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Hey Everyone, I wanted to begin to write an review...

Hey Everyone, I wanted to begin to write an review as there isn't a lot out there on the net in regards to BBL in the UK, I like many others have spent a good 18 months trying to find a good surgeon who is caring and trusted enough to give me the results I want, I decided to go with Dr Hamza, I was originally going with "Dr Miami" in January, but with the expected pain and recovery I just don't think it was the best option with travelling. I done lots of research with Dr Hamza and spoken to a handful of his patients who have all had good experiences. There are mixed reviews on the BBL treatment but from what I understand aftercare is key, maintain from sitting aslong as possible, be minimally active for the first couple of weeks, but ensuring to move regularly, and wear your garment, I will attach some before before below (begrudgingly) and will update on every step as I have found this really helpful when others have done... Surgery is Thursday ...eeeek!! I want a much more toned figure enhancing my cuves, more projection on the back creating that S shape...

I am absolutely terrified as like normal I have read everything on the net but I am so excited and will keep the review going.

Vitamins and healthy eating...

I have been taking arnica iron and vitamin C for the last few weeks and began Bromelain today (as meant to help massively with bruising and swelling) I'm literally 3 more sleeps away..????

Few more before pics...

So close now, only two more sleeps!! I'm driving myself mad with the worry, have it in my head I'l be the one person it goes wrong for!! Must stop it and remain positive.. Nevertheless still excited!!

As you can see on my pics I don't have much fat on my tummy just a little bottom pouch, most fat will be taken from my love handles ..

Pics didn't attach..????

1 More sleep...

Ok, so surgery is all paid for, I had a day of freaking out yesterday, I had it in my head that I shouldn't be tampering with my body, panicking about potential things that could go wrong but I know this is all normal, I had a good chat with a fellow Realself user/BBL friend and she bought my excitement back, finding someone who's similar to you and been to the surgeon your going too with a good
Experience definitely helps .. I'm sure il be worrying today and hardly sleep tonight but I'm so excited and cannot wait!!

I also purchased a booty buddy pillow to use 4-6 weeks after on the occasions I may have to sit, it's great really comfy and lightweight so I can carry it everywhere, I have to make a short car journey to my office when I return to work so this will be great for that drive, as no pressure is on the bum!

I also purchased a face down pillow for sleeping.. I'm not great at sleeping on my front as I have my boobs done they already get in the way, so I thought this would keep me slightly elevated and help my back and neck from getting sore!! This is from Amazon and hasn't arrived yet but il review as soon as I get it.

So I'm done...

28th of July I arrived at Harley street health centre at 7am, full of nerves and anxiety I was greeted by some lovely nurses, i was quickly taken in for my pre op check which were all fine!! Shortly after lamia and dr hamza came to my room for mark ups, whenever I have any procedure done at this point I always find it really hard to concentrate on what's being talked about so I'm glad I had everything discussed prior.

8am I was taken down to theatre...returning from my op I was very drousy and felt quite sick I was however in no pain, dr hamza injects a lot of anaesthetic into the body to avoid this. It took me awhile to come round properly but all I wanted to do was roll onto my tummy to avoid squashing any new fat, the next few hours were ok, nurses and hamza were in and out to see me, it was then discussed that I could stand up, I did this (something I wasn't prepared for) was the amount of liquid and blood which seeps out of the incisions there is a lot, it freaked my boyfriend out it was everywhere..


I laid back down but the bloody/liquid really was everywhere it's soaked my garment and in general wasn't very nice, from that every half hour I was standing on a foam mat to kinda just drain out... I was hoping that I would have been out around 2/3 but my next problem was I couldn't pee.. I was drinking loads of water and tea but nothing..(this is a side effect to the anaesthetic) I made another go at the toilet this time I became very light headed, extremely faint, went pure white and threw up :( this was the worst I had felt .. This happened a couple of times it's just where you go from being horizontal to standing plus being put out, this won't happen to everyone but unfortunately it did to me.. I finally pee"ed at 9pm and was allowed to leave!!...

Dr hamza was great he really does know what he is doing with this procedure he is artist.. I had 6 litres of fat removed and 800cc back in to the bum, I am extremely swollen so obviously results aren't settled for a while but I am loving my shape.. Most of my fat was taken from the boom of my back so I am aching there today and holding a lot of swelling so the back curve isn't show just yet.. I also now have a thigh gap which i have NEVER had!!

