No Kids, 600cc Silicone, High Profile, 5'6 and 140 pounds- Hawaii

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I am 5'6 140 pounds, larger bottom and hips so i wanted to balance it out with a heavy top! So we went with 600cc, high profile, round. The surgery was done through my armpits.

Day three post-op

Bruising is already going down and i am able to actually move my arms more, before i felt so contracted and stiff. It was the worst! Dont have the biggest appetite but i am eating here and there. Ive been drinking water like crazy! I have the biggest cotton mouth from this patch im wearing for nausea. Hopefully today ill be able to shower, my husband is deployed right now so i am being taken care of by my wonderful mom! One concern i am having is my ribcage, it is extremely sensitive and hurts just as much as my breasts, so when i see my PS in a couple days ill ask him about that.

What is sleep?

So even after taking my Percocet the most sleep I get at one time is an hour. Its not because of the pain but maybe the fact ive been sleeping off and on all day. All I know is that I cant wait to get back into my sleep routine!


Where my bruises were, those spots are the most itchy. Its really driving me crazy but its not red or rash looking so it just must be a healing thing! I hope!

Incision stitches driving me nuts!

Most incisions I have seen are not bigger then an inch. You might not be able to tell but mine look about two or three inches. So I need to figure out what im going to put on them to help them disappear! Anyone have any advice?

Day 4 boobs uneven?

The bruising deffinitely went down but i feel like they are off. Maybe because im taking it from the selfie view, cause when i take it straight on in the mirror they look fine. Idk let me know what yall think

Day 5 Things are looking good!

No more burning, no more antiboitics needed. Switched to Ibuprofen for the tightness here and there. Bruising is miminal, and they are becoming more soft. I can push them together, before i couldnt even get them to touch!

One week post op looking great!

Cleavage is finally coming together and they are dropping more and more looking like actual boobs! Yay!

So happy with my high profile choice!

Loving my boobs!

Couldnt be any happier with my decision! Worth every bit of it:)

Scars are looking way better

You can barely see them! Shaving is still a b*tch lol

2 week post op

Feeling back to normal! Still cant sleep on my side or do heavy lifting, but can go about an average day just fine! Very happy with my results still, just ready to see them fully dropped and healed!

Three and a half weeks! First bra! 34DDD

Got fitted at Victoria's Secret and found out that im a whopping 34 DDD! Omg! Lol i was so excited when she told me! So bought my first bra. Happy happy girl here

Three and a half weeks! First bra! 34DDD

Got fitted at Victoria's secret and found out that im a whopping 34DDD! Omg! Lol i was so excited when she told me! So bought my first bra. Happy happy girl here

Back pain?

Last week i started getting random back aches but today is really bothering me! I dont know guess my body is still getting used to the extra weight. I've always had great posture but i catch myself now slunching over some. Need to get out of this habit! The back aches are killing me!

Exactly One Month post-op!

Seems like its all gone by so fast! They have definitely become more soft and become more like actual boobs lol. So in love with them! Back to work and lifting in the gym! Life is good!

Stretch marks at 2 months post op

I am so f*cking upset yall don't even know the half of it. Out of no where stretch marks around the nipples just decided to form! Things were going so good and now I'm insecure about my boobs once again..Never thought I'd have to feel like this way again. Going to my appointment with the Doc tomorrow morning, so lets hope he can prescribe me a medication of some sort to help make the stretch marks go away..

Two months post op

Other than the stretch marks I'm really loving my boobs. They get more soft everyday and drop to look more natural! Really loving the shape of them too.

New piercing for the new girls??

3 and a half months

To be honest it seems like i've had these boobs forever! Im used to them now, sometimes i wish i went bigger but i am extremely happy with my results! They bounce now and feel so soft! Hubby is happy as well :)

Over one year!

Sorry I haven't been keeping you guys updated. But still so happy with my decision. Getting my breasts done has changed me into a woman I always dreamed to be.

New boobs..A new me!

Honolulu Plastic Surgeon

His team are the best! Always goes out of the way to be nice and make you feel comfortable!

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