40 years old - Asymmetric Breasts - Lift and Breast Reduction - Harrisburg, PA

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My right breast was a DD and my left was a B,...

My right breast was a DD and my left was a B, maybe a C. I could never find the right bra and I always felt uncomfortable in anything I wore, including bathing suits.

To fix this my doctor did a breast lift on the left side and a breast reduction on the right to match the left side. I know that my post-op breasts will not be perfectly matched and I need to patient during recovery, but I am concerned about how I look post-op.

My left breast looks good to me. My right breast, the one that had the reduction, was placed higher. It looks like a have a lump higher than my left breast and then it just kind of flat underneath. When I asked about this, I was told by my doctor that this is normal, that the breast reduction side was set higher because they heal and settle differently than a breast lift. I'm hoping someone can confirm this because I'm nervous that it won't end up being at the same height or size of the left breast.

I am 5 days post-op and having very minimal pain, but the itchiness is a little bothersome at times. The incision sites are the only places it really hurts. I'm able to also raise my arms up with no issues. I'm still icing my chest off and on, but not as much as I did 1-2 days post-op (30 min. on and then 30 min. off).

6 Days Post-op

Slept well last night and wearing my surgical bra doesn't bother me near as it did last week with the itchiness. I have minimal soreness and haven't needed to take anything except Tylenol (Regular Strength). I'm pleased with how well my left breast looks, but still nervous about the right breast. It's higher, feels fuller towards the top, and the nipple placement looks off. Maybe I'm just not seeing how it will settle to align with the left breast. I'm just having a hard time finding anything on asymmetric breast surgeries where there is a lift on one side and reduction on the other to compare. The bruising has gone down considerably on both sides which I'm happy about.

I've been going on little walks, but I'm anxious to return to my normal exercise routine.

Another positive is I notice my posture is much better too.

Photos (Before and After...So far)

Photos from Pre-Op, 3 days Post-op, and 5 days Post-op.

Patiently Waiting

It's been almost a month since my surgery and I'm feeling better emotionally. My doctor and even the one nurse have told me to be patient, that my right breast will settle over the next couple of months. He said with his one patient it took almost a year.

I guess I thought when I woke up from surgery that my dream of having even breasts (I know not perfect) would have happened, but instead I woke to this and it's just been difficult at times to look at myself in the mirror. I used to feel so insecure because my one breast was much bigger than the other and now it's kind of the opposite.

I see my doctor again this week and I'm anxious to see what he thinks so far. I think my scars looks okay. I'm concerned a little about the scarring under my right breast, but that too will take time to heal properly. I'm pleased that I've had that minimal electric shock feeling around my nipples. I've read that means the nerves are waking up. I'm getting a little sensation around the left, but nothing really on the right.

I've been walking every day and even took the tiniest jog (I'm talking about a few minutes or a couple of blocks) and felt really good. I feel so much more confident in public and with the way my clothes fit. I'm anxious for the doctor to tell me I can start to wear regular (no underwire) bras. I'm just waiting for that right breast to kind of line up with the left and then I will really feel good. I have to trust what the doctor has told me and just be patient.

Not a good day

I feel blessed that I no longer have to worry or not if my breasts (at least the right one) will come out of my bra. I'm happy that my bras fit me now and I can even wear bras with no underwire. A few girlfriends have said it looks like I've lost weight and you can see my curves now.

But then I look at myself in the mirror with no bra on and can't help but still feel like a freak. I feel like I now have the opposite problem where my right breast seems smaller than my left. When I have clothes and a lightly padded bra you can't tell, but I know it's there and today it was upsetting me big time.

I know it has only been a month and I need to be patient, but there is this part of me that's scared the right breast will not settle into place to align with the left. It doesn't have to be perfect, but right now I just feel like I spent all this money to have a different problem.

I'm trying to trust what my PS says (that it will settle into place—that my breasts will change over the next several months), but it's just difficult right now to believe what he's saying. Thoughts of "what if this doesn't actually settle?" and "you'll have to go through a revision surgery" makes me sick to my stomach.

I know that there are people worse off than me so I'm trying very hard not to dwell on it.

I just need to be patient.
Harrisburg Plastic Surgeon

I have been very pleased so far with Dr. Stratis and the entire staff at Stratis and Gaynor. He has answered all my questions going into the surgery and the staff has been warm and have also answered questioned I've had. The Surgery Center staff are wonderful, funny, and just overall awesome people. I didn't feel rushed or had to question anything after leaving post-op. Dr. Stratis gave me his number to call for any questions I have after hours as well. My only complaint, and it's minor, is I felt a little rushed at my first follow-up, but to their credit, they brought me in a day earlier than scheduled because I was having a reaction to the plastic wrap. I was very grateful he came in to see me even when I wasn't on his schedule.

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