Deflated Mom Boobies.. Not Anymore!! 36/deflated C to D.. Maybe DD? - Hattiesburg, MS

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Wanted a breast augmentation after breastfeeding...

Wanted a breast augmentation after breastfeeding two babies to add back lost volume and sagging. Went for a post OP on Monday and got implants the following Wednesday. Very happy with my results. Just waiting for them to "drop and fluff" which could be the most aggravating thing ever!!

I got 360cc saline and I have more than enough boob now.


4 month update?

They are FINALLY where I want them. Still dropping down to look "normal" I didn't ever move up in bra size from pre pregnancy; just refilled what was there. I am a 36DD from Victoria's Secret.

4 month

Not a good picture, but an update none the less

Not a very good picture but this is all I have right now

Update pic

I believe this is the body by Victoria. No padding and no underwire.


The top two pics are a bra from VS that is just lace and underwire. The bottom two is a push-up. As you can see; the push-up makes a huge difference.


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