New Boobs At 22

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Hi! So just want to give a little background info!...

Hi! So just want to give a little background info! I am 21, 5'3 and about 130-135pds, the past few years I have been gaining/losing. So any how, I thought that i was a 34C/D but since going to my first consult for a breast lift/implants I was told Victoria's Secret has been LYING to me! I am actually a 34B (I still don't know how accurate that is, I fill out a 34D and haven't been to VS since my first consult to confirm this so-called B cup I am)! Anyways, I have always been unhappy with my breast size or look. First I was completely flat chested and then when I turned 15 they popped out of nowhere, 34C (for sure), then by my senior year of HS I was a 34D, and stayed at that size until I lost about 20 pounds (which I am now supposedly a 34B, will confirm maybe this weekend!) So needless to say, with the weight loss my breasts sag a bit, causing my nipples to point in a downward angle (unattractive to say the least, to me!) I finally had the courage to see a professional about getting a lift/implants. The first doctor I saw recommended the following: Benelli lift (which would only leave a scar around my aerola, and would be touched up by tattoo to cover up the scar, however, I found out at my second appt with a different doctor how the procedure is actually done and could cause a tug-of-war over the year with my skin and aerola's and cause them to stretch over time -- yeah no way! but still doing research on it to confirm!) He suggested Allergan implants (which "supposedly" are the best, but from research they are just as good as Mentor, I think the only difference is one may be insured??) He suggested silicone implants (which is what I wanted anyways because I want a natural look and feel, I don't want someone to be able to say "those are fake!") He suggested smooth vs. textured, round, through armpit, below the muscle and 300-325cc (that would give me about a C/D cup) Now let's get to the nitty gritty... the price... it was about $11,500-$12,000 which disappointed me to say the least.

I went to my second consult with a different doctor that a co-worker had went to (who is very pleased with hers, shes in her third month of recovery i believe) but this doctor explained to me that the weight loss had cause my breasts to sag (go figure lol) his suggestions: Allergan, Silicone (270cc-290cc), Lollipop (which I'm a bit like ehhh about because of the scars, I haven't googled or looked on this site to see what they would look like a few months after or years even, but my big thing is how they look when I'm naked, so why would I want to see the scars... he said they would be very light but Im a little skeptical) he suggested textured vs. smooth because I am already prone to sagging and the textured implant will stick my muscle vs the smooth will progressively slide down. (not sure how accurate that is either) I don't remember if he said below or above the muscle, but I think he said above because I want the fullness. The price with this doctor was around $11,500 (with a discount smh) and again disappointed! I currently in Hawaii so I'm not sure if it's that expensive because the area I'm in or what. I know that silicone is more expensive, but damn! So I am currently contact other medical facilities that are CONUS to get an estimate I am more comfortable with. I am hoping to find a doctor that I like and make my decisions and appt for mid 2014.

Appt in the mainland!

So it's kinda sorta for sure that I have a Skype session next week with two doctors in the main land! Super excited! If I decide to go this route I will figure out the logistics of it all (plane tickets, leave etc) after! :)


So I've been talking to friends as well as profile stalking some girls on here to see which size might suit me BEST!

As I said previously in my first consult the PS recommended 300cc-325cc & the second consult recommended 290cc. And my friend said nothing less than 400cc! Which IMO is huge! But I don't want to be disappointed with my size after the swelling goes down and they fall. So... Decisions decisions & can't wait for my consult via Skype next week!

Debbie Downers

I think that I will just submit my pictures to the doctors in the mainland and do a phone consultation, my mother (being a negative nancy) brought up that what if they record our Skype session and upload it on YouTube and blah blah blah. Which is quite possible I suppose, so I will go the easier route and just take different pictures and send them in. She is also not really supportive of my decision to get a lift/implants. I appreciate her concern, and as my mom she tells me however she feels despite how I feel about it, but I am getting the TaTas done regardless! I also emailed my first PS to ask a few questions that I forgot to ask that day, so hopefully I get a quick response! My boyfriend is supportive but thinks I am obsessing a bit much over the whole thing... Maybe I am just a little... but I just want to ensure that I get my money's worth, that I am comfortable and that my image of how I want them to look is realistic!

