Tummy Tuck and lipo to mons pubis area. 27 years old

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As many of you guys I've been on this site for a...

As many of you guys I've been on this site for a few months now reading others stories for inspiration and support.

I have that awful overhang on my stomach which I want to get rid of ( it doesn't go with the gym) I am eating well and going to the gym around 4 times a week at the moment. (I want to lose another 4kg by March 28th)

I had my consultation with my surgeon today and I am soooo happy he has signed me off for my surgery. I will be having the procedure with Harley medical group. I will be having vaaer liposuction to upper abdomen and tummy tuck with liposuction to the pubis mound. (I didn't want the pubis mound to stick out after I had the tummy tuck) I can't wait to see the results. It will be £8020 altogether.

Literally so happy I cannot explain!!!

I had my pre op today and I will be going to the nurse again next month to check my weight /bmi level as it is a little high but my surgeon was happy to do the procedure anyway has I have good medical history. So happy about this as it was stressing me out a lot!

Can't wait to see myself on the flat side. I will post some pictures later of my before body.

Countdown has stated!!!!'

Pics - can't wait to see the afters coz this depressed me!

Paid for my surgery in full yesterday. Woo hoo.

My before pics. I have been pms'n all week and I can c it in my body. I never take pics of my body so to take them and post them it's such a harsh reality. I can't wait to see my afters. Also been working the last 7 days, I slept most of yesterday so will be going to gym later on.





My pics finally updated!

Can't wait for the afters!!

I have to go back to get weighed on 25th Feb so trying to eat good this week and stay on track or improve!

I have had colonic 3 times last month - once a week! Which has helped me stop bloating as much. Also going to have the same before my surgery in March. It gets the crap out of ur system and u do lose a pound or two! Bonus.

Excited and nervous for my surgery. I just hope I get a good result.

Wishing my surgery date was closer!

Woke up today wishing my surgery date was closer. I had purchased some new pjs for after surgery so I tried them on this morning and got excited! Can't wait to see myself after! Even with swelling!!

Been watching uTube videos of tummy tucks and before and afters a lot today. Also looking at list of things I need before and after! To help me preare. So excited wish my surgery was this week but I have to wait until 28th March.

Post op

Had to be weighed yesterday as my bmi was a little high the first time.

Appointment was fine and just a check in to make sure I'm on the right track! I was so anxious about going in case they said to push back my surgery date but nope! All fine yay.

I've still got to lose 2-4kg to be at the ideal weight. But I have Been juicing for the past week which really helped- pineapple, strawberry, carrots, spinach, grapes, ginger, seeds and banana all mixed up differently on different days so u don't feel like ur having the same thing all the time. Also had lentils and rice on the last day!

I've been drinking 2 litres of water daily- I usually struggle drinking water but force myself to drink 1 litre when I wake up now and it really sets me up for the day!

Been working out some days! It's all helping. Have to be weighed on 7th March last time and have my mrsa swaps completed and I'm set for surgery.

Found out my little brother is coming back from uni on 19th March and staying till after my surgery, he leaves April 3rd so he will be here to help me during the days in my first week. So happy!

I was so stressed for my pre op yday I booked in for a massage the day before! Also sat in a steam box for 15 mins and I was soooo much better in myself afterwards. Pretty happy that everything I've been doing has lost me a few inches aswel around my body as weight on the scales!

It feels more real as the days are getting closer!! 5weeks x


I'm a week away from my surgery date!! Excited, nervous, scared, happy. I don't know how to feel. I just hope I get a good result.. Just been looking at others before and after pics and I keep trying to find people with a similar body to me..I make myself more stressed out thinking about what my afters will look like. Anyone else feel or felt this way??

I'm all set, pre op completed, mrsa swaps done, should be getting a call with the all clear from Harley medical at some point this week.
Spoke to my doctor who will give me a sick note for 2-4 weeks. My surgeon/Harley have given me a note to give to my gp to prove my surgery but so when I give it to my work it just states abdominal surgery as I'm not telling them!

Going to juice this week n continue drinking my water. I've lost some more weight since those before pics. Will post some more.

Packing for hospital!