Day 3

Woke up this morning feeling extremely stiff.. I had a terrible night sleep on my tummy, I just can't do it it kills my neck :( I know I have to as I'm so scared my results will dissolve completely if I dont, have purchased a inflatable doughnut to put in the bed to sleep on (fiancé will be pleased)
Today has defiantly been the worst so far in regards to pain, everything just feels so heavy, also woke up with a swollen face and lady parts????had a sneaky peak under my garment wanted to see the bruising it's ok, loving my flat tummy even when not breathing in but obviously still extremely swollen.. The bottom of my back in paticular but no surprise as dr hamza said he took out as much fat as possible from there... Fingers crossed for a better day tomorrow

Day 5 post op

Today has been the best I have felt (so far) I actually got up and dressed and went out, got tired pretty quickly, pain is about a 7 extremely sore when I touch certain areas, bend down and get out of bed, I honestly cannot understand how women how full body Lipo and manage after!! Credit to them!! I had my first shower yesterday which felt amazing... cleaned all my skin up applied some arnica, I'm obviously still very swollen and bruised but eating good amounts of food and lots of pineapple.. I have attached some pics from when I took my garment off I feel solid and actually much bigger than I did before the Lipo but I know that's the swelling xx

Pretty much one week post op!!

Wanted to add a before and after today showing a week post op!! In my girdle my bum still looks very Kardashian ???? but out of it it's such a lovely size and I love it, I'm starting to get that worry about it getting much smaller, I'm eating a good balanced diet making sure to not deprive myself of any foods I want as the one thing Hamza said was not to diet, refraining from sitting and sleeping on belly which I plan to do for as long as possible, pain is now about a 3/4 I just get a awful horrible dragging feeling at the bottom of my back when I stand up from being laid down for a while it's awful!!

My right side is definitely still more swollen than the other which I only noticed when trying on a new skirt (for when the garments off today) I hope this will just subside and catch the other side up as I am only a week out..have attached a pic

One week post op!!

I have had the worst day today, I feel and look like shit I have no energy, I can't put any decent clothes on because of the garment, I'm hot, so itchy on my Incisions, i look pale and drained.. I just want to sit down... I'm only one week on can't imagine how I'm gonna be in a few weeks :( is it normal to feel like this desperate to feel myself again (I know I'm being dramatic), swelling is going down so is my bottom which is annoying have attached some pics

12 days post op...

I'm certainly feeling much much better!! My bruising has pretty much gone apart from the inside and outside of my thighs which is also where the remaining of the aches are coming from its really odd as straight after I didn't even notice the pain there but I think that was because everything else hurt so much.. I still have the ache in the bottom of my back in the mornings but I believe that will be around for awhile... I stopped taking all pain meds after around 7/8 days, results are still holding up, I'm hoping that the fact I have drank at least a gallon of water a day, continued my Bromelain tablets and made sure to eat at least 500g of pineapple a day that that has encourage alot of my swelling to subside quicker than it would have, however still a long way to go... Hoping bum just forms a softer shaper rather than anymore volume loss now, however as Dr hamza has said true results will take at least 6 months, I have a great curve now but once the swelling in the bottom of
My back goes it will be even better so even if it did loose volume the back curve would counter act that.. Tried on a pair of skinny jeans today, I always hated my bum in jeans as it would just look wide and flat (yuck) I would also have a little love Handel over hang.. But seeing how it looked today in jeans I was so so happy!! I love it!! Il attach some pics xx

Three week old butt

Today I am three weeks post, and feeling completely back to normal, my inner thighs are the only thing holding bruising pay is very very minimal now about 1-2, morning ache seems to have gone now too..

I measured this week, and this week oppose to last week where I lost 1.5 off my hips and bottom this week it stayed the same, however I lost 2" off my thighs and 2.5 off my tummy, so everything is currently shrinking in the right places, I do still have lots of swelling In the bottom of my back and on my right side but it's ok, my weight does still seem to be up but then I'm not exactly dieting (as I was told not too) but do I hope I loose a few more pounds from the swelling.

Looking forward to getting to my 4 week mark next Thursday so I can wear my garment only at night, (this heat it is awful) however I have decided I will wear spanks or a waist trainer in the days for another 3-4 weeks or aslong as I can to protect my investment and get the best results, will attach some pics for how I'm looking now.

Happy birthday butt - 1 month old

I am officially 4 weeks today and feeling good, as much as I hate the gym running and any form of exercising I am now looking forward to being able to do something (obviously not right away) as I feel with all the eating in doing other things are getting a little wobbly.. Still completely over the moon with my results and when I look back to before pictures I generally cannot believe the difference.. I lost a couple inches here and there this week on my tummy, and thighs but morning off my hips and bottom.

