Horrible Scars and No One Cared

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I did Lifestyle lift in the Beverly Hills office...

I did Lifestyle lift in the Beverly Hills office about three months ago. The procedure was very painful. I ended up with terrible scarring. And on top of that, I do not see any major change.

I did not see the doctor after surgery. Some one who was not a doctor took my stitches out. I felt I was rushed. The same way I felt even before my surgery.

A month later, I keep requesting to see a doctor. Eventually after an hour wait he came in and said the scars would be ok and did not give enough chance to explain myself.

It has been few months and scars are not even slightly better. I was searching this site and came across some one raving about Dr {edited}. I went to see him in his Beverly Hills office last week. I was crying during my consultation. He was so compassionate. Dr {edited} felt so bad for me and promised to fix my scars for free. I saw couple of people in his waiting room that had surgery with him. They looked great and the incision line was so hidden (nothing like mine). I wished I looked at this site before and went to Dr {edited} instead.

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