Mommy Make over for This 42 Year Old Mommy - Harrison, NY

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One week from today! I currently have lopsided...

One week from today! I currently have lopsided breasts-one is a 36B the other is 36C after surgery they should both be 36D. Flat tummy too! Bonus the doctor is going to fix my umbilical hernia. Anxious and nervous.

After reading all these reviews I realize I didn't ask enough questions at least I am learning from all of you.

I have purchased a bunch of things in other people's lists.

I am hoping for a quick recovery. My doctor does use drains and I am not looking forward to that or the no showering. P

Not so bad

I thought that it would be much worse than it has been. I am uncomfortable but am trying to manage with Tylenol and half pain pill.
I did have 2 almost blackout episodes. I got rally dizzy, nauseous and hot. They were really bad but lasted less than 10 minutes each. Worse was I got a tickle in my throat and coughing is super painful.
I'm lucky to have a family member take care of me.
I won't get the drains out for a week because of the holiday weekend.
My breast implants seem good so far.
Just rest and heal.

6 days post op

Yesterday was my best day yet. I got My son and husband back:) I've been recovering at a family members house. She and her family have been amazing. I have been lucky to have them helping me.
I had some pretty tough days. No pain just emotional wondering why did I do this and I hope it's worth it to what if my husband doesn't like it. There were tears and restless nights but yesterday that all turned around.
I have to wait until Tuesday to get the drains out because of the holiday and I am looking forward to seeing the result as they advise not removing the garments until you return. So needless to say I'll be looking forward to showering as well.

Bye bye drains and I'm HOME

It was amazing to get the drains out today!!! It was so amazing to see my results today too. My curves are so nice now. I am very swollen still so it looks like I have a little potbelly under the belly button (new belly button). I am bruised and numb.
Learned how to message my breasts. I didn't realize I'd need after Lipo tt lymphatic massage. I've been in touch with one person and will try to find another to compare as I live 4 hours from the doctor.

Lymphatic drainage massage

I've had many massages before but this one truly amazed me. She educated me on how the lymphatic system helps healing. I thought it wasn't working at all until partway thru everything loosened up. This amazes me. I can't wait until next week.

Before and 5 weeks post op

I am very swollen today as I was released to workout and did too much yesterday and I am also PMSing.

I am beyond thrilled with my results!

About 3 months

I'm feeling really good. I have some swelling mostly at night and when I "over do it". My right implant hasn't settled yet and that is frustrating but love love love my tt.

Officially 3 months

I'm still waiting for the right implant to drop. I can see why people go big with implants as when you get them they seem really big but that's because you are swollen and than that goes down and you miss the size.
I'm enjoying working out again and seems like my scars are getting a bit more purple and I'm hoping with time and scar therapy they will get lighter.
I will have the dog eats revised in November.

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