Turkey Neck Review. London, GB

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I contacted Dominic Bray of Harley Street who...

I contacted Dominic Bray of Harley Street who concentrates solely on facial surgery, as far as I know. I was unhappy with the upper part of my turkey neck and after reading reviews of his patients, I had a consultation with him a few months ago to find out whether it was possible for him to make as an improvement to my neck. He listened very completely to my concerns and, after a careful facial examination, he showed me in a mirror how he could help achieve the result I wanted, and I felt quite confident that this was a careful surgeon who could given me the result I wanted. Dominic carries out all of his surgery by sedation and local anaesthetic only, rather than by general anaesthetic in hospital. I was given a date for surgery to take place near the end of November, but I received an email a few weeks later concerning a postponement from a lady who was suffering from a slipped disk and I was more than pleased to accept her cancellation. I therefore had my operation carried out a few months earlier - in fact yesterday afternoon, Tuesday the 8th September and spent the previous night in an first class hotel with my husband, just 4 minutes walk away from the clinic. I became quite anxious several days beforehand but once Dominic had greeted me and introduced me to his anaesthetist, I felt far more relaxed. He has a wonderful team of very approachable and helpful staff . On the evening after surgery, Dominic visited me at the hotel to examine my face and neck and replace the bandages. He gave me a cloth ice cube bag to help reduce the welling (the hotel provided the ice cubes). The next morning I want to his clinic where I had my hair washed, lymphatic drainage carried out and was placed under an infra-red lamp to start the healing process. A head and neck support was also supplied and fitted which I have to wear for 20 hours out of 24....to be taken off when I have visitors or go to the shops. I was also given some lubricating cream to soften the stitches, which unfortunately I left at the clinic, but this is being posted on to me by Dominic's delightful PA, Lucy. Since surgery yesterday, Dominic has since emailed me the photos which he had taken this morning....less than 24 hours after surgery, and so far I am extremely delighted with the result of his surgery on my neck which has flattened out the turkey neck far better than I expected was possible. In fact I always had a double chin and it is now better than I can ever remember having!!! Since it was less than 24 hours since surgery, my face is still of course very swollen, which is to be expected after facial surgery, and it will take some time for the swelling to settle down. He says he has also restored some of the fullness to my mid facial area and has also addressed the asymmetry of my jawline. You will see from the photos that my neck is very bruised, as he carried out a great deal of work on my neck muscles to achieve the result I required. He also made a small incision under my chin to remove two sacs of fat by liposuction. There is also a smaller bruise on my face which will look better in a few weeks time although the neck bruising will take longer, due to the degree of work done there. I will probably be able to cover it with makeup in a few weeks time. The incision stitches will be removed in a weeks time.

A week and one day Post Op!

Everything is going as expected. The bruising on my neck is turning yellow, which is always a good sign, and in a few weeks time I will not need to hide bruises under a scarf. Dominic did a great deal of work on my neck muscles and liposuction of fat pads, and I am extremely delighted with the outcome, which has never looked so good. The swelling has also reduced and I hope my hollow cheeks will also be a thing of the past.

The difference of swelling in one week.

I wanted to show the swelling (and bruising) is going down in a week since surgery

It's now 14 days post op!

I'm not feeling so exhausted anymore, like needing a lie down after every bit of running around, etc., and it certainly pays to take it easy for the first two weeks!
The neck bruising is almost gone, apart from the remnants directly under my neck and a little bit on my right jaw. I can open my mouth much better now but still not quite back to normal, and turning my head from side to side is better too. I do have a swollen gland under the jaw near my left ear which is a nuisance. Dominic says to apply warm compresses but it doesn't seem to be going away. The left side of my face is more swollen than the right side, but I believe this will equalise eventually. And it feels quite crusty behind my ears and up into my hair. I think it's the dissolvable stitched along the incisions in the crease behind my ears and into my hair, which will probably smooth out eventually.
My husband, my niece and my nephew are the only ones who I've told about my face and neck lift. I haven't told my sons or my daughter in law or other friends, as I don't need any negative remarks from anyone - I did this for me and not for them! So I have been keeping a low profile until most of the tell tale marks are not apparent.

It's now 3 weeks (or 21 days) Post Op!

I'm liking my puffed up face - (better than the hollow cheek look) - but I know it's all down to the swelling, and I know it won't last....I just hope I don't get those hollow cheeks back!
I saw my son today for the first time since my op, and he never said a word about my face. I did however wear a scarf around my neck to hide the residual "strangulation" marks under my chin from my turkey neck lift, which involved liposuction and platysmaplasty (not sure if that's the right word, but I'm sure you'll all know what I mean)! Dominic really went to town on getting me a nicely flattened neck, which I appreciate, so I don't care if it takes a while longer than most for the bruising to go. Maybe I'll treat myself to some of that Benefit Booing Concealer next time I go to Debenhams!
The prickly stitches are getting a bit annoying now and I shall be glad to have them out of my ears, and behind them, next week. Also the few stitches under my chin from the platysma-thingy.
Did I mention that I pulled what I thought was a piece of white dead skin, and it turned out to be a white stitch/suture and opened up a tiny red mouth under my chin - and boy that was a bit scary! I pushed it back together as best as I could and contacted Dominic, who asked if I could come along to the clinic that morning, he would take a look at it, but I could never have made it in time - (train journey and 15 minute hike from the station) - so I sent him a photo instead. He said it looked fine, but not to tamper with anymore stitches!
What else is there? Oh yes, the swollen gland from week 2 is still there, but I can't say for sure whether it is any smaller, but I don't think so. It's still bit sore when I turn my head. Anyway Dominic will take a look again at week 4, next week!

