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Since about the age of 11 I noticed that things...

Since about the age of 11 I noticed that things were different downstairs in comparison to all of my friends. As a teenager I really suffered physcologically, and at the age of 17 I was referred for Labiaplasty on the NHS. This was something I chose not to tell my parents as I didn't think they'd understand. Low and behold my mum found a letter detailing the scheduled operation and immediately called the hospital and cancelled it. At the time I was devastated, but in her defence this really was a blessing in disguise. My mum was obviously baffled and wondered why I wanted to do this to my body saying that I was normal and beautiful and that everybody is different down there. However she was understanding enough to say that if I still felt the same at 21 then we would look at having this done privately, but at 17 I was too young to make such a decision and would be foolish to have such an operation on the NHS rather than seeing a specialist. So the years passed and eventually at 23 when it was financially possible I decided to take the plunge. 6 years on and I still felt exactly the same about my lady parts. I'd been in loving relationships where obviously I was sexually active and it never bothered my partners but for me it was a very personal issue and I knew that I was doing this for myself and no one else. It was not just the aesthetics of it but it really caused a lot of discomfort in every day activities too. I never felt that it was part of my body. I had also decided that I wanted breast augmentation at this point too. However I must stress that I was never emotionally affected by my breasts, if anything having them done was just the icing on the cake. I had little pointy boobs and I wanted a rounder more womanly shape purely for cosmetic reasons. In January 2016 I went to see Angelica Kouvani to discuss the options for both Labiaplasty and breast augmentation after seeing her work on the likes of embarrassing bodies. Perhaps I should have consulted other surgeons but after leaving my appointment with her I felt so confident in her abilities that I decided to book in with her a few days later. She said that it was possible to carry out both procedures in one setting and booked me in at Weymouth Street hospital on 17th March 2016. On the day of surgery itself I can honestly say I was nothing but calm and excited about having this done. I've had dental work done before where I've been more nervous!!! I shed a few tears in the lift on the way down to the operating theatre with the nurse, but I was just overwhelmed by the fact that this was finally happening! The operation itself took about an hour and a half for both procedures. When I came around I couldn't feel any pain down below but my breasts felt heavy and sore. I got my mum to take a picture of my vagina immediately after as I obviously couldn't sit up to have a look myself. When I saw it I cried tears of joy because I honestly didn't believe it could look as good as it did - I didn't believe it was mine!!! After a few hours the swelling kicked in and the first time I went to the toilet there was a lot of blood so I'm glad my mum got the money shot when she did because the appearance quickly changed as the natural healing processes began. I was kept in over night and I won't lie to you the pain from my boobs was the worst. It seemed to be okay when lying down but when I needed the loo and had to stand up I think it was the weight of gravity pulling down on my chest - the pain was excruciating!!! The worst part was when the nurses pulled the drains out the morning after :( but with regards to downstairs I felt no pain whatsoever despite its bruised and battered appearances. Today I am a week post op and I appear to be healing very nicely. The same is still very much true that it is my boobs that have caused the most discomfort since the operation and I've only felt a mild itchiness from down below. I'm on my way to my follow up appointment with Angelica today so I will let you know how it all goes! And I really must sing her praises - this woman is an artist!!! And a massive thank you to all the staff at Weymouth street hospital who were absolutely incredible from the minute I stepped into the building to the minute I went home.

Breast augmentation before and after photos

9 days post op

Swelling and bruising has reduced. Had a follow up 2 days ago and Angelica was very pleased with the way I'm healing and has cleared me to take baths so I treated myself to one yesterday! I avoided using any fragrant body washes or bubble bath etc. as I'm sensitive enough down there as it is so want to avoid thrush at all costs! I also had to keep my boobies dry so sat in shallow water. With regards to the scars from the breast augmentation I saw them for the first time on Thursday when she changed my dressings. I couldn't believe how small and fine they were - absolutely over the moon! I have a 2 week follow up appointment scheduled for next week so will let you know how that goes and will get a pic of breast scars next time.

3 weeks post op update

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