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I am 37, 5'4, currently at about 140 pounds. I do...

I am 37, 5'4, currently at about 140 pounds. I do not have kids and do not intend to have kids. I have always had what most people have considered to be really great boobs. This last year they are drooping so much it's really bothering me. I live in a warm weather climate and pretty much am always in bathing suit and sun dresses, and weight of them in my bathing suit is very bothersome on my neck.

I have been thinking of having a lift, and originally did NOT want implants, however the more I think about how flat the to of my breast looks when wearing tube top type dresses, I think I would like small implants to get back the fullness that has gone away.

I have had 5 consultations with plastic surgeons in my city, and one out of state. The first three in were all suggesting some variation of loli-pop cutting and scaring. One Dr. said small incision tail under the larger breast and just one vertical on the smaller breast, one Dr. (ironically the most expensive) said full cuts all the way under the both breast. I didn't feel that great of a connection with any of the first three.

While in Vegas I visited with another Dr, and his words to me "I don't pay my bills or staff by turning away clients, but i really don't think the scars warrant this surgery" he said he could do it if I wanted but he did not feel it was necessary. I felt a good connection with him and appreciated his honesty. But after consideration I want the surgery to be at home.

I really do not want to have a surgery done out of state and away from home, so I went to another Dr. locally. This was a GREAT experience and I felt very much at ease with both the Dr and his staff. Initially he suggested a Benelli lift. But after a bit into our conversation his assistant suggested Breast Lipo for natural lift. Wait six months and then do breast aug without scars.

I thought this sounded like a great idea, and I left and read a lot of pros and cons on this site. I see that Dr. Gray out of NH seems to perform this procedure often, and even though his website says that he does out of state consults and 2nd opinions , his staff would not let me even submit an email of questions to him (which was very frustrating considering I even was willing to pay for his time to answer generic questions) .....soooo here I am.

This is a HUGE surgery for me, as I have never had any sort of surgery and the cost is a lot if we have to go back later and cut and lift anyhow.

I spoke on the phone with the Vegas Dr. and his concerns were scar tissue from the Lipo will look and feel like breast cancer and I'll spend the rest of my life getting biopsy.

There was another comment that if this procedure was working "everyone would be doing it" however I do not necessarily believe this is true, I think many people including Dr.s like to stick with that they know works.

I am set to have Lipo of my belly, inner thighs and butt for sure, and I just need to decide what I am going to do with my boobs :-/

If anyone has had breast liposuction and wants to share please do!!!

8 days post op

updating these three weeks after so by now I am already starting to forget the uncomfortable days. I was quite worried about the pain after reading some of the reviews from others on here, thankfully it's not been as bad as many have reported.

I was pretty uncomfortable sleeping the first few days that's for sure, and the pain meds made me want to sleep all day. I stayed on them for a full week, since I was not allowed to take Alieve or Ibuprofen, soon as I was able to take those, I cut out the Percocet except for half a pill at night.

I can't say enough how happy I am with my Dr. he's really an artist. I have struggled with a fat belly and weight gain in my boobs and face since my mid 20s, and even with killing myself in the gym I'd always revert back to fat belly and get discouraged. After talking about liposuction of m breasts, I figured why not do belly too...well we did belly, flanks, back and chin. I have large ink on my back so sorry not posting those pictures :-)

BUT Dr. Schlesinger is amazing. His staff is great, and I am super excited for the final results and am glad that Dr. Larry talked me into being patient and not just cutting with a full anchor lift or lolipop as so many other doctors recommended.

18 days post op

Finally sleeping much better, skin is very sensitive still. Like PLEASE DON'T TOUCH ME sensitive, BUT I am looking soooo good and soooo happy! Measurements of my breasts at this point show my left breast has a lift at 3" and my right at 1" and as you can see they are much much more even to each other.

I feel like I have NO boobs haha, but Dr says they are still right around D. maybe big C, but I guess after having ginormous boobs since my early 20s this is to be expected! I will be patient, they will be back to a nice FULL D before summer.

I haven't had the crazy itch that many people write about, just very very sensitive skin.

Dr. saying we can do implants 10 weeks from now.

About My Breast Reduction

I just had a reduction three weeks ago, and just as my bad ass Doctor said would suggest, my breasts have a natural lift already of over three inches just due to the weight being reduced! I can say I could not be happier!!! I consulted 6 surgeons 4 on the island and one on the mainland, 5 wanted to just cut away, when I told one that I would be doing this procedure with a different doctor, he was quite skeptical, and said it would not work. So glad my doctor isn't stuck on one type of procedure only. I am 37, my skin in good condition, and I wasn't needing nipple replacement. I knew that I would need small implants in order to achieve the upper fulness, my Dr. was pretty certain that with lipo we'd get the lift needed, and after 3 to 6 months we'll be able to do implants (small) through armpit and no scars! We did discuss the possibility of what happens if my skin isn't as elastic as we were hoping, and the contingency on that was to later to Benelli since my breasts would be smaller and therefore a better candidate for that type of lift. Three weeks after surgery, its looking very promising that we will not need to cut my breasts and leave scars. Sensitivity to nipples not affected at all, he 90% evened up my asymmetrical breasts that I have lived with forever! I honestly can't be happier. The procedures will cost me about $3k more than doing all at one time, and its a process over a bit of time, but I was willing to be patient (with a bit of convincing from my Dr. - I was leaning towards the lolipop since so many Dr's were against this procedure) and I can say at this point three weeks after surgery, I am amazed!! Follow my profile to see pictures!
Honolulu Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Schlesinger is amazing, I really can't thank him enough already :-) The staff is also just amazing as well.

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