Leaving for London tomorrow the day before my surgery staying in a hotel so I can go to the hospital on time as admission time is 9.30!

What to pack??? Any advice?
I read wipes are good and pillows for car journey home. Blanket, pjs, baggy clothes. Not sure what else to take yet.

Feeling excited and a little nervous. My mom is coming with me for support.

Can't wait to be on the infamous flat side!

Surgery day

Can't believe I'm here! I'm in my hospital gown and sitting in my lovely private hospital bed! Love the privacy of private but still feeling a little nervous! I'm waiting to see the surgeon and he will tell me my surgery time today. My mom is here with me. Hoping I will look better when I come out of surgery!! Fingers crossed everything is good and looks great. I'm ready to be as flat as I possibly can. For the first time ever. I'm staying in hospital for tonight and leaving to drive home in the morning (2 and half hours) moms driving. Then resting time!

I will update when I get out of surgery later... Xxx

Surgery done!

I made it guys. Been out of surgery for a few hours. In and out of sleep because of the anaesthesia. I was so tired though so loving the napping feeling.

Got a little look at my vagina as I had lipo on the top of it and I can feel it's been lifted and feels flatter. Pain in general is low. Still half asleep so hope the pain says like this. My nurse said when I get up later for the toilet I may feel more pain so we will see. I feel super swollen though so hope it goes down ok in time.
Can't wait to seen it!!!!


Just got home from hospitwl. Saw surgeon last night as this morning he saw it went really well and he got a nice clean line and well as made the pubic area nice n flat and took out loads of fat from upper tummy with lipo which gave a great result. Upper tummy is very swollen n so is my vagina but not having any trouble going to the toilet no pain.

I got up 3 times last night to go to the toilet! With help from the nurse to sit up which hurt and was scary, 3rd time it was a different nurse n she was so rough with me it hurt so much. Deffo taking my time getting up n walking slowly. Hoping this will get better ASAP I hate not being able to do things myself, had a cheeky look in the mirror last night n this morning n I love it! Very swollen so have to look past that. I have no drains in surgeon did say I will AV a lot of swelling n fluid build up and to attend Harley to get rid of it. Post op appointment is on Monday.

Question about going to the toilet!

Ok I have a question- very ladylike.. Going number 2 after tt.
I'm scared :-( I haven't been yet n I think I will be either later or tomorrow. Any advice? Or am I overthinking it and it's fine. I'm day 2po.

Also on a nicer note I just had the biggest craving for ice cream- cookie dough. I hope my mom goes to get it! Lol what r u guys eating? I just had a toast and egg for breakfast.

Day 3..

Feeling ok today! Wishing the days go fasterrrr though. Managed to walk downstairs myself and make myself some toast. Slowly getting my appetite back. Had a change of scenery from my bed also and sat downstairs on the sofa. Being able to sit up better now hoping my scar is healing nicely under this binder. Still haven't been to the toilet, I've can feel fluid in my tummy which will get drained on day 7 appointment with the nurse.

Tried on some of my new t-shirts which felt so much better even though my upper half is still a lot swollen.

Day 5/6 post op

Just got into bed after a long busy day on the sofa! Trying to tire myself out so I have a good sleep. I feel like that's all I did for the first 4 days. I'm taking less pain medication. I'm feeling much better today. I moved a lot more, first time I've been dressed all day. And felt so good in my clothes. I had been wearing a tank top n pants only days 1-4. Today I put on leggings n a new top I had bought b4 surgery but it got very snug due to the material. I bought it hoping it would be looser n may look ok after! I am very swollen at the top of my belly n even so the top looked soooo good I have been smiling all day.

I had taken my stool softener day 4 morning and I went in the afternoon thank god felt so much better and it was fine! Bowels r moving without anything else at the moment.

My scar line seems to be Abit twingy today don't know if it's how I was sitting n the garment placement, the fact I'm having less meds or if my scars healing n my body is repairing itself but I'm trying to be careful with it n make sure I'm laying properly n the garment is over it properly.

