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Here's some advice. Never go to a good tattoo...

Here's some advice. Never go to a good tattoo artist and let him know you've got some money to spend and you're on the emotional side. That's what I did two years ago.I went in for an arm tatt and it turned into a multi session project. With each session that passed I thought I might like it more of I added something. Even at nearly 40 ( at the time) I had a body image dysmorphia not really believing it was my arm he was doing it to.

I've had 2 q switch and one pico on the lower part. I've also done some Salabrasion. It's been a nightmare. Add to that all the hidden dangers of ink and laser I've discovered and I'm asking myself, what have I done? I think full removal is a pipe dream but I have no choice but to chip away at it. The psycological, social, and health effects it's had on me are so much more than I ever could have imagined. I want to cut it out. I am in a self made hell. It only gets worse the more I read and the more I uncover about this toxic and invasive art form that seems to grab all of us in our weakest state, like a true predator. My next pico is two weeks. I don't have high hopes.


As an addendum I don't hate tattoos. I think thick colorful detailed work is reserved for a select few and most people are better served with one color tatts. I hide my arm everywhere and summer has been hard. Imagine you're a man with 6 giant fluffy red roses on your arm ( drawn lifelike) my friends. I know this hell and I don't wish it on anyone.

Salabrasion before and after

Per Eva's request here is the result of my Salabrasion effort. This rose was hit with a laser once with little effect. The amount if ink that comes up in the scab is amazing. It's really a lot of ink that they use.

A ruined life.

My life is ruined. Thanks Nick.

Life was good when I thought it was bad.

I thought things were so bad when I went to get this tattoo. They weren't. I had my child, my health, my job. I could have taken the money and added it to her savings fund.
I didn't ask for this. More ink dumped into me than people with full body suit tatts. Plastic paint under my skin. My arm is nothing but sores and scars now. Lasering the azo pigment releases toxins not even suitable to touch into your body. Slowly over time. This is a nightmare I never could have imagined when going for a simple tatt. I'll never feel healthy again. I compromised my life. I have only myself to blame.

4 months in to removal

I may come off a little manic on my blog but this is my place to vent. I've been doing Salabrasion/saline treatments and laser. Always in a state of healing. I'm attacking it like any major problem. Multiple approaches. As I said the work is great. The artist is one if the best there is. It just wasn't right for my arm or this stage of my life. Another year or two.


Another laser scheduled in 3 weeks. You won't believe this but the very excellent tattoo artist who tattooed me studied and perfected the salt removal technique per my request. I've been going once every couple weeks for a few hours. It beats up your skin but it does get the ink out. In having him do the heavily saturated and colorful areas. If you compare this arm pic taken today to the original posted on here it's been a slow steady progression.


It's tough to stay motivated. I see what others go through and I keep reading blogs for a success story. All any of us can do is press on.


My "sleeve" had 2-3 times the amount of ink as a normal tatt. Other measures were needed. The salt treatment in some areas, laser in others is tough and unconventional, but it's making progress


iPhone can makes it appear better than it is. Still making some progress though. 8 months into removal. I'd say another year of lasers but who knows, just keep going....


Terrible pic in the lighting here but it's fading still. Next treatment this month. 43 now and still at it.


Hello friends. Has been a while since I updated.
I really space out lasering now ( 2 a year)
It's fading, and yours will too!!
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