Mini Tummy Tuck With NO Muscle Repair , Lipo On Abs, Flanks, Mons and Umbilical Hernia Repair - Harlingen, TX

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I am 30 years old, I am a mother of 5 year old...

I am 30 years old, I am a mother of 5 year old twins and a 1 1/2 year old baby, i am 5"6 and weigh 160, all of the fat is in my stomach and i have alot of loose skin that just hangs off of me! I am so ready to get this surgery so i can finally feel better in my own skin! I will be posting as much as i can before, during and after the surgery!

Before pictures!

I forgot to add that i have had 2 previous c-sections with the twins and my 1 year old! Sooooo Ready!

1 week

I was asked if i was pregnant, thats it. Time to remove my friend of 6 years! (Belly). When i told the guy "no im just fat" he got all embarrassed! Hahahahaha

Had to change surgery date :(

Had to change surgery date due to personal issues, will keep posted!

Rescheduled for Monday March 10th

Yaaay, everything resolved i am now rescheduled for Monday March 10th, unfortunatly my 6 year old little boy identical twins are out of school on spring break for two weeks starting the 10th so its gonna be a little harder than i thought!! I need prayers! So exited!

1 Day until the surgery!!!!!!!

So ready for this! 2 Pics for the road! Hahahaha

well i didnt get muscle repair :(

Doc said i didnt need it but i totally disagree, i got my mons liposuctioned this might sound weird but my right side Labia Majora area is swollen and black?????? Any reaaon why im in alot of pain!

day of surgery

1 day post op

Draining good! Feel ok, just sore.

In pain but worth every second!

My poor little pooter went from camel toe to moose knuckle because of the swelling from the mons lipo. I feel bubbles of liquid?!? In my tummy and side areas, probably need to drain out of the lipo holes.... going to doc tomorrow to check it out!

Im officially a weenie!

The "bubbles" i was feeling under my skin was just fluid needing to drain or soak back into the body! Im just a weener when it comes to weird feelings in my body! Husband poked cotton swab w triple antibiotics through the lipo holes and we let them drain! Much better. Then i elevated my butt on a pillow and applied a warm compress on my vaJ J......swelling is going down now finally! Oh and i finally took a shower, im not the stinky kid anymore! Yaaay......

still draining

4 days post and still draining out of lipo holes. I took some laxatives this morning because its hard to go after a surgery, they helped alot! My bruising hurts really bad and is still very obvious, also still have labia majora bruising and swelling..... im planning to post 5 day pics tomorrow, im too tired today!

5 days post

Still alot of bruising, wearing my girdle 24/7 not draining anymore

just put together a before and after collage

:) loving the results so far!

started scar treatment

Ive kept all my lipo holes and mini tt wounds covered with triple antibiotic ointment on them so they stay moist, as soon as the skin heals over i will apply a silicone scar strip to all of my wounds 12 hrs a night for 2 months..... lets see how this goes!

10 days post

Im very swollen today! The most i have ever been, my lower belly feels like a water bed!

11 days post

This might be tmi but i managed to get some booty this morning from the hubby, i was on top and i was very mini tt site and lipo sites were not affected at all and it didnt hurt! :)

12 days post ....seroma maybe?

My belly is huge and feels like a water bed still, when i push on it you see a wave of liquid under the skin roll to the other side. It hurts like heck and feels heavy on my incision site. Its mostly on lower belly but can roll wherever i push it.......Doc office is closed on the weekend so ill call up there on Monday!

12 days post pics

I had to try and take pics myself. I feel like a flippin tick and would be releived if i popped right now!

13 days post .......Drained! Yaaaay!

I called and the doc office got me in today. It was seroma fluid and doc put a needle in it (numbed it first, didn't hurt) pulled out lots of fluid and i went from feeling like a tick to feeling like a flea yipeee! Hahahaha ( i know that was dumb! ) hahahaahahahaha ill add photos tomorrow at my 2 week mark.

2 weeks! Got sucked again today!

There was more fluid in tgere today, got the remainder sucked out and feel even better! The swelling is still there around my belly and hips but is very mild. The mons (FUPA) has completely gone down. Most bruising is starting to fade away and i LOVE LOVE LOVE the results.

more liquid in my belly :(

Seroma liquid is filling up again, damn this is getting old already! I swear i layed down ALL day for once today and its still coming back. I guess ill call dr tomorrow. : (

17 days post (2 weeks, 3 days)

Got more seroma liquid sucked out. Can not wait until this goes away! Swelling is very minimal and bruising is almost gone! All wounds are healing beautifully and i cant wait to show off my belly, its so pretty!!!!!!!

