Black Wrist Tattoo Removal (Picosure) Journey - Hawaii, HI

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So far I have had 4 treatments done. The first...

So far I have had 4 treatments done. The first two treatments were Q-switch and then the last two were Picosure treatments. I'm not sure how long this process will take. I was hoping for it to be gone by May of this year but it looks like I have many more treatments to go. My journey started in Oct. 9 of 2013 (first treatment), second treatment on Nov. 15, third treatment (picosure) on Dec. 19 and my last treatment on Feb. 7th. I have my third picosure on April 18th, fifth overall treatment. Hopefully it goes well.

Waiting for the 5th overrall (3rd Picosure) treatment

This is how my tattoo looks now. I have my next treatment this Friday on the 18th. Anyone have any luck with complete removal on their wrists? What can I do to speed up the removal process? Any insight and advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Right before my 3rd picosure treatment (5th overall treatment)

This is 10 weeks after my 2nd picosure treatment (4th overall). Took this right before my third picosure treatment today.

Pictures of my wrist right after my third picosure treatment (5th overall)

My doctor told me he used the highest setting this time. Didn't give me a numerical value but the frosting looks good. He said, maybe three more treatments after this. Hopefully the fading is a lot better this time. Only time will tell. I'll post some after it heals.

24 hrs after 3rd Picosure treatment

Here are some pictures of my tattoo 24 hrs after my third picosure treatment. Its pretty swollen and sore. The blisters aren't that big. I'm using neosporin to help it heal faster and minimize scarring. So far I have no issues with scarring.

24 hrs after 3rd Picosure treatment

3 weeks after my 3rd picosure tx and 5th overall

Fully healed now, its been 3 weeks since my last treatment. I can see some break up of the ink on the top right corner. I was hoping for more fading.... I will post another update in a few weeks. My next treatment is on July 18th.
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