Lipo of the Full Abdomen, Hips and Mid Back - Hawaii

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I went in for a consult on August 9th and have...

I went in for a consult on August 9th and have decided to go ahead with the procedure. Originally wanted to get the abdomen including the mons but after reviewing pictures with the PS went ahead to have fat removed from the midback and love handles. I'm scared and nervous but also excited to get it over with it. Wish me luck!

One Week Post Op

Where to start?! I definitely didn't feel too much pain in the beginning but it was the 4th and 5th day that had me regretting the procedure in the first place. I wanted it all to go away and have my fat back. I was so miserable and constantly crying (takes a lot for me to cry). I did take painkillers the first day and half but stopped because I didn't like the side effects (i.e. sharp headaches). The nurse who would call for updates was so attentive to my needs and would get answers for me in minutes.

Before I knew it, the 6th day rolled by and so did the pain. I was able to go to work on that Tuesday even though I was originally scheduled for Monday but had called out sick.

It still hurts to pick things up from the floor, put on underwear on top of my garment (there's an open slit), get in and out of bed (has to be the worst).

I have already gotten two sono treatments and feel so much better. It cost $2/minute and roughly get 15 mins a session. I don't feel any bumps underneath the skin that I thought I would as of yet. Although, I am still swollen so we will see...

Oh and I forgot to mention, in addition to getting sono at the office, My doctor made me come the next morning (Friday) after surgery, that Saturday and Tuesday. He's a perfectionist and wants to be involved the whole way through and that's goes for all his patients.


I didn't update cause I didn't feel comfortable posting pictures, but then I remember the countless amount of hours I spent looking at all of yours on this site... It was just so helpful and I just know I can't be selfish/ self conscious / whatever you want to call it.

Most recent pic

Sites: Incision in the belly button, 2 below my breast ( I requested them uneven so it's not noticeable - took the idea from another reviewer on this site) and 2 in the back.
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