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So I started my journey back in June of 2013. My...

So I started my journey back in June of 2013. My preparations have lasted through November 2013. This included going to support groups, visiting the Cardiologist, Pshychiatrist, Pulmonologist, blood tests, bla bla bla! So much work lol. My last objective was getting my EGD done, which was in November of 2013. After that, waiting a verrrrry long length of time for my insurance to give the final approval. here, approved, and waiting for the day to get here- February 11, 2014. OMG, i'm finally going to lose this weight; long overdue!

My Current Struggle

Okay guys! My pre-op is next Thursday February 6th. Gotta lose some more weight lol. Unlike many of you i do not have to do a pre-op liquid diet. The Hospital that i am getting my surgery done at, Harford Memorial, does not do that. I don't know why but i am not complaining lol.

I can't lie, i do excellent at panic dieting. Every month when i had to go in to be weighed, i lost all the weight that i needed to lose within that week. Smh. So after all the waiting i had done for my official approval and surgery date to be set, i gained that weight back again. I mean it was only about 8 or 9 pounds, but still no excuse. My insurance only required me to lose 16lbs total before my surgery or close to it. So here i am, gotta lose back the 8 pounds and maybe a couple more before the 6th, so they don't postpone my surgery. Since this Monday, January 27th, I have already lost 4 pounds lol. That leaves about 6 pounds to lose in exactly 7 days...which, by doing my Tae Bo every night and teaching 6th graders outdoors every day, i think i can. My mind...has got to change the way it sees food!

Pre-op in T minus 3 days!

Oh gosh my pre-op with Dr. Aurora is on Thursday the 6th, today is Monday, Feb 3rd. My surgery is next Tuesday omg!! I told you guys that i had to lose the weight that i had gained back since my last 3 month weigh in. I lost that back (7lbs), so now im trying to lost a little more before the pre-op so they see that there was progress lol. Procrastination at it's best, but i'm really not trying to have them push back my surgery, especially after all that i have been through to get here. My highest weight ever was 318..After my 3 month weigh in i was at 308 i believe, maybe 306. Then Two weeks ago i weighed myself at work, back up to 315, over the course of waiting for my insurance to give the final approval. Keep in mind, during MY waiting..Thanksgiving AND Christmas AND New Years passed lol! But i have redeemed myself and i am as of today, down to 308. So if i hang in there these next three days and lose about 3-4 more pounds..I should be good lol. Talk about wheeeew!!!!
I'll hit u guys back up, after my pre-op! Later Ladies

Pictures and back story

Okay so back in 2008 my job had a Biggest Loser competition. As soon as they announced that it was coming right then and there i knew....THIS was for me! I had been overweight for so long, always the biggest friend, always the one having trouble fitting clothes, even boots. Always had to try to hide my "love handles".. ugh, i hated that about me. So guess who won that competition? haha, Meeeeeee! lol! I dropped 42 pounds in three months during that competition, and won a two day, one night stay at a bed and breakfast with my hubby.

So, i managed to keep that weight off for the most part. But then, here comes 2010. I get pregnant! This was my third, as i already had a boy and girl. I had my third child, my second daughter Nia on September 30th, 2010. After that, all the weight i had lost returned. *sigh. Previously i have been having problems with my menstrual periods being extremely heavy. Seems as though with each child, it got heavier. But after my third- forget it..i could't even wear reg pads and tampons COMBINED (sorry to any men if you are reading this lol). It was that bad.. so my obgyn suggested i get the IUD birth control, which i did. And it worked wonders:).. Barely any periods for me and if so, it lasts maybe 1-2 days and is so light its like spotting.

Now back to square one..... At this point, I have been seeing and talking to my primary care doctor about my weight. She has been helping me by setting me up with Nutritionists, telling me to keep food diaries, and prescribing me appetite suppresants. But its been about 6 months after having baby and my weight was still pretty steady, not losing much at all. But to sum things up, my doctor concluded that because of the hormones that the IUD releases, it caused weight gain and made it super super difficult to lose weight. I did EVERYTHING i did when i lost weight for the Biggest Loser competition and more... yet the results were no where near the same. I work outdoors, taking kids on hikes, teaching them about the environment, constantly addition to exercise yet the weight would not come off. Frustrating.

This all leads to why i am having this procedure. I could easily just remove the IUD so i can lose weight the way i know that i can, however, that would mean back to heavy menstrual cycles.... ummmm, No Thank you!

So this is the back story, to why i am here anticipating this surgery that i am about to get, in 8 days! Thanks for reading...more updates to come.

Liquid Diet Ugh!

So I had my Post-op yesterday. Long behold .. I do have to do a liquid diet. But most Ppls had to do it for two weeks, mine began today , feb 7 and ends Monday feb 10th .. The day before my surgery . Only 4 days.
It's very difficult because I am away from home on a business trip in Ocean City. Ugh!!!! Whyyyyy?? Everyone else is enjoying the food , crabs , oysters, shrimp, finger foods, snacks for the car ride .. And I'm like- no thanks I got jello lol. Sucks. I'll hit u guys up later. Pray for me lol

One More Day!