My upper stomach is swollen I had a cheeky peak by pulling it forward n it seems to be swollen around my new belly button so hoping that settles sooner than later. My vajayjay is also very swollen but doesn't hurt. Ps did say this would be the last to go down for swelling too. Can't wait to go underwear/panty shopping when I'm better! I've always hated the way my underwear looked b4 because of the overhang but no more Woop.

I stood on the scale today too with my massive cardigan on, b4 I would take everything off. Every little helps, I was around 72kg even with clothes, garment, I had eaten, and swelling. So not sure how much was taken out! But I was less than surgery weight, very happy with this.

I have my appointment on for one week post op Monday 11.45am with the nurse so hopefully they may be able to tell me how much was removed. N i will get to c my body properly for the first time and have change of pads etc. Can't wait!

Hope everyone is healing well! :-)


Forgot to attach some pics of today

Day 7 post op! Nurse visit

Been having trouble sleeping last few nights takes me so long to fall asleep n il sleep for a few hours at a time. Feel as though my scar is sore and not letting my body relax to sleep. Can't wait to be able to sleep on my front again I think I'm missing it also!

Had my appointment with the nurse today, she checked me n took photos n changed my dressings. Feel so much better!! She said I will go bk again next Monday (which is also my bday!) to get my staples out from my scar, scar seems to be so clean and nice! They didn't have a mirror in the room so I couldn't inspect my body properly but I looked smaller in the pictures than I was feeling so I was so happy! I'm very bloated around my upper stomach and pubis. Was told to continue to rest to let swelling go down in time. Also still can't take a proper shower until next weeks appointment is done.

Also booked in to see the surgeon 6th June for my 3 month follow up.

I feel a nap coming on! I will post pics as soon as I can!


Just got into bed n ive been tryna to see at what point in the day I get more swollen. I think I'm more swollen at night at the moment. My stomach is swollen but seems to be settling slowly.

Pubis liposuction however is no joke. I couldn't find much about it on here from other people but anyone who needs to know- this is swell hell for me. It's so big and hard and so so swollen. It's the weirdest thing ever. I was told this would take the longest to go down but I hope it starts pretty soon! I'm able to move around a lot better I stand straight I can get up more or less normal however the swollen vagina hurts if I bend forward coz it's so hard and in the way! I always stopped my contraception as I ran out n can't get more until I can drive myself n I started my period a few days after my surgery which sucked Abit too.

I've been feeling really emotional the last few days, swelling I think can make u wonder if all of this was worth it because u can't see or feel the end result of the surgery right away, I keep telling myself it will go down and I will love it! But it's hard.

Looking at other ppls pictures everyone else seems to be so much flatter n the swelling doesn't seem as bad. Maybe it's just in my mind! I don't know.

Been trying to do a lot of resting, Hoping to get this damned swelling down.

That's my vent completed, gnight!!

Two weeks post op

Quick update-

Had my staples out yday from my scar- 85 staples and 2 stitches taken out. Didn't hurt but was a tiny bit of a weird feeling.

I've been given all clear to shower. I may need to AV antibiotics course for my belly button as nurse said it was a little more red than she'd like. Pics taken to be sent to surgeon so waiting to find out what he instructs to do. I have to been bandage on belly button to shower at the moment, (going to shower Abit later on) I AV bandages on my scars at the moment which need to be changed each time I shower.

I'm still swollen on my stomach n wearing my garment. Just wish I was flat already instead of this swelling but it's only two weeks! Patience I know. My vagina is still as big as its own island. Cannot wait for this swelling to go down its hard and big, but doesn't really hurt much anymore.

I was told not to put any bio oil on scar yet and to first let it heal. Then use it after! Which is fine with me.

I did put on my softer jeans yesterday n I had no bump.. Amazing feeling even with my swelling. (My vagina was sticking out a little though awkward). It was my bday yday (28yrs old now) best bday present I have ever given myself.

Pics are from day 13. I will take some more after my shower.

Disclaimer lol- I have a decent size ass.. Yes I need to go back to the gym to get this back in shape and I will be making my back smaller.. I didn't get lipo to flanks or back but can in sept with my surgeon if I want to. My aim is to get back into the gym as I got super in shape before but my stomach overhang would never go and I stopped going to gym out of depression! My problem area for me was my stomach. I can finally be hourglass as I was meant to be. Cannot wait to get back into the gym now.

