35 Y/o, 3 Breastfed Babies, Deflated 10A, 52kg, 174cm,300cc Mentor Slight Textured, Under the Muscle - Hawthorn, AU

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BACKGROUND ON ME After breastfeeding my 3 babies,...


After breastfeeding my 3 babies, my before small A cup remained a small A maybe even AA. It is time to make a change and get back to my breastfeeding size. I am hoping to achieve a C so fingers crossed.

I have a very small frame so I have no intention of going big. And having my little ones I didn't want to look fake either. I enjoy Crossfit going at least 4 sometimes 5 times a week so it is important to find the implant that is going to accommodate my desire to continue this. Obviously there will be some restrictions initially but fingers crossed I'll be back at it just before Christmas and ready to go hard inthe new year. I am by no means a competition crossfitter, I just love the exercise and the social side my Crossfit family brings n

So after some research it was time to book some consultations. As soon as I met with my Surgeon, Craig Rubinsteinin in Hawthorn, a few months ago I instantly felt relaxed with him and booked in surgery straight away. He did my sisters implants back in 2008 so I knew he did a great job, not to mention all his patients I have met or heard of since. As soon as you mention breast augmentation everyone is willing to tell you that they have them. It seems like the done thing now. So many ladies are out there enjoying having breasts again or for the first time.

Although already having three kids i wanted under the muscle just in case we decide to have another baby (our first is no longer with us and I have always wanted three kids) so we are not sure what the future holds. In July I made the decision to stop breast feeding my 2 year old and book in my surgery.

Nervous is an understatement I was feeling. After doing so much reading and researching on the internet I had expected the worse. So anxiety and anticipation had me questioning should I? Why? What if something happens.... And then I look in the mirror and it's a reminder that for the past 5 years I have had boobs from being pregnant or breast feeding and I can't live the rest of my life like this.

He lead up to surgery has been crazy. It certainly is an augmentation rollercoster. But I rode it and I am not past it! I have had my surgery and I can't believe I did it! I actually went through with it!!!! Go me!!

Day of surgery

Surgery was Monday 14th September afSf Vincent's Private in Kew. Nervous is a complete understatement.

Admission time was 8 am and surgery booked for 10 am. I think the hardest part was the wait. I was under the impression my husband could be with me the whole time while waited but I was wrong. He couldn't come in as I was prepped for surgery (from 9am). Thankfully I had my phone and this site to keep reading although at times in did really consider running and not coming back haha

Craig, my surgeon came in like an perfectionist artist and put all the markings on my body. Having never been through anything like this I was extremely amazed by his perfection and in depth way hem was making the marks. I did at the time as why this line went that way and that one went the other way etc. He did explain it to me but I will have to get a copy of the photos as the explaination has completely gone in one ear and out the other.
Surgery was running a little late. I was wheeled into theatre at 11.15. Climbed over to the operating table.... This is now the 5th time I have done this. 3 cesearans and my appendix. This time I was even more nervous. It's the unknown that gets you. I have an extremely low pain thesehold so that's what has been playing on my mind (along with the what if'a like I am sure everyone experiences.)

A nurse put a breathing mask on my face and the anesthetist came and put something on my IV. He said Nighty Nighth and that was it! The next I was waking up in recovery at 12.45 pm.

My initial thought was that I could keep sleeping. I so needed it as the lead up consisted of next to no sleep. But I did want to my own room and see my husband.
I remember lifting my top up to have a look. I was surprised to see that I wasn't taped up at all. My boobs were there to have a really good look at. The size looked good! I was happy.

Pain for me on surgery day was 1/10. There wasn't much at all. I was given some Panadol and morphine in surgery but didn't require any additional pain relief until 3am the next day.

The nurse helped me put on my post op bra (a little number from Target). I get two with my surgery and then at the one week post appointment I get fitted with two sports Bras and then at 6 weeks I get a $100 voucher to go to this fancy bra shop where thru measure you, make you jump up and down etc to get the perfect bras for you.
The hardest part by far was pitting the bra on and getting dressed. But then along came the toilet. It hurt to rip the toilet paper and flush the toilet haha. That's as hard as my day got. Surprisingly I can lift my arms up (not too far above my head but in can.)!
I have some swelling but so far the day of surgery was good!

