uma jeunesse: dermal filler treatment nasolabial folds + under eyes (london via a deal website) - Great Britain, GB

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In september I came accross an offer for a dermal...

In september I came accross an offer for a dermal filler treatment. It was on wowcher which is a website kind of like Groupon. I've already bought some treatments through their website but I used juvederm before.
I was actually certain I bought a juvederm dermal treatment too. But I feel like they changed the listing afterwards, like they did a mistake. So it was really surprising when, going to my appointment I found out I was going to receive a dermal filler named Uma jeuness. I never heard of it but the man who practiced the treatment, Andrew Carr from Andrew Carr Aesthetics on harley Street (a famous street in London for all kind of cosmetic procedures) reassured me that Uma Jeuness was well know in the industry and well effective. Weird though because he said to me this is not his office he's just replacing the woman who usually works here. Well whatever he was doing there, let me tell you about this "Harley street Face&skin" salon, nobody should go there. The receptionist is awfull and doesn't have good manners at all, which is the first quality for this job. She should get herself some training for this position.

And about the guy by himself I personnally think he was a professional but certainly lied about this 'Uma jeunesse' filler because he needed to get rid of his stock. But goshhhhhhh I can't advise anybody to use that filler ever.

The voucher I bought was £99 (meaning $154) for 1ml of dermal filler which apparently is a good price. And because 1ml was just enough for my nasolabial folds and I wanted to try an under eye treatment, which I've never done before but was left really tired after my pregnancy, he said to me I can have 1ml more for the same price so £198 ($3O8).

When I came back home I noticed a lot of bruising and I was a bit anxious. I've done a dermal filler treatment before on my nasolabial folds and the result was perfect within two days. Here after a week my face my swollen and I looked like I put on weight.

Well it's much better now I must admit. After two weeks what makes me happy is when I wake up in the morning my 'tired' look is gone but... There's a but otherwise I won't be advising people not to use Uma jeunesse... I can feel granulomas in my cheek area, where the treatment has been done. To be honest I'm not sure if it will go away. After two weeks it's kind of scary.
Also even if I don't look tired anymore I absolutely don't like the look this treatment gave me. I feel like my face is biiger than before. So I will never use this product again.

Uma jeunesse filler : what I found out after having my treatment done (my review)

Because I still have granulomas under my skin and it makes me upset, I've done some more researches about this filler.
I found out the results of a comparative study who says that this filler is less painfull , actually I agree with that, and last longer with Juvederm.
I will tell you in a few weeks/months if this is true. But what's the point of having a filler that supposedely last longer if you have side effects from it ?
If you want to go for this filler this is your choice but don't do my mistake. Don't ever buy a filler treatment without knowing which product you are going for.

To be continued.

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Really disappointed

So it's been more than a month... Not only I still have granulomas or something (I don't even know how to call it) under my skin since I had the Uma jeunesse injections, but also the thightening effect of the first few days is already gone.

So when I touch my skin and the areas where the injections have been proceed around my nasolabial folds I can feel some bumps like something is stuck here.

Also my skin is not as 'lifted' as the first few weeks anymore.
I a so disappointed with this product.

I am a mixed race woman and I know sometimes some products can affect our type of skin differently but... really !?

For your own safety, say no to 'Uma jeunesse'.

17 months after having dermal filler Uma jeuness in my nasolabial folds and cheeks (under eye) area "review"

Hi everybody

I read some bad reviews here; sorry I never took the time to update before or read the messages. Once I was done with my review I just didn't want to think about it/face it anymore.
Now I just want to give a little update.
There's a bad side and a good side in this story.
The bad side is my face stayed swollen for monthes like I was pregnant or something. And I could feel the bumps under my skin.
Now 17 months later I can say that I can still feel something but it's quite light. It's all almost gone. Since this treatment I didn't have dermal filler on my face again; just some botox on my forehead 6 monts ago. I never touched the lower part of my face again and in some way I saved money. Well, I have to see a good side right?
And it's approximately been 8-10 months that I never saw my nasolabial folds again like I used too, with this 'tired' look. You know what I mean?
So now that the bruising and the granulomas are all almost gone by themselves I just look okay, exactly like I wanted to look from the beginning.

I still don't advise anybody to use this filler as I've really been struggling for months and it hasn't been an easy path. The work of this doctor as well was kind of disappointing. But here we go, I'm okay now. And I hope all the ladies here will be. Good luck my darlings.
Andrew Carrs

Andrew Carr from Andrew Carr Aesthetics appeared to me like he is a professional. I've already used his services last year after buying another deal on Groupon (£99 for a dermal filler treatment). This time he used 2ml of Uma jeunesse dermal filler between my nasolabial folds and my under eyes area, but I'm really disappointed with the fact this filler has left me with granulomas and I'm almost sure he knew this filler wasn't a good one.

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