37, Three Kids, All Breast-fed. It Was Time to Lift & Fill

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I went from being too scared to have a lift to...

I went from being too scared to have a lift to knowing it was the right/best choice for me. In the end, I had BL woth BA. I am an expat living in the mid-east so finding the right surgeon was very important to me. I had a few consultations & felt very comfortable with Harley Street Medical Centre & Dr. Christoph Reuter were the right fit for me.

Day Three

Have had some issues with allergies to medicine. So heading back today to see what I can be prescribed. Think it is the antibiotic. In terms of pain, I think discomfort is the better word. I feel really top-heavy with all my bandaging & too scared to peak underneath it all. Nothing new to photograph.

Day Four

Woke up feeling still sore & was hoping last night I may not need pain medication or perhaps not need it as often. Ho hum!
I am still feeling a little anxious as I haven't really seen my nipple area or where the incisions are as I had a very quick bandage change on Day 1 & yesterday but as I was laying down, I couldn't really see. Here is me with waterproof bandaging so I can shower. My husband helped wash my hair as didn't want to extend my arms up over my head just yet. Am still feeling like, agghhh what have I done?! Hoping my healing goes well & smoothly.
You can see in the pics, my left breast is a bit more swollen than the right. I think they are looking ok in terms of height & size. Just need to be patient & let myself heal.

Day Four

Day Five

Had a change of gauze & plaster so got a sneak peak and could take pics. Haven't needed my pain medications today. Just feeling a bit weak. Feeling positive about the results & can see the bruising has reduced & is fairly limited to under my breasts. Not feeling any throbbing or much pain anymore. My kids have been really amazing! Just need to be patient about waiting for my left side to reduce in swelling & position a little lower.

One week on...

One week later & am feeling nervous & excited still. I am no longer wearing waterproof bandages so had my first real shower experience post op. A little tingly but no pain.
The "itchy" feelings have begun so have taken antihistamine to help curb those prickly, tickly tingles. It definitely helps. Have still taken Paracetemol off & on but main painkillers haven't been needed for the last few days. Have also had additional bruising under and close to my ribs. Anyone else have this? Looking forward to asking my PS about it.
Just wanted to send a huge shout out to my husband who has really been amazing. Have been very lucky to have his help, support & assistance during this time - especially with the kids.
Tomorrow I can drive so am heading to get the first round of stitches taken out. Bit nervous! Thanks to all of you who have offered kind words & advice. This really is a very special medium where we can share & help each other make decisions & heal.

Two weeks Post op

I have been meaning to post & have just been so busy! As of today I am stitch free & using scar cream yo help the healing. I have been duper happy & impressed with my healing, as has my ps. He has tried to appease my worries with each visit & now the worst of recovery seems to be over.
My left breast has been "deflating" ever so slowly, compared to my right. From the swelling to my incisions around my areola to my incisions down & bruising the right has been recovering extremely well. The left seems to be getting there slowly... Thinking of all of you whom are healing with me right now. The first five photos are nine days post op. Stitches around areolas removed. You can see bruising still quite bad around left breast. Last four pics are after removal of all stitches & now I will not see my PS til Oct. still wearing my surgical bra day & night til then. Only taking medication at night to help with "morning boob". Will update next week & hopefully scabbing will decrease as will my left breast. Happy healing X

Three weeks post op

Feeling better every day that goes past, just a little disappointed with the asymmetry. I was hoping, as was told by my surgeon that my left breast would decrease after swelling & height would also come down to meet the right, but it hasn't happened. Not much change in 3wks so not feeling great about that. Just trying to be patient as I love my right side. Have had a few pimples show up, daily - also mostly on my left side, above & between breasts... Anyone else experience this? I keep being advised it is early days but it's hard not to feel disheartened & question my procedure with the size & height difference. Healing going well & just keeping up with scar creams & soon will try scar sheets as a few areas haven't completely healed yet.

6.5 week update

Just wanting to let you know I am really very happy with my healing & sizing. My left & right breasts have slowly evened out & I have felt much more comfortable exercising. My left side is still a little fuller but compared to where I began my journey, I ???? my new boobs! They are still changing ever so slightly each week - especially my left as swelling still seems to be decreasing. I will post pics of bras & bra-less. My sizing before was a 34DD - 36D in most brands. Now I feel most comfortable in 34DD - 34DDD & 36D, also depending on style/type of bra.

Feeling comfortable

Just some follow--up shots.
Dr. Christoph Reuter

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