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Having just read a wonderful review from a lady...

Having just read a wonderful review from a lady who had revision work done in Harley Street, it reminded me of my own unhappy experience. This may seem very belated, but at the time of my procedures I had just had a new baby and moved out of London. My nose was too large, slightly bent, my nostrils flared and the tip was bulbous, I had grown increasingly unhappy with it. Mr. Waterhouse was recommended in a women's magazine (this was before the internet). At the initial consultation he seemed very confident. He suggested that my nose must have been broken as a child, but assured me he was the man to fix it. I was sure I had chosen the right doctor. The first procedure seemed fine, I was seen on time and he stopped by after the procedure. A few weeks later I saw him again for the follow up and he explained the swelling would go down. No further follow up appointment was made. I was younger and intimidated, and as the months went by it was clear that my nose was still bumpy, and the swelling was scar tissue. Despite moving away from London and having a baby, I ventured back, as he had said he would do a revision if necessary, but found most clients didn't need one...
He was far less courteous this time, but since it was obviously botched agreed to the revision, and would use some cartilage from my ear.
After settling into the private hospital, I was left waiting for many hours. Eventually he came in to see me, explaining that he was held up because a very complicated case required his attendance. The implication seemed to be I was wasting his time.
Finally I was taken into surgery, but did not see him again.
I had one follow up with his nurse, who removed the bandages and sent me on my way. No follow up was made, and I never saw Waterhouse again after the revision. Of course, I know now that is not what one expects from a Harley Street doc, but I knew no-one who'd had any type of work done, and I was scared by the high cost.
As my nose healed it quickly became obvious once again that this was a shoddy job. My nose pitched to the side, my nostrils were unevenly reduced and unevenly sewn down, and I was unable to breathe clearly.
We were moving to the US, Now two babies and little time for vanity. However, my breathing turned to snorting due to all the scarring, I had odd dips and bumps, and the cartilage had slipped unevenly down the side creating a weird v shaped bump above my nostril. How could that be possible?
Eventually I had to see a ps in the US, who showed me the X-ray of my nose. I had two breaks that had not joined causing the sideways lean, and the cartilage was clearly shown to have slid across. My breathing problems were caused by the bad deviation of my septum, and massive scarring.
The US doc was extremely nervous to operate yet again. He managed to remove the slipped cartilage and some of the scarring and created a straighter look with fillers (which have to be redone at intervals). Honestly, my nose is still too wide and I still suffer from breathing problems. The US ps could not believe the mess left by a respected Harley Street man.
Hopefully Waterhouse has gained some skill in the intervening years, and improved his bedside manner. Hopefully he now makes follow up appointments and listens to his patients... I wonder?
Dr. Norman Woodhouse

Brusque and patronising. No time for an 'ordinary' person seeking improvement. Couldn't be bothered to even turn up for the follow up on the second procedure.

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