Now 4 weeks post op!!

Hi ladies! It is now 4 weeks since I had my lower face and neck lift. I am so pleased with the way Dominic had lifted the facial tissue upwards which has filled some of the hollowness under my eyes as well as giving me more plumpness to my face...remarkable! My neck is still looking nice and flat and no sign of the turkey neck. I am so pleased with this.
Dominic has "zapped" with his laser machine some red marks at the back of my neck below the ear from previous skin lifting surgery. I still have some darkness on my neck under my chin and I am not sure whether that is still from the bruising. I hope it will disappear eventually, but in the meantime I will try to hide it with concealer.
The lymph gland which was such a nuisance is a lot smaller now, and is not quite so sore when I am eating. I am hoping that will continue to reduce in size and not be a problem anymore.
Dominic is very pleased with the way my incisions have healed. I have only allowed the air to dry them out, as Dominic told me to do, and not to use products which would cause scarring. xx

28 Days or 4 Weeks Post Op

Its now four weeks since my lower face and neck lift. My turkey neck was causing me the most embarrassment and self consciousness and Dominic has done a fantastic job of eradicating it for me. Even though it is only 4 weeks on, I do not believe it will be returning any time soon! The skin on my neck is still darker, but I think it is only me that notices it, as no one else has commented! And Dominic did an exceptional amount of work on my neck to get it the way I wanted. Also the gland on the right of my neck is still reducing well, but at times the end of my right jaw bone still seems a bit sore, especially when I eat; or it could still be to do with the lymph gland. I am also very pleased with the fuller uplifted face Dominic has given me; and this is because of the way he lifts the underlying tissues upwards. My ears have healed very nicely and quite quickly too. I just wish I had asked Dominic to cut off my earlobes while he was about it, haha! But never mind, maybe another time!! If I've left anything out, please ask!

Difference between 2 weeks and 8 weeks - Back of ears incision.

It is now 8 weeks and I have taken these photos which I hope will show how the incisions at the back of my ears have healed since 2 weeks post op. I doubt if any scar would show, since the incision is carefully hidden in the natural crease at the back of the ear.

3 Month review

It is now 3 months since I had my neck and lower face lift, and I am delighted to say that my turkey neck is showing no signs of returning. Dominic has done a brilliant job of ridding me of what was causing me so much self consciousness. My lower face is also uplifted and no signs of the gauntness that was no aging are returning. My only concern was some darkness of the skin on my neck where the skin had been stretched on two occasions. I also had some red thread veins on my cheeks below the ears, which I couldn't see myself, but Dominic had noticed. He therefore treated me to some laser treatment to zap these areas, and the thread veins disappeared before his eyes; the darker, stretched skin on my neck is showing signs of bruising from the laser, but once the bruises are gone, the normal skin shade should reappear. Thank you Dominic...this is extra treatment which other surgeons do not seem to provide as part of the service!

Laser treatment today at my 3 monthly review

I thought I would add some more photos to show the dark skin area which has been laser treated today by Dominic and also my lower cheeks which had thread veins which I hadn't noticed, but Dominic noticed them today and suggested laser treatment. My neck skin has been stretched twice recently and this is why it has discoloured (for want of a better expression)! The thread veins disappeared during the treatment but the neck has bruised, although normal skin colour should appear once the bruising has settled down. Dominic carried out this laser treatment as part of the service, which other surgeons have never offered, and I am very thankful and grateful for having such a caring and considerate surgeon.

It is now 6 months post op!

I won't be seeing Dominic until September for my 12 months review, so I thought I would post a few photos to show how things are progressing at 6 months. I'm afraid my camera phone doesn't take the sharpest pictures but I'm sure you'll get the general impression!
I already posted this once with photos, but it disappeared! :(
I'm posting this quickly before it disappears again! Will add some more photos later.......

Thirteen (13) Month Lower face and Turkey Neck Review

It is now thirteen months since my lower face and turkey neck lift with Dominic and I should have posted it a few weeks ago. My skin has relaxed somewhat, but I think it is to be expected after all the swelling has gone, and this is where perhaps cheek fillers come into the equation, although I have not gone there so far! I do feel I look better than I did going back several years ago when I was first thinking about a face and neck lift.
In all honesty I believe the right side of my face (especially my jawline) is better defined than the right side of my neck and jaw. You will see from the photos I took yesterday that there is a pocket of loose skin sagging under my right jaw which I feel self conscious about.

However, the revision that Dominic has suggested would be to make a longer incision from under the chin and along to the jowl area, where a little fat may be removed from the jowl area, and then surplus skin would be lifted up and cut away before being pulled together and sutured. This I am told by Dominic will leave noticeable scarring along my neck and is worrying me.

I will add further photos a little later.

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