37 Deflated, Wanting Natural Look - Hawaii, HI

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After visiting 4 surgeons, I have finally...

After visiting 4 surgeons, I have finally committed to the first one I went to. I just feel like he has the most experience and will help me achieve what I hope for.

I'm rather petite, 5'4", 112 pounds. I'm very deflated now, after two children, breast feeding and pumping for a year each.

I don't want to be any bigger than I've ever been, just want to fill my lost volume. I was a 32DD with the first, and 32D with second. Hoping for a natural slope, probably full C look.

Today is the day!!

Waiting in the surgery center for my BA! Excited but also nervous about the outcome. Hope they look amazing!!

1 day post

Feeling pretty good but doing little to no activity. Dr said my surgery was the best of the 5 he did yesterday!! I'm on the pain meds and has some pretty bad pain last night until I took the second pill.

So far they look great. Although it's a little hard to tell Because of the wrapping ace bandage. I hope they don't shrink too much. Was worried they'd be too big, now worried they'll be too small! C'est la vie!

Right boob got 345 and left 325. 325 was my goal. Dr didn't think they were uneven going into the surgery but I guess when he used the spacers this is what they needed.

Right boob is numb but left already has some feeling.

Can't wait for the tightness to go away.

Very happy over all!

4 days post op and rethinking everything

I was warned this would happen. That I would get depressed and rethink everything.

Worrying about everything.

Worried if I chose the right Doctor. Did he do my surgery to fit my ultimate goal? Doubt it. I think he probably just does everyone's exactly the same which I'm sure is what most doctors do.

Worried this isn't swelling and that my boobs are always going to look like torpedos.

Worried the numbness won't go away.

Worried my nipples are always going to look this enormous.

Worried the scars under my armpits are too big.

Worried the armpit lipo suction wasn't enough, and that my skin will be loose there now.

I'm wrapping an ace bangage around me to push the implants into the lower pole. It's uncomfortable. When I take it off my top chest looks super flat, and then balloons out too low. Not a slope at all. Ugh. I hope everything gets better soon. I hope I'll be happy.

Am I truly swollen? Did others see a noticeable difference with swelling or is this pretty much my end result?

6 weeks post

I'm six weeks out and so happy with everything. My doctor is truly amazing. His aftercare is unprecented. Saw him 4 out of the first 5 days following surgery which really allowed me to reassure myself that everything was normal. Then saw him weekly until 6 week. Next visit is in one month.

I'm happy with the outcome. As a perfectionist there are things I wish (more upper pole fullness) but I can't change my anatomy and I wouldn't want to sacrifice how natural they look. Not one person from work has even noticed!!

They're still tender and I some parts still a little numb but all in all, we're all doing great!
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