First night and Day 1 post surgey

I had to take a sleeping tablet on the first night. I think I was so excited to be on the other side that I couldn't sleep. So I must have drifted off to sleep around 11pm. I woke again at 3am to go to the toilet and decided that was a good time to have some Endone. The nurse came in and I had my first bit of pain relief since 11.30 the morning before. Pretty good going. The pain was only at 3/10 but everyone says to keep on top of it so it doesn't get worse.

I probably only had about 5 hours sleep all up. Discharged was at 9.30 am. So I got up (declined having a shower as I am not ready for that yet although I am sure I need one) freshen up with some makeup and waited for hubby to arrive.
I had another endone before getting in the car. We have about a 45 min drive home so I wanted to be as comfortable as possible. I also wedged a little cushion between my new sisters and the seatbelt. I have read mixed responses to this but thought I would try it anyways.

Mum had my kids all day so the house was blissfully quiet yesterday. The best part of surgery is the helping hand you get from your family and friends. I also pre made 14 different dishes. I have 59 takeaway containers in my freezer consisting of delicious Paleo meals so the pressure to prepare dinner is off me for a good couple of weeks to a month! Feeling extremely organized.

I slept pretty good last night. I have 3 triangle pillows piled up on top of each other. Surprisingly comfortable. I woke every hour though to stretch my legs and rub my num bum haha. As far as pain goes...... It's still pretty non existent. I don't want to blow my own trumpet and definitely not too quickly but for under the muscle the pain is pretty damn good. The nurses at the hospital said that most of Craig's paitents come out of surgery with hardly any pain. He treats the ladies as it they are awake and is very gentle. If my lack of pain is anything to go by I fully believe this to be true.

When Craig came into see me post surgery he said he was very happy with how surgery went. The implant size is perfect for my small frame and they went in very easily. I was a little worried my pecks may have been a bit tight from crossfit but i didn't do any chest exercises last week in hope to relax my muscles. I think it worked.

I attempted to have a shower last nigh but the struggle to get my bra off made me feel very nauseous. So after sitting with a bucket for 10 mins I was ready to wash the bottom half of me. I'll leave my boobs for a few more days. Nothing like a bit of spot washing under the arms to make you feel clean.

So far I am really happy with my size. There is a fair bit of swelling going on but that's to be expected. I have quiet a large gap between my boobs so there is a bit of seperation but he made me aware of that beforen surgery. Nothing a good bra can't fix when I want cleavage! I think when the implants drop it will make gap smaller. We shall see.

So far so good here.

A friend of mine is getting her boobs done
Tomorrow. I hope she has a relativity pain free surgery as well. Good luck GF!

3 days post surgery

So it's been 3 days lazing about at home. I am barely sore at all. I am still taking endone in the morning and at night (only one) and Panadol if I need it throughout the day. I feel extremely blessed that my recovery has been relatively pain free. I have a very low pain threshold so this has been great considering other journeys I have read.

I had my first proper shower today with mums help. Got to love mums. Not only has she been looking after the kids for me, she helped me get undressed and showered. Taking my compression bra off was the hardest part but we managed to slide it down instead of over my head.

My boobs are extremely swollen and look huge to me. Mum doesn't think they look too big but from my angle omg, huge. Will be great to see when the swelling subsides. I put a clean bra back on and the pressure on my new boobs was pretty intense. Definitely feels like a big chest workout at Crossfit. I guess my boobs enjoyed the freedom of the shower and then being squeezed back into a bra ouch. So I have had small ice packs between my boobs and on the sides under the arms for most of the day. It relieves the swelling/pressure almost immediately.

Still had trouble sleeping last night but that will be because I am still elevated on theee V shaped pillows. My bottom gets quite numb so I am up walking around a number of times a night. It's only short lived so I keep pushing on. I can't wait to lay down flat but i won't rush that yet. I am enjoying not being in any pain so if it ain't broke don't fix it right?

4 months post surger

4 months post surgery

Before and 4 months after.

I can't believe this was me and this is me now! So crazy. And what an amazing difference new boobs makes.

Scar revision surgery

It's been 19 months since my breast augmentation. I thought I would wait until after summer before I headed back to get my scar revision surgery done. My incisions were sitting about 1.5 cm below my crease line. I have found this frustrating after spending all that money and not being able to purchase any bikini I wanted to. I have had to buy one with a thick strap underneath so my scars weren't visible. So yesterday was the day and today I have been in a bit of pain but haven't yet taken anything other than panadol. I am hoping the recovery is relatively quick as I feel like it's another set back. Here is my before picture. I won't be getting the tape off for a week so will post a picture when I see my new incisions.
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