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49 Year woman Wanted Do a Full Facelift , London, GB - Dr Dom?n?c Bray

Did some correcting of spelling and text beacause I could not edit the first one I put out. My English is a bit rusty:)

I am 49 years old and I have recently had a facelift at Dr Dominic Bray Clinic in Harley Street. london - my operation was 7 may

23 May 2015 15 days post

I am 49 and I have recently had a facelift procedure with Dominic Bray at his Harley Street Clinic.
I underwent a full facelift, neck lift, Liposuction and Browlift

I found Dr.Dominic' Bray here on realself.com web site - looking at
( amandajanes pictures)

And I started to google the web to find out more about this Amazing Doctor and was immediately deciding - this doctor will be my choise of surgeon for my face.
I could see he's surgery results was amazing, specially neckline and the cheekbones results..and also invisible scars after so short time too
When looking at Dominic's patient reviews and before and after pictures I just new it! That Surgeon is gettig truly amazing results -magic hands- nothing like I ever had seen before trust me ...I have seen a lot pictures and have used years to search deciding where and who - Searching the internet for the best one out there.

I had that good stomac feeling.
I arranged a consultation with Dr Dominic Bray - and fly over to London meet him .....A fantastic doctor, so passionated about his work and glowing when telling about "how and why and what" when explains the process.
He so truly onest, commited and such amazing person that really loves what he does! - that made me feel totally safe and have trust in him .
When my operation time was close to the big day ... The days could't go fast enough ...And now it is 2 weeks post op and I looking sparkling fresh and with a lot thighter amazing face - I've got a fantastic firm jaw line and a aMaZing neckline Wow ...with better result then I even hoped for...
During The four hour operation I could hear some of what was going on in my face but it did not bother me at all but I was very curious and woul like to had a selfi pole or stick with a mirror for nosey peak looking what going on there ....he he......For me the whole experience was pain free - And on top of it I had a three hours lovely foot massage and feelt like a pampered queen.
At some point he had to pull and drag hard - so litlebit disscomfort at that part but fast over... no pain no gain :)

I know all have different pain thresholds but the discomfort was just not be able to sleep on the side or at the stomac :D

I stayed at Marylebone hotel 5 days resting in bed - and certainly belling the roomcervice all the time keeping them buissy with bring fruits, omelettes And buckets of ice, snoop,snack and extra pillows because restless and litlebit booring. I feelt to good lay in bed but important rest a lot the first days because of swelling.

I took Paracetamol every four hours as told and only experienced mild discomfort with the sleep issue ....my face became quite swollen on left side and I had bruising at left side to but that was to be expected. Thought it would look much more worse, I was very surprised over so litle bruicing with my EDS ( Ehler Danlos Syndrome) symptomes are hypermobile joints and over Stretchy skin, It also sometimes can causes heavily bleedings too. Some doctors would hesitate take the job with my surgery, one surgeon in my country that I was consultating wanted just do a lower face lift and refused to to the hairline / bowlift.

Each morning I wake up - my neck felt litle bit stiff , sleeping through the night in a half sitting position ...And moving my head from side to side felt difficult but this eased off after a morning shower and When been up walking litle bit and put on some Obag hydration cream it helped .
I also used the Avene thermal soothing spray a lot....and the gel on the scars. That took away some of the very thight skin feeling.
The Tv was to metre away from the bed and so much fun programs on the Tv in england... I was laughing a lot :)))
Then I stayed at a friends house rest of the time I was in London - awaiting my stitches to be removed
( the 7 day I was sitting on the pub the Sands End drinking coffe and chatting with friends and nobody noticed anything strange my face) Amazing!!!
I was really looking good and my skin was glowing thanks to the Obagi products I started with one moth before operation.
Dr Dominic Bray achieving so great natural looking results that its nearly unbelivable..when I looked my face shortly after the surgery.
I easily pas as 34 :)) he he thats fun

I am more than happy with the results , it has been a positif experience all through.

- To pick the right surgeon can be a bit like Lotto And I Won the lotto:)

After 13 days I am looking better than ever!
Just some small bruces behind my ears on the left side and a small one on the side of the left cheek

I am soooooooo happy

Some pictures

I will put out some pictures here from today:)

Do you see the difference?

I just wanted post two pictures to show my jawline before and after
I love the difference it make:)))

Dr Dominic Bray A Superp Surgeon, A fantastic and friendly personality and totally comitted and passıonated to his work, highly skilled - A real Magıc man wıth faces - Top Prof.. Surgeon - Absolutely One of the best facelift Surgeons in the world! His results is truly Amazing and he truly caring about his patients too✨

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