Cheek Implants

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I had temporary fillers a couple years ago and it...

I had temporary fillers a couple years ago and it looked great and so now I'm going to permanent route. My doctor is great and I love him so I have high expectations. I'm not really nervous because this is not the first procedure that I've had and all of them have went pretty well so looking forward to this one.

Day of surgery

I look like a chipmunk, and lots of bruising. Hoping my good friend Arnica helps along with Dr.'s orders. I forgot to bring my pain meds, and I asked to stop the pain meds they were giving me in the IV so I could wake up. There was about an hour were I got to feel what I estimate is 40-60% of the pain. It felt like a migraine and having a tooth pulled. But the pain killers took care of after a short while. Now I am quite hungry, but it's liquid diet for the day, maybe tomorrow too. I see dr. first thing in the morning. Will update on pain, swelling and bruising tomorrow.

Day of surgery pic

Day 3 post op update

A good amount of swelling has gone down. And the bruising is dissipating as well. Not much pain other then caused by touching my face or moving my facial muscles to talk or eat. I could stop the pain killers but am still icing which hurts without the pain meds. I would post a pic but they are unfortunately permanent on here, if I'd known I wouldn't have posted initially to begin with.

Day 4- healing great

A good amount of the swelling is gone, in my estimate 70%. Not more pain meds. Talking and eating are uncomfortable. Going back to work tomorrow already.

Early morning day 5-pain update, arnica+DMSO=magic

I stopped the pain meds most of the day but eating made my cheeks start to hurt again. So back on them, and can't sleep. Bruises nearly gone. Arnica+DMSO, is magic, black eyes gone in 4 days?? I'm serious. I used this combo before it worked wonders.

Day 6

Pain gone, except sometimes a bit when chewing or trying to smile. Face numb and tingling sometimes. Bruises all but gone, a slight yellow tinge remains. Swelling down enough where it's not noticeable except to those who see me everyday and notice when I lose even 5 pounds. Back to work already.

This type of day by day update is what I was looking for before my surgery and didn't really find it, so I hope this helps someone out there.

Ceveat: I am told I am a fast healer, if there is such a thing, and also remember everyone is different.

Day 10

Was finally clear to go on a run today.

Nearly 3 months post op

I'm not really noticing an improvement in my looks, but no negative impacts either. I think it's because the swelling in my nose has lingered making it look bigger, but idk.

Almost 4 months

6 months post

4 months post

Recent pics 6 months post op

Side by side before and after, after pic is about 3 months after

I think they are too big for my face

Also, they make my asymmetry much more noticeable. Not sure I dislike it enough to have another surgery to take them out. It's been almost 8 months, I'm not sure when the swelling is suppose to be completely gone, but I am pretty sure by now.

Some more before pics

Here are pics from the month or two before

Please tell me if it is bad enough to have it redone/fixed

my smile isn't different, it's just the asemetry is more pronounced

I think swelling is all gone and I am looking much better now

I noticed in the last month or so I like the way I look again.

Few more recent pics

Another pic

A few more

I haven't been taking many pics in a while, prob due to the swelling. Here are some better selfies I took recently. How old do I look in these pics? I think I look younger

Recent pics

New pictures

Recent pictures, May 2016
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