37 Years Old. 135lbs, 5'7 - Las Vegas, NV

I've been wanting to get a BA for about 10 years....

I've been wanting to get a BA for about 10 years. Finally decided to just do it. I went to Dr. Arthur Cambeiro for my Consultation. I did not feel like I needed to see any other doctors. Feeling very comfortable, I scheduled my surgery for 12/2/2016. Left the office, thinking I wanted 550 ccs , silicone, under the muscle. Hopefully, I will not change my mind 27 times.

A few weeks later, realized I will not be able to take enough time off from work in December. I called the office, the ladies were amazing and able to reschedule me for 11/14/16, morning after my last 1/2 marathon for the year.

November 1st will be my pre-op. Can't wait.

46 days to go.

4 weeks pre-op

Debating on size. Thinking between 450-550ccs. Very active, I'm nervous to fo too big and they impact mobility and ability.
Las Vegas Plastic Surgeon

Have not had my surgery yet, but I left the office, feeling like I did not need another consultation.

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