Maybe I am obsessed...

Ok... someone PLEASE tell me I am not the only one who is trying to find a booby twin!!! Lol I mean I've been through profile after profile, I believe that wonderful_one and I are in the same ball park, but I find myself constantly on this site and researching! I think I will give myself a break until my next consult, I am driving myself a little crazy!

Phone Consultation Tomorrow!

So tomorrow's consultation will determine where I'm getting my procedures done & where! I've sent my pictures in & will receive the call tomorrow afternoon. Pretty excited, but don't want to get my hopes up too high! If I go to NV, I'm thinking around June time frame! If I decide to get it done in Hawaii probably after June. Keep ya posted!

Phone Consult

So I just got off the phone with the doctor in the main land! And I cannot even express how comfortable and awesome the conversation went! I am waiting for the price of procedures to be emailed to me and I am praying that it is significantly cheaper than here in Hawaii. ~ PRAY FOR ME BOOBY TWINS! ~

Found my PS!

As I said earlier my phone consult went amazing! I got the surgery proposal and quotes! It's roughly $4,000 CHEAPER than in Hawaii! Which I was absolutely ecstatic about! I am currently deciding on when I want to set my procedure date up, I am thinking March 2014! I have to work out the logistics as far as plane tickets, leave etc. But I am so happy that I am one step closer to getting my TaTas done!

Scheduling My Procedure!

So because of the time difference, I was not able to schedule my pre-opt and surgery today! But I left a voice mail for the office to call me back so it WILL be scheduled for March tomorrow! Super excited that things are falling into place! :)

Procedure Scheduled!!!

I called to set up my pre-op/procedure/post-op appointments!!!! Super excited, an early birthday present to myself & the actually procedure will be a belated gift to myself! So excited!!!!!!!


I have caught myself lifting my breasts up higher in my bra COUNTLESS times this weekend....I feel like after a certain period of time they like to settle in awkward posistions smh. I just kept thinking to myself, only a few more months until I don't have to do that anymore!!!!

Booked my flight!!!!!

After going on about 10 different websites to check for the cheapest tickets outta here..... I'm glad I waited to buy my tickets until last night! When I booked my procedure the flights were around $700+ and something told me last night to look on Expedia and BAM! $503 (can you say lucky?!) It's like OFFICIAL OFFICAL when you buy your plane ticket you know?! I'm just so excited, and March is coming up so quickly! I am so ready to get this over with the procedure and sucky part of it at least and enjoy my new boobs!!! :)

What To Pack

So I know I'm like 4 months out, but living in Hawaii doesn't give me quick access to cold weather clothing! LOL. Where I'm going I'm going to freezing my butt off. I'm just wondering if I should pack all button up shirts? I'm pretty sure I'll be getting the lollipop or anchor lift, so not sure how much that will affect me putting a t-shirt over my head? Any suggestions girls?


So ladies, I went to my pre-op appt today. And I have to say it went very well! The staff was extremely nice & made me feel very comfortable. Dr. Wrye was very honest & professional. Though out the whole appt I was just so excited! So I brought a girlfriend with me because that's who I'm staying with and she actually got her boobs done by the same doctor. She has 400cc. So naturally she immediately gave me her opinion of not getting anything smaller than that. She is also a few inches taller than me and although I could probably pull that size off, it's not my intentions to have bit breasts. So to humor her I tried on a 400cc and I absolutely hated it on my body. So as Dr. Wrye was explaining the procedures to me, he goes I gotta run down the street and draw on another girl brb. Lol when he got back we talked about the type of lift I wanted, naturally no one truly wants a noticeable scar so I did ask about the Benelli, but I knew I wouldn't achieve the best result if I went that route. So I decided on a lollipop lift, I will also be making my aerola smaller. We talked about what kind of implant I wanted, even though I knew I was going to choose silicone. My left breast is smaller than my right so he did mention that if I wanted saline he could even them out or put a bigger silicone implant in the left and smaller in the right but it could ultimately still look "uneven". Honestly I never noticed and no one even mentioned to me that they were uneven until My very first consult with another PS. So I am just getting both of the same sized implants. I tried on both moderate plus and a high profile. Then I just went down from there trying both types of implants. In the back of my mind i truly wanted a 275cc, but I really like the 300cc and chose HP, and the PS said that was pretty much perfect for what I wanted to achieve. So after that I had to give my blood and a urine sample signed some papers and paid. Picked up my scripts, bought some sports bras from Walmart which I don't think are going to fit my new boobs but we will see, got some frozen veggie bags lol and forgot to mention that the time difference has been kicking my butt and the weather. We also went mountain biking today and to a dance class. I am pooped! So stoked for tomorrow not nervous but I do not want to wake up in pain.

