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Right now I'm wearing a 38DDD. I think these are...

Right now I'm wearing a 38DDD. I think these are still too small. I'm hoping to come out as a C cup, but we'll see what the surgeon decides. I have experienced a lot of back pain through the years especially when I was waiting tables. I saw this doctor about four years ago and backed out because I was scared. I'm definitely ready now!

Less than one week.

I have less than a week before surgery. It has gone fast. I booked an appointment and realized it was four weeks away. I'm not nervous because I've never had an operation so I have nothing to compare it to. I am afraid of the IV. I had one before and remember it hurting. I can't wait to fit into a bathing suit this summer. In my first post I said my boobs were too small...uhhhh that was a typo. They are too big. Once I heal, I really want to work on my body. I'm afraid I'll be fat and flat. This is my motivation to get in shape and look awesome. I'll actually be able to workout and not wear two sports bras, run, and bring the weight bar where it should be. I am a little concerned that I only had a consultation and some blood drawn and then the next step is being operated on. I don't have another appointment with my surgeon. His office is great in answering questions for me. Just five more days to go!

Post surgery bra

Heads up ladies! There is an offer in last week's coupons for a bra that looks like it would be good for post surgery. It's 7.99.

Last night with big boobs

Tomorrow is the big day!! I can not wait. I haven't been nervous except for when people bring it up. I have to arrive at 11:30 and my surgery is at 1. I was told it would take two hours and then I'll be staying overnight. I was walking by the bra section and decided to take a look at what a C and D cup look like. I started to panic because it looks small. I'm just so used to being huge that this is what normal people look like. Wish me luck!

Surgery over, time to recover

My surgery was exactly two hours. I don't even remember getting on the table or waking up. Apparently I was talking to a guy in the open recovery area. I'm in a lot of pain so they're giving me morphine. My husband and mom had to wait an extra two hours to see me. When I woke up, I wasn't taking deep enough breaths, so I had to stay for monitoring. I've been in my room for about four hours and I'm doing well. I can't wait to see them. Also you may be itchy. They gave me Benadryl because I was so itchy from anesthesia.

Came home today

I didn't want to come home.mi had a beautiful view of the river and all the people were so nice. I got to see myself somewhat today. I am so happy with them! They are nice and round and where they should be. I can't wait to see my nipples! I'm feeling really good. The morphine was not helping so they gave me Percocet. That is working better. The dr. Took out 3 or 3.5 lbs. but I can't remember. It is hard to type and texts my spelling is not working the best. I can't wait to shower tomorrow to get a full view.

Before and after

These are before and after pictures.


P.s. The nurse and dr told my mom I probably need my tonsils out while they put the breathing tube in. Oh goodie. I hear it's more painful the older you are.

The view

Two Days after

I only need one Percocet at a time so I think the pain is minimal and tolerable. The most pain is on my right breast and that one has a large black and blue.it was the larger of the two so that may have something to do with it. I'm concerned that my follow up is in two weeks and I read on here people see their doctors in a couple days.

Sore nipples

My nipples are so sore and tender. I'm wondering if that's normal. I assume it is seeing as they were trimmed and moved. I woke up in pain because my cat decided she wanted to step on my chest. I am wondering if I can ice my nipples.

4 days post op

I woke up last night very sick to my stomach. This morning I was in a lot of pain because I had rolled to my side during the night. I'm going to try dulce lax because the medication has me stopped up and not feeling well. My breasts are not nearly as hard and the bruising is looking so much better. I think they are going to end up looking awesome!

Post Op Appointment

Today was my two week post op. They took my tape off and everything is looking good. I have a small opening on my right breast where all incisions meet. It's ok and I just have to put ointment on it. I can sleep on my side a little bit but I'm still having trouble sleeping. I can actually go to the bathroom now without laxatives so I just need to get the sleep in order and I'll be good. I can switch to sports bras which I'm excited about because I go back to work Friday and you can see the support bra because it comes up so high. But I'm pleased to know I'm looking good.
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