Breast Lift and Implant - 315cc , Mum of 2, 33 Yrs Old and 134Ib's....

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Soooo ....I'm 6 days away from my surgery date and...

Soooo ....I'm 6 days away from my surgery date and I am nervous as hell. Our youngest son is 14 months old and I promised to get myself back on track after this pregnancy. So here I am getting my breast lifted and filled with hopefully 375 cc round implants over the muscle. Its been a long road and I've recently changed from booking with The Hospital Group to using Spire Harpenden (previously Bupa). And I feel very happy with my choice of surgeon.

Pre Op Consultation:
my surgeon was precise and informative. Talked about the risks and I felt comforted by the fact he specialised in breast augmentation - many of his work is with cancer patience where he reconstructs their breasts.

6 days to go :
I fee both anxious and excited. I wish I had a crystal ball to show me the outcome. I have a supportive husband and parents and they have aired their concerns about this surgery. May I add that this was something that I wanted for a long time. |(5 years to be exact). I'm ready, I just hope it all goes well. I'm staying positive and juicing my fresh fruit and veg to give my body extra antioxidants.

any tips welcome...

Post op (10 hours)

So the night before surgery I was having a period of reflection - but accepted this was all part of the journey

I arrived at the hospital at 12 noon , but wasn't taken to surgery until 4pm .

Feeling ready for this next phase

Coming round in recovery was the worse part. I'm still feeling nauseated now . It's horrible

The surgery appears to have gone well - I didn't have a lollipop lift I managed to get away with 315 cc over muscle and a periola lift on both breasts . Which I'm really happy about X

Will keep you posted on my recovery

Post op pics - Day 1

A few post op day 1

Post op pics - Day 1

A few post op day 1

Before pic vs Post op day 1

I can't believe how deflated I was

Post op day 3

Post op day 3 and feeling pretty ok - I am taking it easy , my body seems less bloated , no more pain meds just aches and twinges

Looking at my breasts I'm wondering if I should have pushed for 350cc like we planned and gone slightly larger . But maybe this is fitting to my frame . It's a far cry from where I was before , and I didn't want to go too big as subtle natural change was always the plan

Post op day 5 and I feel alive -

Post op day 5 is a good day !!!!

I feel as though I'm back to my old self in terms if bloating etc . Although I'm still weighing 6Ibs more than what I was before and we all know that 315cc implants weigh no more than 2Ibs...

Looking forward to my post op appointment on Monday

I'm back at work on Thursday - I have an office job so I'm not worried about work , but very worried about driving

My arms are still slightly sore - and I'm tender at my incisions. Other than that I'm feeling ok pain wise

Not taking nothing but my vitamins and the occasional paracetamol ( once a day so far )

Sleeping is ok - just elevated slightly - with pillows at the side.

Looking forward to seeing my final results . Hope I don't reduce in size too much

Post op day 8

So every time I look at these pretty little things I wonder if they are big enough ....

Then I see my pre op photo and realise just where I've come from

I had my first post op with the nurse - no bruising and no concerns

Let's hope it stays that way

I'm staying positive with my healing , taking it easy . And even considering going back to work early at post op day 8/9 instead of 11... I'm office based , no lift and no movement . So it shouldn't be too hard.

I haven't driven as yet and wont until I am completely ready ?

I hear different people doing different things at different intervals post op . So I'll listen to my body really

Happy 1 week to us X

Post op day 15 - incision reveal

Overall everything seems ok - although one of my boobs appear larger than the other

I'm happy with the results but looking forward to being fully mobile - as in driving , lifting our little boy , back at the gym

We hype ourselves up over the initial surgery , but fail to see beyond that sometimes ...

Stitches & incisions

No issues here so far ( touch wood ) although one of my stitches have come to surface - too scared to pull it out . Will ask my nurse to do it on the next visit

I was amazed with the stitching around my areola . All seems dry and healed . The skin is dry , but that's expected as its been covered for 15 days

Nurse has advised me to keep everything covered for another 2 weeks , but she's happy with it and advised me to change the dressing every now and then

I have my next post op appointment in 1 week . Then a further 2 weeks after that all being well .

I've also been cleared to wear other supportive bras - I've invested in a soft touch support bra. But will order another maderma bra.

Over happy with decision - still can't believe I went through with it

Happy healing to everyone else X

1 Month post op

It's been 1 month since Ive had my breast augmentation op with areola lift

So far so good

Incisions have healed nicely

Waiting for asymmetry to happen .

I was measured at Debenhams last week - 32E ... 34 is far too big

Enjoying my new investment

Hoping the healing continues
Dr Miles Dickson

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