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Im scheduled for a mini tummy tuck in 6 days....

Im scheduled for a mini tummy tuck in 6 days. I've had several pregnancies. The last was a set of twins. I carried my twins full term and together they weighed 14+ lbs. My belly was stretched to the max as you can imagine!

Ive been working out at a gym with weights/cardio for 2yrs. Im in the best shape Ive ever been except for the loose pooch below the belly.

Ofcourse, I'd get a better result with a full tuck but I'm not a candidate because I have a previous scar thats 6" long from a gallbladder surgery 11yrs ago. Which would put me at risk for the skin not having enough blood supply to heal and dieing. My doc also says I dont have enough skin and he'd have to do a diagonal cut from navel down.

Im also getting lipo done on belly, muscle repair, tca peel and lip filler with restylane.

I'll try to post before pix before procedure.

I had to travel to another island to get my...

I had to travel to another island to get my procedures done and got back lastnight. The procedure itself was a breeze. I stressed sooo much about being put under anesthesia and having to be out for 4 hrs. But everything went perfect.

However, things took a turn for the worse about 12hrs later. You see, Ive read on this forum and other sites of others being up and about, standing erect the day of procedure. And how important it is to move about for quicker recovery and avoiding blood clots in legs. And my dr. did say it was okay to walk to the bathroom and back.

And here I was feeling amazingly alert w/ very little pain. So I decided a short (3 min tops), slow walk outside for fresh air would not be a problem. Well, on the way back I did feel my abs engage a bit more. By the time I got back into the house I had some chest pains and was short of breath. I sat on the recliner and thats when I noticed the color of the drainage and volume become 'serious'- not good.

I was staying in my dr.'s bungalo just down the street from his surgical unit. I phoned him right away and within 45min I was back under anesthesia to close off the bleeder that was triggered by too much movement too soon.

I wont go into to much detail of what my husband and I went thru but Im still dealing with the trauma of the amount of blood I saw. I honestly thought I wouldnt make it.

Fortunately with the quick thinking and skill of my dr. Im here today to write this review and most of all, back at home to be a mother to my young children.

And this was just a mini TT.

So my advice would be. Keep it to the bathroom and back, slow and in a hunched position for the first 24hrs. Even if you feel you can do more, DONT!!

This is my 9th surgery under my belt. Ive had multiple laporoscopics for tubal pregnancies and 1 major operation for gallbladder. All of which I had no bleeding problem. So you just never know.

Had I not felt like super mom and gone the distance this wouldnt have happened. So yes I would do the surgery again, but wouldve stayed put for a day or so.

I'll post another review later about my progress.

Well, everyday that passes Im feeling stronger and...

Well, everyday that passes Im feeling stronger and back to myself. The pain has been very minimal. I could've gotten away with just extra strenght tylenol if even that. It was more for security reasons that I took the prescribed pain killer. I only took it maybe 2 or 3x.

Today is the first day Im not so guarded about being hunched over. Im having to remind myself to not stand so erect. But its been 4 days so maybe it's ok.

Im also able to get down and up and sideways easier and cuddle with my kids. Thats the one thing I really miss. I have to mention that one of my twins has favored my tummy skin since infancy like a security blanket. He'd rub it to sleep or to calm down. There were times I couldnt stand it. I didnt realize how much I'd miss it!! He's actually doing quite well, once he saw the binder and drains, no questions asked. Even when it comes off with it being numb below the belly it wont be the same for me ):. The letting are children go and grow we as moms have to make. So bitter sweet!!

I hope to get my drains out this evening if not tomorrow.

Well my drains will be coming out this evening! I...

Well my drains will be coming out this evening! I cant wait.

I forgot to mention he took out 350cc of fat for lipo below belly button. Scar is a little longer than a normal mini, because I had loose skin out to sides.

If it werent for that darn scar from gallbladder surgery I couldve gotten a better result with a full TT. But, oh well I'll take what I can safely get.

My bad experience with bleeding is becoming beclouded with my end results. Would do it again in a heart beat.

My drains are out, so nice! Another thing I...

My drains are out, so nice! Another thing I stressed over but it was painless! I have very little swelling, but Ive heard it could start a week or 2 post surgery.

Ive going over my mind about my bleeding episode. Infact blaming myself which I know is not healthy. So Ive finally concluded that it was just one of those rare occurances that is a risk for any surgery. Nothing done wrong on my dr.s part or mine. So I am having some closure on that and stopped beating myself up about it.

Im taking it easy at home. Can't get good sleep from the itch from face peel, but gonna take some benedryl for that tonight. Im doing light things for myself, but the heavy cleaning, laundry and family cooking leaving it to older kids and husband.

I'll try to post some before pics.

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