47yo, 2 Children, Size34A, Athletic Build - Harrisburg, PA

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What is a solid B cup before kids, went to C / D...

What is a solid B cup before kids, went to C / D while breastfeeding. But afterwards, went down to an A cup. Didn't think an augmentation was something I would seriously consider, but after meeting many friends who had the procedure done, I decided to go for it. I've always felt like my breasts are too small for my athletic build. One of my goals is to be in a fitness show, so I think having an augmentation will enhance my entire figure. Can't wait to have the procedure and see what it's like to actually have breasts!

Less than a month!!

So, I've been reviewing these posts everyday...getting infatuated with sizes and if I'm choosing the right size. I don't want to go to small, and then be thinking "why did I have surgery, I don't look at different". So I'm thinking of going up from my 325 ML to 375 four 400 ML. My thought is, even if they're bigger than what I planned, I can always flatten myself out with a nice bra. Has anyone been unhappy with their size, and wish that they had gone bigger or smaller? I'm thinking with my wide shoulders and athletic build, I can carry more than a thinner build. My preop visit is June 2, so I'm anxious for that. It means that it is really close!

Had my preop visit!

So during my sizing visit, which was over a month-and-a-half ago, I thought I had decided on 325 ml implants. They also suggested that I buy a VS bombshell bra, to get used to having something larger in my clothes, and to get others used to seeing me with something larger as well. Well I did get used to it, and now those 325 ml seem too small. So I went up to 385 ml for my implants.

tomorrow is the BIG day!

so, been waiting for this day for a long time! I'm not nervous at all, just excited as heck....lol! I work in a hospital, so I've been a bit paranoid of getting sick, because I have cancelled many surgeries for patients having a fever or cold symptoms. But , so far so good. I have my bra all ready, I'm going to make so meals to freeze for my boys, and I'm going to clean when I get home from work, since that won't happen for awhile!! Can't wait...will update tomorrow am!!


went in to OR yesterday at 0845. Surgery too twice as long as expected-5 hours! Surgeon said that he had difficulty with getting the sizing correct on the left side, and positioned correctly. I woke up with numb fingers on the left hand, and they are still numb. Probably due to the extra manipulation on the left side, but i'm going to call the surgeon anyway. Very sore , mine were put in dual plane for a more natural look. Haven't unwrapped yet. Very limited motion with the arms...amazing how much you use your pectoralis muscles, can't even open a pill bottle without pain! I thought the implants would be much higher on my chest, like alot of the pictures I've seen, but they aren't that high. Can't wait to see them!
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