Oh gosh reality has kicked in. My Pastor prayed for me yesterday but it still hasn't quite calmed my nerves lol. Maybe it's just the anxiety. Now this liquid diet though... :/ Hate it! I'm glad that i didn't have to do this for two weeks because even these four days are tough. Especially when there is food all around you. I did stick to it for the most part with sugar free Jello, Water with Crystal Light, Light and fit yogurt, Protein shakes, soup, and broths. But i did cheat to a degree because i had Egg drop soup with some eggs in it, but still drank it , also the yogurt had tiny pieces of strawberry in it which slid down my throat as well, but what i'm hoping for the best with is the potato soup i had that was creamy and slid down my throat as well but had a few soft pieces of potato in it which i mashed in my mouth and swallowed. I also sucked on some pieces of candy as well. I don't know if that will stop my liver from shrinking but....that's better than having a slice of pizza or eating a whole meal i guess. I don't know but i am hanging in there.
Last minute blood work and chest x-ray today before the surgery tomorrow!!! OMG!

Oh gosh !

T minus 8 1/2 hours !!! My oh my :}

I made it!

So I had the surgery. Boy was it an emotional day.. I had to keep praying to myself and I had the support,encouragement, and prayers of my friends and family too. But I made it.
Once they brought me in the surgery room and put the mask on my face, I was in LALA land after that. Out like a light. I just remember waking up and my husband being right there :)
Currently I am still in the hospital. They kept me an extra day because of nausea and not eating. So the IV did the work. I would be going home today but guess what, it's a huge winter blizzard out there and I may not be able to lol. But I am feeling much better, trying to get this clear liquid diet down.. And focused on getting totally back to normal. No reports on weight loss yet until my first pre-op so stay tuned:)

The hardest part..

The hardest part for me now that I am home is forcing myself to sip on water/flavored water every five minutes to prevent dehydration. When you have this nasty taste in your mouth and you are so tired that's the last thing you wanna do, but HAVE to do it.


So i am now 14 days post, back to work today. I am supposed to start the Mashy/Puree diet thursday but i started earlier. I pretty much eat anything that i can mash really well in my mouth. This morning i had some soft crab and cottage cheese, for protein because i didn't want any shakes lol. I've lost about 10 pounds since the surgery, 14 pre- surgery so 24 pounds total. Started at 316 and i am now..293. I think i would be losing a lot more if i ate just a little better. But at least i am losing. As far as if its worth it, still not going to put that yet because i struggle seeing everyone else enjoy the food they eat but i have to take my time and chew chew chew. Takes away from it. If you eat too fast or too much at a time it could really hurt. So you really have to concentrate, just to eat. I will continue to keep you guys posted.. :))

1 After Pic

Before and after , 1month post

Changed my status to WORTH IT!!!

So i just changed my status to worth it.. and im still pretty much in the beginning stages. I did this because this surgery has helped me change the way i look at food. I learned quickly that having my protein shake every morning, as well as protein period (eggs whether scrambled or hard boiled, tuna, fish, sushi,shrimp,chicken...) has help aid in consistent weight loss. After my protein i dont even feel the need for many carbs, if any. A win /win for me because i absolutely love sea food and chicken. Also, i feel i can have SOME of the things i use to have, in a chip or two..crackers, a little bit of mac n cheese...anything. But when i say only a little bit, i mean only a little bit. But atleast it doesn't have to disappear completely, like that of the bypass surgery. So all in all i am very happy so far... almost completely back to normal, my one month post op is tomorrow! Im now ready to exercise to get rid of this belly and excess fat... im soooo ready!

Things are going great!!!

So here are a coupla pics ... In the side by side pic with my cousin i lost 33lbs. In the picture of me with the red shoes, i was at 40lbs lost, a size 14 dress. I am now between the sizes of 14-18 depending on the clothing, but no more 24! I stalled for about 2 weeks but went back to the basics of protein shakes and tons of water and soups, and it kicked back into gear! Im just so excited and im NOWHERE where i want to be....yet!


Its been two years since i have posted but i am back! Three years later and i am at a weight loss of 83 pounds. I have picked back up actually. For two years i have maintained, but i knew eventually i would have to keep going and finish with my weight loss. It was EXTREMELY hard to kick off my continuation because my body had maintained for so long. My metabolism caught up with me. So i needed to figure out how to trick my body into losing again. I did the 5 Day Pouch Test (google it if you dont know about it!).... and that did the trick. Not just for my stomach but with my head. It got me remembering to have my proteins first. It helped me feel my restriction again.

My lowest weight since surgery was 245...going up to 256 being the most gained, but back down again. As a matter of fact every time i saw the scale go up a few pounds, i went back to my shakes in the morning and it would go back down. I only reached the highest weight of 256 because my job was having a biggest loser competition and i did not care about the gaining. I wanted to enjoy food to the fullest so that i was serious about the competition.

So anyway, after the pouch test, i am now at 239... and continuing my journey hoping to reach a goal weight of about 199. I dont particularly care for numbers, if you looked at me you would not even guess im 239 lol. Thats why i have been content for so long. But i reall wanna be in my low 200's if not upper 100's.

So, to all, again i say the surgery is worth it. Definitely a TOOL and i find that with the sleeve its okay to get off here and there enjoying life (as much as you can because you'll still never be able to eat as much as you used to)! Check out my pics...I have been so happy!
Dr. Aurora

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