Lip Lift. Not Sure I See a Change? - Healdsburg, CA

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Recieved a lip lift yesterday, so t's only been 24...

Recieved a lip lift yesterday, so t's only been 24 hours, so I know I need to be patient. But I was expecting immediate results. (As I was told). I'm not even swollen. Which I shouldn't be complaining about, but it seems weird to me that I'm not. And if there is slight swelling, that's disappointing because the swelling will subside, which will make my lip look smaller. I already know I want a revision. I am very disappointed. I really don't see any change. Except the stitches, obviously. lol

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Still, no change!!

Day 5

Day 6

Still, no change!
Nurse said doctor won't do a revision for a YEAR!

Before/Day 6

Looking at my lips before any enchantment, and after my lip lift, there is a slight change.
But I wasn't looking for slight! I wanted noticeable.

Day 8

Day 15

Day 16

Day 26

Still the same. ! Can't wait for January 23rd!

2 more days!

Monday 1/23 I go for my revision for my lip lift! I am sooooooo excited!!!
Here is a pic of my scar as of today. No make up, no bb cream. It's not very noticeable. (At least I don't think so)


Picture of my lips today. Can't wait to see them come Monday!!

Revision Done!

OK. I'm not sure how I'm feeling about this. This time I'm definitely swollen. My upper lip is extremely puffy!!
He took some skin off, put a couple stitches in and asked what I thought. I told him take out more. Lol. So here is the end result. I'm thankful it is swollen because I am not 100 percent sure how I feel about this now. ???? a little anxious

Revision day 2

I feel like the swelling has gone down a little bit (or maybe that's just in my head) maybe there wasn't much to begin with. I'm hoping there was cause I'd like it to go down just s tad. Anyway, here are a couple pics!

24 hours after

Day 3.

Day 4

Day 6. Stitches out

Day 8


Sorry! This is the only tape measure I have. Not sure if this is even helpful. ????

2 weeks

Looks waaaaay better!

3 weeks, 2 days

Still happy I had the revision done. I do think I might get 1/2 a syringe of filler to add a little more fullness. ??

Almost 6 weeks

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