African American Rhinoplasty - Henderson, NV

Can't believe I'm doing this!!! I've wanted...

Can't believe I'm doing this!!!

I've wanted Rhinoplasty since I was very young and finally have the time, money and courage to get it done.

I consulted with 4-5 doctors before choosing Ryan Mitchell. I'm pretty sure I'm in good hands, and have been very happy with him and his staff.

I will post through out this process. Hopefully this will help someone as so many of the post of RealSelf have helped me.

Times Getting Closer! 2 Week Pre-Op Appointment

Just finished my pre-op appointment. Paid my remaining balance and signed all papers. Took more photos and set up a date next week to come back for my lab work.

My surgery time is 7:30am and I have to arrive an hour earlier. My friend will be with me but I'm going to call and check with the surgery center see if they have to stay in the building the whole time or can at least leave for food then comeback. If not I'm hoping they have a cafeteria.

Very nervous but excited.
I'll do another post soon on the approach we are taking to get the result I hoping for:)
Henderson Facial Plastic Surgeon

Dr Mitchell has great communication and listening skills. I had a consultation in 2015 and didn't have the time, courage or money for the Rhinoplasty. Once everything got into place I consulted with a few other doctors and with Dr. Mitchell, and ultimately decided to go with him. He has been reassuring in this process and I'm hoping for great results.

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