22 Years Old, 34 A, 5'7", 160 Lbs. Harrison, NY

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I currently wear a 34 A and am looking to have a...

I currently wear a 34 A and am looking to have a half/full C cup that would better suit my lower body. I've been researching and reading about others' experiences and I'd like to have the procedure done by the time the summer comes to an end. I had my first consultation this week and will be making the deposit to set a date in early august tomorrow!

Official Date

I've officially booked the op date for August 8th with Dr. Greenwald... 7 weeks until then!

Considering CCs

Hi all, I have been contemplating the ccs I should get. My doctor recommended no less than 350cc because I really emphasized I did not want to be "too big." I was so worried about cup size at my first consultation and now, after reading so many comments/updates, I realize I should definitely stay away from thinking in terms of cup. I'm also wondering whether I should go even a bit higher. Dr. also thought I should, and we will be going with moderate silicone under the muscle. I am 5'7" and currently 165 lbs but am expecting to lose another 10 lbs or so by op date, so I'm pretty tall as well as voluptuous (lower body). I am wondering whether going up would look better and still not feel or be too big.

4 Weeks!

Officially 4 weeks from surgery date... Excited and nervous!

On the Other Side!

Hi everyone! My surgery was this morning and everything went absolutely great!!! I went with 375cc silicone under the muscle and through the areola. So far so good! Tomorrow I will give an update after I remove the dressings to shower!

Almost 4 Days Post-Op

Hi everyone! Recovery is going well... Barely any pain and when it does hurt it feels more like pressure than actual pain. Loving the way they look so far!

First Bra!

So I got my first underwire bra yesterday night and got measured. I fit into a 36 C or a 34 D... I got both since I weigh a bit more right now than I usually do (and usually wear a 34 band). So happy so far with them! They are still high but they are feeling better every day.

Beach Day

I went to the beach last weekend and got to wear a bikini top (my cousin's since I have none that fit me at the moment). Love the look! So happy with them.

5 weeks Post-op

Scar Update

Healing well! So far so good.
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