Hamza has said I can go to wearing my garment just at night now, however I like the support it gives me , when it's of things all feel a little bit free and I'm still
Holding swelling in certain areas, so I will continue to wear it where I can (it's been extremely tough wearing it in this heat) but I think another few weeks will only help the recovery, but it's a amazing feeling to no that I can not wear it if it I need to on a night or day out etc... I do find when I'm not wearing it for a few hours when I go to put it on I expand a little but again I think that's the heat we been having.

I will continue to update and have attached some 4 week photos!! But in general all pain and bruising gone, and still happy, I still haven't sat directly on it and again will continue not to for a aslong as I can to really make the most of my results...

6 weeks...

So I am updating today with not much to really say but I think it's really important to keep the updates coming.. I'm still wearing my garment 6 weeks on as much I would love to burn it I still have a lot of swelling at the bottom of my back and back of thighs, and in a strange way have grown to love the support it gives me plus I'm scared my bottom may drop or loose shape and I don't want that to happen...due to work commitments and other things I am unable to go back for my first check up untill 21st which will make me 8/9 weeks post.. So I have decided I will continue to wear my garment as much as I can untill then.. I'm still not sitting unless I really really have to and even then I won't do it for longer than 10 mins at a time.. I'm still really happy with my results my measurements have stayed the same since week 2/3 so really happy.

2 Months Post - Dr Hamza

So after a long wait due to work commitments I finally got back in to see Dr Hamza today for my post surgery check up, he was thrilled and so so pleased with my results, everything is going well im still holding some swelling at the bottom of my back, so I am going to have some massage, however he said my waist tummy and thighs will continue to get smaller and smaller (great news) I think it's really
Important for us U.K. Girls to recognise the great surgeons in the uk which offer great results on a BBL and because of that I will be posting my pre op pictures ....

Nearly 10 weeks post

Pretty much everything is back to normal now, I am still holding swelling in my lower back but slowly it is going down, pain has gone, and again only wearing my garment at night this isn't compulsory but I have grown to love it and like how flat and firm everything feels first thing in the morning when I take it off, I am still avoiding sitting as much as I can but not completely, I do however hate having to sit on any hard chair or surface so will not do it, all these extra precautions are my individual choices and aren't necessary this far post according to Dr hamza, I just want my new shape to last forever and willing to do all I can to make sure it does, I have attached
Some pics i took the other day when I purchased a new bikini..

Just over 5 months post

I just wanted to update as I haven't in awhile and i know when I was doing my research I was always interested to hear about people further down the line, everything is still the same as it was, still holding the same volume in my booty, I have returned to the gym however working on more toning and conditioning rather than cardio, one thing I think which isn't spoken about enough on having a BBL is the reaction from people afterwards, now I personally don't think my surgery results are that obvious however people constantly look, make comments, even laugh (the jealous ones) I'm not very thick skinned so I am needing to learn to embrace love and enjoy it after all it's the best thing I have ever done I just think you need to be aware that people will notice, I recently went to a spa which was the first time since my op which I have been in a bikini, when I took of my robe people were staring at me maybe not necessarily in a bad well but I felt it and I was definitely aware of it I guess the body shape I have now isn't the normal for a nearly 30 year old white girl!! ???? that aside I have always been self conscious and I wouldn't change it for the world I am still so so so pleased with what Dr hamza gave me and would recommend to anyone.

Back to the gym - nearly 7 months post

Hi girls, wanted to post some recent pictures and let you know how all is going, still really happy with my results, I did put some weight on over Christmas and I do think where I didn't have huge amounts of Lipo on my belly, A little fat did come back on there, however I am now back at the gym and training, everything's still holding up and bottom still holding as much volume as before.. I have some skin from surgery which needs toning which is really why I'm at the gym and working on my dimples (us girls never happy)

Still get so many people asking me if I have had a BBL especially when wearing fitted dresses or high waisted clothes, however I am now learning to own it rather than get embarrassed.

Pretty much a year on...

Updating my review close to nearly a year on, as you can see I have kept good shape and projection following all advise given my doctor hamza and fellow patients I maintained my shape, still one of the best things I have ever done.

Highly recommended ...
London Plastic Surgeon

Dr Hamza so far has been great with communication any questions I have asked have been answered I feel ready and at ease being left in his cars, great PA service from his assistant Lamia, and will update further after surgery.

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