31yrs Old 3 Kids 11days PO 550cc Natrelle Inspira. Hawaii, HI

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Soooo I am about 11 days Post Op from my...

Soooo I am about 11 days Post Op from my augmentation. I am not sure how I feel about the results yet. I know that I am one tough cookie ( I would like to think) as I have three kids and we know how painful childbirth is. But I will say that the surgery was much more painful than I expected. I think it had a lot to do with the fact that I had to have drains put in due to a low platelet count. Those mofo's were horrible!!!!!!!! I was a 34C before kids and probably a 34 droopy A after. Also I used to have light pink small nipples and Areola before kids and after they were huge and dark. I decided on an augmentation since I live in Hawaii and am in a bathing suit all of the time. I financed through carecredit. I originally had my heart set on having the Natrelle 410's because I really wanted the implant to look as natural as possible. My PS told me that the Natrelle Inspira would be better suited for my body as I do have droopyness. I chose the silicone gel gummy bear Natrelle Inspira and liked the feel of 420cc. My PS told me that they usually add about 100cc extra if you do not have much breast tissue left. I believe I had about 520 to 550cc. Sooooo now that I am 11days PO I just feel like my boobs are HUGE like porn star big and am really hoping that they drop more and look more natural. Everyone I have shown is like "whoa! Those age huge!" I ordered 34D bras which are way too tight so I am thinking I could even be a 36D or 36DD now. I had asked for a big C so this is much larger than I had anticipated. I forgot to mention that I am 5"4 and 107lbs. So huge boobs are pretty tacky on my frame. Also I feel like my right boob looks bigger than the left which I always felt was bigger ( but it didn't measure bigger?) and that one has dropped more than the other. Also I accidently slept on my left side last night and it feel like my boob popped up more like it shifted up higher. I am on three antibiotics from an infection from the drain removal on one side and just feel miserable. Anyone know when this all should settle down and will my boobs stay this big????

16 days post op update

So I am just over two weeks out from surgery. I am sooo tired of wearing my compression band but have been doing it for most of the day and at night. I was really sore the first week especially where I had my drains at. After having then removed I felt so much relief but also felt way more swelling on one side more so than the other. I was prescribed two antibiotics and kept taking my pain meds as well. After getting off the pain meds and antibiotics I was having horrrrrrrible migraine type headaches, weird behavioral swing/shift where I was irrationally crying, extremely tired, backaches... I am not suds if this was from getting off the medication or if I was just depressed after yet another body change but I am so happy to have moved on from that low. My suggestion is to do your best w/o the narcotics. They are super fun at the time and make you feel great, but they are a bitch to get off of!

So now I am still a little swollen... I have pain when I cough or take a deep breath in. I feel like it's hard to sleep because I have pressure on my chest and some back pain. Went to the chiro and have two areas completely out of place that needed adjustments and I think that's probably from sleeping on my back. My scars look good except I feel big lumps under them. I am not sure if they are small hematomas or the stitches but I will find out tomorrow with a follow up appt.

Biggest thing is just looking in the mirror and getting used to these things. I think that I had very unrealistic ideals in my head of what my boobs would look and feel like. I wanted big natural looking boobs like when I was breast feeding. The fact is--- I will never have those boobs again unless I am breast feeding. Fake boobs are fake boobs. They look fake... They feel fake.... I think part of the reason I was so depressed was almost mourning my old boobs and knowing that I would never feel that natural look on my body again. They do look good ( according to my friends and husband) but something so unnatural under my skin is going to take some getting used to. I think I wouldn't over analyze it and would sex it up more if I weren't over 30 and married with 3 kids. The boobs are big and I hope they drop and shrink down to a normal size. I would say I am probably a DD if not DDD or E? And I am hoping to be a small D so let's hope I am still very swollen. Also, I have been bad and have been lifting my 1.5 yr old daughter up. I mean how can I not lift my baby when she looks up and says "mama, up!" I just have to hold her. I am sure that is a contributor to some of the pain I am feeling. I tried to go back do work after 2 weeks doing massage and made it through half my shift and started throwing up. This could have been from meds or from just physically over doing it but I had to leave work and find another therapist to come into the spa and see clients. It's hard because I need to make money but it's hard after a surgery like this. My employer would never be ok with me missing if she knew the reason why. I have kept that pretty quiet and well hidden under my frumpy spa outfit.

Anyways just wanted to give an update. All in all I am still not happy with how big they are. Hoping swelling will go down and pain in upper shoulders neck and back will get better with time. These boobs need to drop and look less snoopy and in my armpits ( which were not easy to shave at all with fake boobs in them) p
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