27 Yr Old, Small C Having 300cc & 325cc Under Muscle - Harley Street, London

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Really want to see pics of before and afters of...

Really want to see pics of before and afters of people who had the same looking boobs as mine before (small c, similar shape?) and what they look like after with it under muscle and similar cc.... Had my first consultation today with the actual surgeon, had initially seen the nurse who gave me an idea of what would happen but he advised me differently to what she had said.. she said after looking at my breasts, he would just do over muscle and could pick how firm I want the implant, he said under muscle and will be the softest one they can put under the muscle as all under muscle ones are the same. I'm happy with what he told me as I had been worrying after seeing the nurse initially that she might not realise I don't want you to be able to see the implant underneath, plus, I'm going 25cc each boob bigger than he initially recommended - not a lot but enough to mean that I hopefully won't be the same as everyone else I know whose had a boob job and says they wished they went bigger!

So very happy with him, and he seemed to know and understand exactly what it was I wanted... just want to see that they won't end up too small and what the cleavage will be like. The last picture is what I'd ideally like them to look like, no smaller and that shape.

3days till surgery!

I wrote a massively long blog earlier but looks like it didn't submit - grrr!

Had a last minute panic after looking at 100's of other peoples reviews and listening to my sister in law too much that my impants were going to be too small, so called nurse and asked if i'd be able to have an extra 25-50cc if its not too late and surgeon thinks they look okay on the day, but apparently they have terms where u have to decided 2 weeks before surgery and if I change my mind Id need to postpone another 2 weeks. Not a long time to make sure they look how I want but had a reply to my above question on here, and from her and all the experts say under the muscle DOESNT make the implant appear smaller.

I was very happy with the way they felt when surgeon put them in sports bra with t-shirt over when I went for consultation so if they were a bit smaller once the procedure's happened, although I wouldn't hate them at all, I was worried I would always be wanting to get them re-done.

So, I made some rice implants! One is 270cc and the other is about 230cc, A because I didn't have enough rice and B because I wanted to see if they are reduced by any amount by being under muscle, would they still feel big. Attached some pics for you to see....

If they're bigger than that I will be very glad I didn't get an extra 50cc as I can imagine they would get a lot of attention or all of the attention nd I am definitely the kind of girl that prefers to be spoken to at eye level! ha

It's Tomorrow!

A game of patience and nerves... Had to go into work today even though it was just for one day this week, and couldn't concentrate, felt light headed most the day and hard to focus! Not that nervous now I'm home but think having to focus on work when my subconscious is only thinking of one thing was the cause!

So, just packing making sure nail varnish is off etc! And hopefully have a good night sleep! Not so good I don't wake up for my breakfast at 6am as that's the last time I can eat drink or anything else pretty much!

Done it!

Everything went smoothly, was waiting a long time after getting admitted to my room to go to surgery, had the nurse come see me, then she said an hour till consultant comes to speak to me, was at least 2, then I was told an hour till ill be down in theatre, was hour and half. lol Was starving and thirsty as well.

So down in theatre, anaesthetist asked what I was like on general anaesthtic when I had tonsils out at 12 yrs old, tol dhim I was sick loads then even though was never ever sick back then, so he said he'd give me loads of anti-sickness. Next thing I know he asks if I can feel myself getting sleepy, tell him yes I can feel it- I'm going, then I tell him Im still not asleep and my boobs are already aching, thought there was something metal sitting on chest... but open eyes and nobody is there, im back in my room! I look down and surprised to see 2 swollen breasts that don't look hugely bigger than before but very pert! An hour later I'm already wolfing down some salmon with veg had a jug of water, 2 wee's and no sickness just very light-headed was even behaving drunk when I was texting friends and family apparently! haha

Decide I must check on the boobs, they don't look great, they look like my boobs but mis-shapened and very pert, slightly bigger.... feeling a bit disappointed go back to bed and fall straight to sleep, 4 hrs later im awake at 2am and don't ever really get back to sleep.

Had breakfast and have a look in mirror at boobs and suddenly I love them already, could've been I was so sleepy last night I wasn't focusing properly but judging by my pics they did change a lot in those 12 hrs or so. :)

Still thinking at moment an extra 50cc each wouldn't have done any harm. And looking at other ppl's pics who had 300cc unders - same make of implant etc, even those who were A cup before, look same size as mine... don't know if that's because they have more swellin or because my whole top body is swollen even nipples are twice the size its made my boobs look smaller! ha We'll see!