First pics of scar

Shower done! Feel amazing right now. I've put on like suck me in pants on n then the garment on top as I felt the pubis area wasn't really being supported much and it's so swollen. Maybe this will help, but not looking forward to trips to the toilet! Long!

I've got an appointment with nurse tomorrow now to look at belly button.

Also debating to meet up with a friend tomorrow, will have to travel on train or taxi as I haven't got a lift but don't know if il be ok! Not sure yet!

Pics added from today.


Feeling better day by day. Feel as though swelling in my stomach and pubis is going down... Slowly but going down!

Starting to wear a supportive garment like a suck me in over my normal garment to hopefully help with swelling.

Taking antibiotics for my belly button- seems to be improving already. My scar is fine, hope it stays this way! I'm moving around fine, except the garment is tight. I sneezed a few times today, held my stomach for support it was fine, last week I needed to sneeze but my body wouldn't let me! So taking it as my body is healing!

Going to try driving after the weekend and see how I go!

Hope everyone is healing well!

3 weeks today!

Drove for the first time in 3 weeks, had to drive round the block a few times first, it felt like a driving lesson! Going to be driving nice and steady as I used to like life in the fast lane lol. Driving to my appointment with the nurse tomorrow to check my belly button. And may be having more medication to clear up the area.

I felt quite swollen today, weighed myself- bad idea I was around 73kg which is more than when I first had my surgery, I had eaten so not sure if that's why, I have had a very hungry belly the last week though! Want this to stop!! Lol.

Going back to work in one week (next Monday) hoping moving around and routine will help my rut!

Scar is looking ok, see how we go!

Bad day!

I hate swelling. That is all. :-( wish it would just go downnnnnn so I look nice and slimmmm boo!!!!

Sometimes my stomach looks nice and smaller, looks better on the side or front but at an angle u can see all the swelling in my stomach and pubis area. My torso is so small so there's not much space for all this swelling to spread out which maybe makes it look worse I don't know.

Also gone off juices/fruit. N I don't know why; going to go back to drinking 2 litres of water a day as of tomorrow.

Moving fine though, driving fine, just need the swelling to go and I'll feel loads better!

4 weeks!

4 weeks post op today!
Went back to work today, it was fine spent most of my time in the office but got very tired towards end of the day but only because my sleeping pattern is bad! I was sleeping around 5am til midday instead of night time as I felt more uncomfortable in the night the first few weeks. Sleep pattern should be fine tomorrow coz I'm quite tired now! Walking around fine, driving fine, just making sure I'm not straining my core by lifting or pushing.

Went to see the nurse after work, she checked my scar is healing well and my belly button, I have been putting inadine patches on the scar where is was not healing as well and on my belly button and patches on top, both are doing much better! Nurse said my belly button is quite swollen but will heal itself. I no longer need to put patches on the side of my scars as it's healed well! Still have to cover belly button and the middle of the scar. Will see the nurse again on Sunday to check in. I have to say the post op care for Harley medical has been great! I've been seen regularly and looked after well, the nurse has booked me in to see the surgeon next Wednesday as she agreed my pubis was very swollen still and wants the surgeon to check if it's ok or if they can do anything, she did say parts of my stomach is still very swollen and it will take time but checking in with the surgeon will be good just to make sure I'm on track. I will see the surgeon June 6th also.

I did have sex yesterday but was careful, I did keep my garment n Tshirt on for support but it was fine, it felt Abit weird because I'm still quite numb at the top of my pubis so i can't feel as I normally would, it was ok though, simple and took it slow. It was more nicer when straddling and cuddling and that overhang was not there. Heaven! Confidence level 10000 even with the swelling and massive pubis hump I have lol. I would usually put my hand between us as I didn't like that part touching but there was nothing there now! I was crying with happiness inside :-)

Met with surgeon today.

Haven't updated for a while because I've been back at work and so busy! I've noticed I've been very tired after work and have been still listening to my body n let it rest when I need to.

Swelling! It is getting better, not flat yet but it's slowly getting less swollen in my upper tummy and pubis area, where I had the lipo.

