46 and Early Menopause Has Caused Premature Aging. London, GB

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Well after reading others post their experiences...

Well after reading others post their experiences felt only 'fair/right' to do the same as really feel these posts help us all
This whole (pending) procedure is daunting scary and quite frankly the Unknown...
I've taken note of others advice and have cut out caffeine and now following low salicate diet.. Limiting to say the least!
Oh and no alcohol as of yesterday Jan 1st!...
I had my consultation wit hDominic and like there's felt he was very warm and felt comfortable
Had another follow up as did feel overwhelmed and all a fog from first consultation hence returned to reiterate my needs and to listen to his words and advice more lucidly
He was great...
I must add Lucy his Secetary is so lovely and friendly nothing too much trouble re silly questions
I will post before pictures later and continue my journey if you care to follow...

Day one

I'm so very relieved to say I'm the other side. It is done
I'm so very tired and so I won't write much but felt I owed to a few of you special girls ( you know who you are) who have supported me with messages and advice to let you know I'm well
I'd love to be like most reviews where by everyone was instantly excited and positive by their reflection.
I'm very alien like right now and although I know this is swelling and particularly my eyes ( had a skin pinch) was very frightened.
Need to just relax and let the healing process do its work
Cannot eat much not that I have any appetite so difficult as only can suck food
Will keep you posted
Too scared to upload photos sorry
If your really interested send me a private msg.

Day 3

I just wanted to reiterate pretty much what everyone who has had this procedure says..
Every day is so much better than the last
Feel stronger today as before the thought of even posting this was an effort plus for some reason my mind was all over the place?!
Anyway I managed a fairly good nights sleep and only awoke a couple of times to ice

Had a scare last evening as face became so hot and inflamed that almost felt it was pulsating..
I've had no heating on and was continuously iceing
Decided to go for a walk ( as -1 outside!) it truly helped :)

Anyway went for a wonderful walk today so all good

My only tips to pass on are as follows..
You cannot open mouth hardly at all and eating is a struggle .. Not that I really have experienced any hunger as yet
Make soups and get eggs in as found scrambled egg to be best food choice
I've also suffered from raw insides of mouth where my back teeth have clamped on the insides of my cheek as jaw very tight
Have all your meds to hand on side table at night.. And for some reason my mind is not 100% and so I've had to write down each time I've taken meds as can get very confusing
Perhaps set alarms if your anything like me?
I've found this website a god send and it's wonderful ladies who have posted their experiences before me.. Particularly as I chose to do this alone I have felt support from all of you who have messaged me and just shared their journeys
I'd encourage more of you to do this as information is key as we are all in the 'unknown' hence very scary

Day 5

Well I can honestly say I feel 'almost' completely normal apart from a dull ache to one side of my neck..not too dissimilar to back/shoulder strain
It hinders sleep but then so does sitting upright!
It's as if I've been stitched up too tight that my shoulder is attached to my ear!..
Spoke with Dominic and he said all very normal as the swelling goes down it will ease and so far I have found later part of today it has indeed eased
I've been lucky to not have much bruising either .. I used Bromelaine,arnica and serrapeptase ( not sure if that helped?)
Dominic was very pleased with my rapid recovery
Although he did frown on my 1 hour walks each morning since day 3!
But I can honestly say you are not ill ..just look rubbish!
Note to anyone stomping around their local common.. Go early as otherwise you'll scare young children with the Hanibla lector head gear!
Have got very brazen now and last few days have walked around both London ( for eye stitches out) and local areas ( but not my local neighbourhood) so not to bump into anyone I know!
Have had head bra on but one lucky thing about this time of year is a hat and scarf hides an awful lot
Although do still feel a wally as not completely hidden
Anyone who would like photos please private message me as a little worried who may see these posts
As not told any one
Planning on returning to work in next day or two as feel fine
Will hide with long hair and makeup
Fingers crossed

Day 6

Well I returned to work today and although I'm not in anyway advocating others do the same.. I felt OK
Also in face lift terms I'm relatively young (46) and run 8 miles a day ( well I did before op!)
My only worry was not wearing my face bra whilst doing clients and must say I'm tired and neck aches more than normal
I applied makeup to slight yellowing on sides of face and left slight bruising under my eyes exposed and left long hair down hence explained my appearance as a sinus op!..
None batted an eyelid!
One client remarked 'oh really I never noticed?!'
Having stitches out Friday and feel it's only right to be brave and post pictures to help others ( as those before me did)

Week one

Had my stitches out on Friday (week one) and I must say it has alleviated the tremendous 'tightness' I've been suffering from.. Not completely but now my neck ache is likened to a dull toothache
Still very stiff and jaw hurts when eating anything crunchy
Finally have my appetite back too
Dominic was happy with my recovery and put it down to me following his 'rules' absolutely
I.e low salycylate diet ( if I see another Brussels sprout I will self combust!),no caffeine or alcohol ( for the whole of January) hey I love rules to follow! And took bromelaine,serrapeptase,arnica and all else he suggested religiously
Only rule I flouted was resting... And as you are NOT ill it is very hard to be housebound
Have been walking everyday and worked from day 5 .. I did look rather scary
As promised I will post pictures .. Nervous as haven't told anyone bar a client
I want to thank each and everyone of you Amazing women who have supported me before and after with lovely kind messages of support... Truly appreciated x

Too many of the same photos!

Sorry for some reason I've uploaded too many of the same photos!

Day 10

Still swollen and when scrutinising my face this morning I was alarmed to realise my smile is completely wonky and face is contorted
Very worried but just hope this is down to swelling as advised
Neck ache is almost gone and only thing I notice is that now feeling is coming back to neck area I can feel slight throbbing in ears although they themselves are still numb
I also have a hard ridge one side of under my chin
But on a positive feel completely fine in myself and sleep is far better

3 weeks and 4 days sorry about the no make up!

Just a quick update as have had a few requests to see development of healing
I did want to wait until I saw Dominic as my camera is dire!
Just a tip.. Take a photo in same mirror/light so that you can see for yourself the healing

But if it helps others .

Clearer image of scars week 4 today

Apologies to those who wanted clearer picture of scars
Hope these help..

10 weeks check up

This is my final update as truly feel not really anything I can add to help,others.. Went up to London March 25th for my belated monthly check up hence was 10 weeks Dominic was pleased with my healing I should also add a few positives have come to fruition.. No wonky smile and less ridge I still,get a slightly mottled bruising effect after exercise but was reassured this is abs. Normal I still have pink scar lines but this is all par for the course Numbness is 70% gone just feel numb at cheekbone area but still can feel slightly Hooray can now also sleep on my side!.. but curiously months of laying upright with ridiculous amounts of pillows have set a good habit as revert to this to save scrunching my face I will post my updated pictures.. I should just conclude after a rather up and down 'journey' my thoughts are that this was definatly a positive outcome ( although still not one person has noticed!)
London Facial Plastic Surgeon

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