Wish me luck y'all!

Done & done

So went to the clinic filled out some paperwork and then got in my gown. Which I had to be completely naked which wasn't what was discussed at my consult. But no big deal. Waited around to talk to my PS and to get drawn on then I talked to anesthesiologist and then got my cocktail, don't remember really wheeling into the operating room but I remember being it in and looking up at the lights. And then I went to sleep and woke up and I was all done. I was asking the nurse for my phone and she told me she wasn't giving it to me until after I got dressed. And I remember saying I felt naseuous and the only my nipples hurt. So the nurse have me something for that. And then she dressed me and I asked for my shades cause the bright lights were making me feel weird. They rolled me out to the car in a wheel chair then I got home and went to sleep for a bit. Drank a ton of water through out the day. Woke up to pee and took a pain pill. Then called my mom and boyfriend. And then I went back to sleep. I barely ate and was still feeling nauseous then I took another nap then came out to the living room to watch tv. And I ate a small portion of a quesadilla and I felt naseuous again and eventually threw up all liquid. And honestly I feel a lot better now. Just took another pain pill and still watching tv. I can't unwrap until Sunday or take a bath until then. Can't wait.


So I didn't sleep all that well last night and I got up around 1am and went back to sleep around 3. Woke up again around 6 to take a pill. And now I'm just lounging in the bed lol. I have to say that my neck pillow is everything in life right now! I think I would be majorly uncomfortable if I didn't have it to sleep with. Other than that I feel pretty decent just a little sore and my chest feels a but heavy.


Can't wait to take a bath tomorrow!


I'm pretty sure I am having an allergic reaction (itching everywhere) to my antibiotics. So I will be calling the clinic tomorrow and see of I can get some different meds or see if I don't have to take it anymore period

A little bit of soreness

Today I took a shower, (yesterday was a bath) and I got my stitches wet a little not full frontal wet because I was scared it would start stinging. Which it didn't! Thank goodness. Put some pads in my sports bra and some ointment and went ahead with my day at the mall. I've only taken one pain med today and I feel pretty good without another but I am super tired lol I definitely need a nap. I went to VS just to see what size I am currently and I got a 32D, 34B, 34C lol. Didn't buy anything just wanted to see how I was swollen

Feeling good

Im on day 2 with no pain killers, and honestly I didn't need them, I just had an annoying pain not searing pain. But anywho, my right nipple is healing a lot faster than my left. But my left boob is dropping faster than right lol. The struggle is real!!! I feel great though, I've been going out and about, I think I'm finally feeling like myself now that I'm off meds. My boobs are looking better daily & dropping daily, just hope they don't drop too much.

I feel great

So I feel pretty good, except my incisions are pretty tender every now and then but I've been up and out about daily and I went bar hopping and to a club on Friday night and I was very surprised that I could move around regularly! Honestly I thought I would be bedridden for like two weeks. Oh so I went to my post op and he said everything looks normal that I looked good and that it was unusual for me to be off my pain meds and it's been like 5 days now. I took Tylenol for like one day and I've been good with out any meds since. My PS just said I needed to start massaging my implants etc. I'm flying back to Hawaii tomorrow! So sad to leave Nevada, but back to reality.


I had a lift and implants in so I have no posted any pics because my nipples are pretty scary right now. My right one looks a lot better than the right so once my left starts to heal better ill post some
Dr. Wrye

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