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When I went to my new dentist, she told me my...

When I went to my new dentist, she told me my teeth were perfect. I said they are yellow...instead of offering me a whitening procedure which she sent out in an email in August,2014, she said "Oh, I can place a paper thin material over YOUR teeth and whiten them." I laughed at the time and said I didn't want to look like "the gals on news." She said, she "could match the color of my eye balls implying she would not make them to white," NEVER did she say she would have to prep my teeth. I learned a term called "cut down" after I she drilled and preppred for hours.....causing 10 root canals in one month! If you don't believe this could happen, I am living proof. My weight fell from 145 to 128 lbs at 5'9", I literally thought I was going to die. The pain from each root canal cannot even be characterized in words. In fact the last 2, the dentist who prepped my teeth didn't even return my phone call...I called the endondist directly because of the pain. He fit me in AGAIN the next day. When the teeth are being prepped copius water must be used to avoid thermal injury...I did not feel water (like when the Endondist preformed his procedures) during the initial procedure. I am a physician and specialize in diagnosing medical problems.It was only during the last two of ten root canals when the Endodontis allowed me to view the procedure view camera live that I realized the speed of the diamond drills were not countered with enough water during the original procedure...and in fact I believe my teeth suffered a thermal injury. I have the notes I wrote...and the horrific after suffering that continues today: copious secretions in the mouth (last summer they were so thick I had to keep a tissue in my hand)..and others. This procedure is NOT worth it unless you have a true problem with your own teeth. My original smile was beautiful ...yellow and all. I feel incredible stupid for not asking more questions. However, when I do a procedure, I describe all the detail BEFORE it happens and the patients signs an "informed consent" sheet. Her informed consent did not include any of the above. Please do have this done unless you absolutely need too. I am currently in the process of having "posts" put in the teeth which needed root canals. When I asked the dentist why the root canals were happening she could offer NO reason...only that "she had never had a problem like this." I remember she looked down and motioned to her dental assistent that "she was standing in a pool of water on the floor!" Was that the water that was supposed to protect my teeth from thermal injury? I have 2 more posts to be placed. I told the dentist I am working with now, I had to gain weight and strength back before I embarked on 10 more procedures! Of course, this isn't the whole story...I could much more graphic. I need to get this out to those of you considering this procedure. The dentist "cut's down your teeth to apply the veneer!" DON"T do this unless there is a damn good reason!

More than the worst decision I ever made.

All the posts have been put in...Now my tongue is irritated because it the teeth are not completely smooth. My new dentist wants to see me every 3 months to be sure tarter does not build up. I have built my strength up but, my mouth irritates me while I am awake. I still have copious secretions although less than last summer. I cannot bite into anything hard. When my springer greets me at the door after work, he wants to like my face, but any pressure on the anterior surface hurts. I could say more but, frankly I feel depressed. All this was to enhance my life. Placing Veneers on my teeth turned out to be hell on earth. When the first Veneer was placed, I felt horrific pain...I think that is when that tooth cracked. Recall my front two teeth are cracked at the base. The doctor had the nerve to tell me "something like no pain no gain." I will not say exactly what she said because it is disgustingly rude. She was not interested in my feelings as a patient. As a physician, I can see that now. I gave her a 3 for bedside manner...she was nice and friendly when she started. It was when the problems started, I saw a different NOT returning my phone call on one of the worst nights of my life. It turned out, I had the last two of 10 root canals boiling that night. I wanted to die that night and was afraid I wouldn't. Thank God for the Endodontist who did answer my phone call! Imagine calling your 85 year old mother and trying to explain if she doesn't hear from me tomorrow call someone! This was a horror story in real life. Somehow I survived it, now I am living with the side effects.

You be the judge.....

I am still have horrific problems with the Veneers. Daily. I am going to post a BEFORE picture. Given the invasive nature of this procedure it was absolutely NOT called for...I simply wanted my teeth whitened. The doctor NEVER offered a whitening procedure!


PS...I had trouble with the picture too. Take a picture download it on your Laptop or what ever...and the copy and paste. I found that picture and was so thrilled to see MY teeth, I had to post it.

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