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FACELIFT, BROW LIFT, NECK LIFT Here is my journey....

Here is my journey. I work in Tv and Fashion and so have always needed to maintain my looks. I ruined my face with ultheraphy, got a loose turkey neck and jowelly jaw line and became increasing more and more socially reclusive and couldn't work in the same way as before. At first I thought I could fix it with another ultheraphy treatment, but this made the problem worse I just looked like I had lost the full face I had and my eyes hung lower. As the months went by my face started making me very depressed, and with that my personality changed from outgoing, sociable and fun to hiding away. I would also get distressed looking in mirrors, especially ones with side light reminding me of my problems. I couldn't stand mirrors anymore or if I took photos of myself. I did not know what to do so eventually confided in one of the most respected people I work with. He said only one person can fix your face Dominic Bray. That same day I rang for a consultation.
At the consultation I immediately felt that feeling you get of safety and trust and really connected with Dominic. He has an aura like no other; warm and charming, passionate in his work, confident, professional all mixed together. He did not dismiss me because I was younger than most and did not "need" a facelift. I know other doctors would have said thats crazy you look fine enough and sent me away. Well 'fine' wasn't enough for me, it did not make me happy and this was completely understood by Dominic. Every single one of my fears about a face, neck and brow lift Dominic did differently. I could not believe what I was hearing and seeing on the before and after photos. I could feel myself going bright red from how overwhelming it all was; Here was this compassionate doctor in front of me telling me I did not need a general, one of my greatest fears, I could have a local done right here in his office. That the vector of lift would NOT be towards the ear one of my other biggest fears as I have never understood how you can look the same and younger being pulled towards the ear, when that is not how gravity pulls you down. I wanted to be lifted up like how I would pull my skin with my hands when I looked in the mirror, wishing with all my heart I could look like that again. When Dominic pulled my face to show me what he would do, that is exactly how he pulled it- the same as how I did. He told me his lift was pulled towards the temple at 70 degree angle. I did not need a scar under the chin for a neck lift, which is also something I did not want; his face, neck, brow lift, would all be with the same scars hidden by the ear and around hairline. Of course like everyone I was terrified of bad scarring. However when I saw the close ups of the scars on before and after photos I could see for myself I would be the same, they were meticulously placed and didn't look noticeable after about 6 months.
I knew I would trust no other Doctor with my face. I left and sat in my car outside and hot tears stung down my face. Anyone reading this who has emotional trauma brought on by anything appearance related will understand when you are given hope again it brings so much emotion. I could not wait to have the procedure.
Day of procedure
I arrived at 8am at Harley street clinic I was not nervous as I trusted my surgeon implicitly to give me the result I wanted. I also felt relaxed with Andy the very lovely anesthetist who said it was fine that I didn't want sedation. I just took a couple of paracetamol with water. My blood pressure never rose throughout as It was a relaxed atmosphere with calm music and foot massage. Dominic also sat me up at the end so could check if I could smile and raise my eyebrows no guess work I LOVED that he could check whilst operating on my face exactly how I would look.
I then went to the hotel. I had not taken any of the medication beforehand and had not followed the restrictive diet so it caused me a lot of extra bruising and swelling and I needed extra care. Not once was I blamed or made to feel bad when I clearly should not have done this. Lucy, Dominic's assistant, who is extremely kind and helpful, was so gentle washing my hair and looking after me as I had very bad bruising and my eyes were swollen with bruising. I was given aftercare treatments every single day for 1 week even the weekend as well as being checked continuously. The following week 5 days I received treatments. I just found this level of care to be quite extraordinary. I received them all for free. Zaps to get rid of redness and bruising to go down, machine with blue and red waves for faster healing, and lymph massage and ultrasound for reduction of swelling and lumps. I saw results immediately and even through the bruising 'happy' would be the poorest adjective I could think of to describe how I felt. Ecstatic, over the moon would be better. I did not get any pain at all.
4 weeks Post
Big test seeing my boyfriend for the first time. I have long hair that covered the scars and covered them with concealer and.. he didnt know a thing. He is SO fussy, aesthetically aware and is not afraid to say whatever pops into his head! The fact he could not tell shows this surgeon for the genius he really is. How skilled do you actually have to be to change but not change someones face too radically that even their own boyfriend cant tell they have had a facelift. He thought I was having non invasive tightening to correct all the damage I would NEVER want him to know I had a facelift. His exact words were "yes I can see what you mean what you didnt like before, you look amazing so fresh. yes you look amazing" And that was it subject closed he just kept saying you look beautiful a lot.
7 weeks post
Feelings of winning the lottery I am still ecstatic and cant stop looking at myself at every angle! My small heart shaped face is back, high cheekbones, tight jaw line. small chin. My neck looks 20yrs again. The way my eye shape is now almond and alive, how they used to be, not tired looking even if I had slept 10hrs. Also no filler just fullness back in my cheeks just because its all been lifted. Lots of people have seen me now and just think ive been on holiday and say I look very fresh and rested. A genius surgeon in his own league is how I would recommend to anyone.
How do you thank someone for giving you your life back? Im sure everyone who has reviewed Dominic feels the same.
Dominic Bray I hope you look back on your life one day and remember all the many many faces of all the people you made so happy and changed their life for the better. What a gift to have...
please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.
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Dominic most professional, skilled, kind and caring Doctor you could ever hope to meet Lucy his PA answers any questions or concerns so promptly always checking to see how you are. Kind caring puts you at ease with her gentle manner.

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