Post-Op Day 3

Feels longer than 3 days but that's good, means there are more positive changes to happen to my boobs. My left side has definitely dropped slightly and therefore looks a bit bigger in pics as look slike it ocvers more area on chest now, still hasn't finisihed and has a long way to go yet, hopefully when right one starts dropping cleavage will start to touch. Only thing is still want them bigger, not my consultants fault but when I went for consultation I was probably slightly scared of what the end reslt would be so opted fo rsafe options just asking to be slightly bigger than I am with my XX padded bra on, without a bra on, and that's what Ive got but would now just be saying E.

However, I haven't been out in public and have been wearing my compression bra constantly which obviously flattens them down quite a bit so once I am normal I may be glad I'm not so big it's turning heads. Put one of old bra's against my boob and didn't even touch the nipple... which made me very happy!! Deffo have boob greed! Think going through all that pain and seeing and comparing to everyone else just makes u go a bit mad... cant wait to get back int he real world.

Going for a walk today, been staying at parents and as the pain has mostly gone, just a bit tight and itchy now should only help. Swelling gone down loads too now and can feel I o actually have bone on my chest sides rather than made of sponge!

Attached some pics for those curious...

1 week Post-Op

Went to see nurse for first time, couldnt wait as wanted to get bandage off to see what full boob was like, plus wanted to find out what a little pea size lump was...and also see what she said when I told her I expected bigger.
Lump...nothing to worry about but stop touching it as it will make it sore and she wil check it next time in 2 weeks.
Size...stop focusing on size and focus on healing properly - although she says I'm almost fully healed and she's happy for me to go back to work. Asked about D & F ing and she says she's never heard of that before and the only changes I'll notice now are them getting softer.
So, take a walk to town Primark, M&S, BHS bra shopping, tried on my first non-wired support bra, and they look a nice size now im out of the compression bra 24/7, well one boob is - the other ive now realised is suddenly very noticably smaller! Brought 2 non wired semi-sports bras from BHS - 32DD, has about 0.5mm padding/support and makes them look a nice big handful. Went to M&S to get measured and I'm a 30inch band so she brought me a few to try on in 30&32dd, first one i tried on was a 32 and as it fit perfectly she said might as well stick to that rather than 30DD as she says that might be too small, dont know if she meant cup or band. If she meant cup that would mean I'm a 30E which sounds nice and BIG! Especially as my left boob is slightly overfilling these bra's. My right boob fits in fine and even has room to breathe!! :O

So if nurse is correct and they'll just soften now I'm going to need a revision as surgeon told me my left needs slightly more fill than right (even though I've never ever noticed it and even after could only remember it was the left he said is smaller because the reason was I'm right-handed so therefore the muscle is bigger on right side and making right more projected).

I hope that either the right is going to drop and fluff (if it does exist) and if not that the surgeon can make the right bigger. Then I can stop worrying and just be very content with my boobs and how its all gone as if they were both the same size as my left I couldnt ask for any more!

1 month 1 day Post Op

Had my 2 post op nurse checks, and managed to stop worrying about the fact left has dropped and come to terms with the fact right really hasnt dropped yet and that its not that they're going to be slightly unsymmetrical forever! Can tell now as left is soft and right is starting to get softer, as it does it is (very slowly) starting to look like left in my slightly enhancing support bra. Without a bra on, they do look more symmetrical but as left is softer the bra can push it more, therefore creating more cleavage. Whereas right is slowly starting to get more cleavage in bras as it gets softer! So anyone in same situation - dont worry just be happy at least one is starting to show end results!

Scars are looking good, healing well apparently and look quite good considering 1 month post. right's scar does feel a bit thicker so been told to massage and need to remember to buy some bio-oil to help this. And stayed away from sunbeds to avoid having a permanent dark scar. Going to have to purchase some fake tan me thinks tho!

5 months Post-Op, How Time Flies...

New Year is here and the last 3 months have flown by.

Last time I was on here I was worried that left was going to be bigger than right as surgeon put more in there, as unbeknown to me left was slightly smaller, and even 2 months after left still looked a tad too big. I was hoping this was because right had a bigger muscle which means it'll take longer to relax and drop, but when i went for my first and final appointment with surgeon after the surgery in october (2 and half mnths post-op) he and nurse couldnt believe I was able to notice as results were admittedly very good. He told me the slight difference was because right had more scar tissue and just hadn't settled as quick. Gave me some simple massages to do which was just holding middle of breast and squeezing and then letting go, quite hard and slow for 10 mins twice a day. ...they definitely helped a lot and still occasionally do it for couple mins on the right breast as it sometimes looks like its stiff if I've slept on it funny.

I've added some pics so you can see how they look now. Most of the difference is in the scarring and how they feel, so the topless shots dont look like much has changed as the shape hasnt as it shouldnt, but they feel so much more real and I can feel only a small amount of scar tissue in right which means they both look much more similar in a bra now (as the softer the boob the more the bra can push the tissue upwards.. it was with the bra that the difference used ot be most noticeable.
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