 hours???? Also it was weird my heel was hurting.. still does. And it was more than my nose.

They said my friend had to stay with my for 24 hours which I didn't know, and didn't think was necessary still I got home. I was so hungry and uncomfortable I couldn't eat... which meant I couldn't take my medicine. She ended up staying with me for four hours then left when I finally went to sleep and continued to check in with me all night ( she also bought me more food ???????? which is funny because now I don't feel like I can eat)

Ended up throwing up black stuff 6/7 hours after taking my medicine which was weird because I didn't eat anything dark.

Going to post today experience and pictures in a couple hours:)

What did I do to myself !!!!!!

1 Day Post Op

A little uncomfortable but okay. Very very swollen but that's normal for me. Taking my medication and using arnicare for the bruising under my eye.

Went in to have my cast adjusted by my surgeon this afternoon because it was uneven, it's all better now. Just been laying around the house with nothing to do. My cast comes off in 4 days:)

Still can't really eat..... my biggest irritation.

3 Days PO

Oh this swelling is killing me.

Yesterday was okay, just the same thing plus having to look after a 4 year active boy which wasn't the best idea.

I contacted Dr Mitchell today about the swelling, even though I'm using arnicare it hasn't been doing much to stop it. So he prescribed more prednisone for the swelling, since today was my last round.

Pain level is at a 1/2. Uncomfortability is 5 out of 10... I can't breath, eating is hard. My menstrual cramps hurt more than my nose, as well as my ear.

My biggest problems is my head. If I move my neck and face to quickly I get a sharp migraine pain in my head, and on left side of my face. It's horrible ????

Trying to be patient. Getting my cast removed in 2 days. Hoping I don't have a piggy nose, the cast is so tight and my face is swollen, that's how it appears right now. Errrr

5 Days PO Cast Off

So I got my cast taken off today. It hurt so bad!!!! There was this stuff in my nose that the surgeon had to twist and pull out, two of them. I literally thought I was going to die.

So far so good. I have a night cast to wear for the next two weeks and expect tons of swelling, but I'm happy so far and hope 10%-20% is due to swelling.

I'm hoping the middle part where I got the osteotomy stays the same of even decreases. I'm going back to school tomorrow and work at the end of the week.

Will update with photos at the end of week.

Deleting Soon: Full Picture With Makeup

I wasn't planning on posting full pictures, but I know it's hard to take everything in without doing so. I finally put on makeup to cover up the bruising. Love it!

Deleting soon.

Over Two Weeks PO


I'm over two weeks PO, I feel l still have swelling that needs to go down and waiting for my tip to drop. My face still hurts when I touch it and I get horrible swelling in the morning, even though I wear my cast at night. I'm wondering now if I should have gotten an alar base reduction, I know it's simple and get always get adjusted in office so I'm not concerned. Overall I am happy with my nose so far, being patient to see the little changes that will come over the next few months.

I'm Sick

Coughing, sneezing, sore throat, nausea, stomach pains, and it's been really hard????

Blowing my nose excessively hurts, and don't know what affect it will have on my results. In addition whenever my nose isn't runny it's crusty and dry inside. Due to the crazy amounts of boogers in there I've become obsessed with what's in my nose and have developed a picking problem which I know can affect my results as well... Please let me know if anyone has any suggestions.

In addition I've stopped wearing my cast at night, and instead began taping and love the results. I feel taping has done more to combat swelling for me.

Photo is attached. My tip has started dropping????

2 Months Post Op

Everything is going great. My nose is still swollen, other days more than others and still hurts. I try to massage it once a day.

Totally gross but I still get the biggest boogers, I mentioned before that I've developed a sort of obsession with them.

Patients is key, going into this experience I kind of knew time was a big factor, but I hadn't realized how much time. Waiting a full year to see my final results. Photos have been added from New Years:)

Patience Is Key!

A few photos of rhinoplasties and the swelling over the one year post operation mark.

I keep reminding myself to be patient:)

3 Months Post Op

Everything looks great.

Still a little swollen at my tip and some days are better than others. Waiting for the year mark to decide whether I want another alarplasty. I will post again at 6 months PO:)
Henderson Facial Plastic Surgeon

Note** Not comfortable posting full photos since this is a public site, but am willing to send photos and videos if you ask. Dr Mitchell has great communication and listening skills. I had a consultation in 2015 and didn't have the time, courage or money for the Rhinoplasty. Once everything got into place I consulted with a few other doctors and with Dr. Mitchell, and ultimately decided to go with him. He has been reassuring in this process and I'm hoping for great results.

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