Scar is fine, now stopped using Inodine patches on the scar and just cover the middle and the belly button. Belly button is settling it was looking awful at the start! But nearly bk to how it should be. Going to c the nurse Saturday to c if I can stop using the patches and let my body free!

Met with the surgeon today and he said im doing fine. He recommended a lymphomic massage which helps with swelling and hardened areas as my pubis is big and slowly breaking down the hardness but to promote my body to heal! He recommended one massage a week but I'm looking into this now! He also advised a new garment with shorts for support on my pubis which has now been ordered by the surgery, I will post pics once it arrives. He said my swelling will settle eventually, and said I can start working out next month but can start doing a little bit now slowly.

I felt less swollen yday and felt amazing! Love the good days. I've been out a few times with friends and family and I love my body even now in my clothes! So can't wait till the swelling goes down and I'm bk working out.

Started sleeping on my front for a short time at night last week, feels amazing! Also went shopping n got a couple of bits! Not much coz I'm still swollen but it was great trying stuff on n there's no overhang! I HATED seeing that lump in my clothes.

Bring on the next few months!


So I've been getting on ok! Swelling slowly going down.
Booked in for a lymphatic massage on Tuesday do will update about that! Looking forward to it, £55 though! Expensive but gladly spent if it's going to help reduce swelling and make sure I'm not bumpy, especially around Pubis area!

Clothes are looking much better. Couple ppl at work have said I've lost weight, I found myself looking for a top that didn't make me look so small this morning! Because I don't want to answer questions about my weight lol. Weird I know!

I'm wearing this new garment now
N it's amazing! And free!!! From the office I'm awaiting another one in the post also. They r so comfortable, secure and love they r black! Bandages are all off n I'm cleaning my belly button with this liquid given by nurse. C

Saw this new gym locally so going to sign up tomorrow. Start working out slowly, also off to Madrid on Thursday! Looking forward to letting loose! I deserve it! And I'm so much more confident with my clothes fitting so much better. I need to lose more weight on my face and my upper back area though! Not there yet but I will be.

Hope u girls r healing well!


Brought some new clothes! Amazing. Went to my friends wedding recently and felt great. Often feel fabulous on my thin days. Then sometimes I feel super bloated or swollen and never know if this is my body or is it still taking time to go down! Esp since I don't have a period I don't know when my symptoms show also! Feeling fat today :-( my swelling in mostly at top of my stomach where I had the lipo and I know that can take time to go down. I find when I'm really busy I get swollen more quickly.

Need to get back eating healthy. I can't believe I paid all this money and I'm still eating pizza! I'm going to the gym again now regularly circuit work and steam room. Need to go harder though some exercises I feel pulls and the tightness come but fine on machines. Did a 5k walk as well last weekend.

Anyone else get this feeling?

Bad days

Didn't want to upload pics coz I feel so blahhhh. But will upload again when the swelling seems to go down. (Just eaten as well and need nap.)

I have stopped wearing my garment as well which I think I am going to start wearing again at least at night. It's just like Spanx shorts. My boobs have seemed to have got so much better recently too. I've got measured and they had grown 2/3 sizes.

Scar doesn't bother me n I'm not using anything on it at the moment but it's just the swelling. And the roundness, the stomach is often hard too when u press it.

The pubis area has gone down more but still abit hard in the middle. deff more sensitive since the op but no problems. I think coz the swelling has gone down more there when my stomach swells it looks bigger too. ANNOYING.

Going to Jamaica in 6 weeks thought I would be slimmer by now! There's still time.


Some pics of this morning felt so good for while I stopped taking my contraceptive pill for a week and felt amazing then had to take it again and had double hormones in and couldn't stop that hungry sad feeling! I think it's settling again now coz feeling more like myself. I'm still swelling at top of my stomach where I had lipo it's taking forever to go down. Working out most days and eating better (work in progress) I know it takes time.
Off to Jamaica next Friday for two weeks I literally cannot wait. Not feeling totally body confident but I think my moods play a massive part in that.
Feeling good this morning.
Haven't used anything on my scar yet.
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