South Padre Island

Took some pics of my new belly!

3 weeks and 1 day post......Got a drain :(

Got a drain put in today, my body keeps making too much fluid.........which in this case is bad ;) Im thinking of putting this bag in a hand gun case so i will at least look cool!

Me drain warmers and surgery mates!

:) My 13 Yr old Cameron Dae and 9 Yr old Courtney Love!

3 weeks 6days post

Still have the drain and still collecting more than 50cc a day of seroma fluid :(

4 weeks post

Still have my drain. I have no bruising and a little swelling still.

4 weeks post

Mons (FUPA) and scar strips

There is wrinkling around my belly button but it is from the previous piercing that was there.

doubled up on compression garmets

draining less than 25 cc a day........yaaaay!

Just a quick shot w tight clothes on

phone was stolen :( all of yesterdays realself pics gone

I took myself and the kids to the doc yesterday due to horrible cough congestion etc... went to cvs to fill the scrips and left my phone on the pharmacy counter to chase my 1 year old. Got to the car and immediately realized my phone was not in my purse.
Went back in and it was gone.......police were called to look at the cameras and it looked like the mans son behind me might have grabbed it........therefore a 15 year old is probably spanking it to my mini tummy tuck pics :( i hope the police find the little shit! I ill post some tomorrow! Promise!

1 month post pics

Ok... so ill start out by saying ive been sleeping on my side, back and stomach since 2 weeks post. I have a few lumpy areas i am concerned with which might be swelling but i will still discuss w dr. I still have my drain. I started "playing" Monday and by playing i mean working out, i HATE that word! Working out on routine seems so boring, and i do plenty of work! So i play every day, with my kids, dance wii, hula hooping, and now that hubby is back in town sex! Im eating and drinking ALOT of protein and taking l-glutamine supplaments. Lots less carbs and alot more water (still drinking my diet cokes ;) I currently weigh 145.


drain side

Drain came out yesterday!

seroma fluid is starting to come back 2 days after drain removal

Im so sick of this fluid! Its annoying! I am still eating tons of protein and now wearing 3 compression garmets!

some swelling and seroma fluid lower belly

There is very little seroma fluid but its there, i will wait 2 weeks and see if it soaks into mybody, if not ill be forced to harass doc again!

Seroma fluid is finally gone! I currently weigh 140!

Thank you friends for all of your support! My seroma has finally soaked back in my body! Im so excited! I have a little swelling in my lower belly right above my scar but it looks wonderful to me! I m weighing 140 down 20 lbs from my very first post. About 4 lbs from the surgery and the rest from being more active, more water and my daily dose of tons of protein, usually a adkins protein shake for breakfast a sensible lunch and dinner before 7pm! I still wear my binders 2 during the day and 3 at night, they really help! I will try to post a pic today but if not i will tomorrow : )

7 weeks post

7 weeks post photo grid

before and after


2 mos post

2 mos post

2 mos

still wearing 2 compression garmets 24/7

Forgot to add.......i am still at 140 and the compression garmets from the dr office are too big now so i had to go buy some smaller ones!

2 1/2 Months Post Down to 135lbs

There is still a spot i dont like on the left side of my belly button, hopefully time or the doc can fix it!

2 1/2 Mo Post


it didnt post my last pic :(

And i keep trying!

3 mos post

Still needs improvements but im very happy! Down to 130 lbs

morning selfie


4 mos post

125 to 130 lbs........maintaining weight.

2 years post op

About 95% happy with the overall results!! The scar is getting less noticable!
If I could go back I probably would have done a full tummy tuck but I didn't want my belly button to look weird.
Dr. Ashraf Hilmy

I LOVE Dr. Hilmy he is an awsome Dr and Surgeon. He is very forward and honest, i like that. If you are touchy he might come off as mean, but hes a real sweetheart and just gives honest answers. So.......put your big girl panties on and expect him to tell you his opinion. He takes his time and is a perfectionist. I give him 2 thumbs up!.....also.......His Staff is one of a kind! I love every one of those ladies!

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