39 Years Old, 4 Children. Always Had Small Boobs but Now Smaller and Saggy. Manchester, GB

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I have been dreaming of this for years but could...

I have been dreaming of this for years but could never afford it and thought it would always stay a dream. I have saved long and hard the past 3 years to achieve my dream. I cant stand looking at myself naked anymore and letting my husband look at me makes me feel sick. If i dont like what i can see how on earth can he. He has been so supportive and been to all my appointments so far. Tomorrow i have my pre op and i am booked in for surgery on thursday. Feel really sick now. All i can think is am i doing the right thing. Are they really that bad. I know its just nerves and the reality of my dream taking place. Not long to go now. Currently size 36 A/B going for 36D

only 4 days to go

Had my pre op yesterday and all went well. Im really panicky at the moment but i also cant wait to actually fill a bra. I got my sports bras today so will put some before pics on whilst wearing them. Thursday is my op day. I find out tomorrow or tuesday what time i have to be there. Im panicking as well about afterwards ... my husband will be off work for 3 days and then im on my own with my 4 children to run around after

2 days to go

Tried on my sports bra and feel and look awful. Pathetic. I always wear huge thick padded bras to give me a cleavage. I certainly wont be sorry to see the back of them. Cant wait yo be able to wear some nice underwear and feel nice .... like a woman should. Still not heard about my appointment time so im getting a bit worried now .... will phone them later on.


Had major panic today as still didnt know a time for thurs... rang the hospital who said they hadnt been informed. Rang my clinic who said i should know by now. Eventually i was told my admission time is 11am. Panic over.... well kind of. At least i know for certain its going ahead. I was more concerned the fact i needed to sort out school runs for the morning etc but i can do them so thats ok

not long now

Trying to get to sleep and its just not happening. Been looking on this site at different peoples stories and its hard to believe this is going to be me soon. Still not sunk in yet properly. Anyone who has had this done and has kids... will i be able to lift my baby whos just turned 1??

tomorrows the big day

Very emotional today... got upset at the silliest things. Also very nervous. Set my alarm for 4 am so i can have a coffee and get organised. Babysitter sorted for all 4 kids so once ive done the school runs i will be setting off. Still doesnt seem real somehow but ive had butterflies in my stomach the last 2 days. Really dont think i will get much sleep. Hubby asked me today if i plan on being in bed friday... err yes why? Hes arranged for carpet fitters to come and give quotes for the bedrooms. Bloody men. I will not be getting up!!!

last min pics

Not long now... goodbye little boobies

2 hours post op

Pics not great as cant move my arms a great deal .. will get some better ones tomorrow. Major panic attack before op. Im not going to lie when i came round from the anaesthetic the pain was horrendous and felt like i was stinging. Surgeon said that would go in 2 hours which it has. Just put my bra on which hurt like hell. Not eaten for hours so had sandwich and a brew and can hopefully go home soon. Yeahhhhhh

better pics 1 hour post op

Pics taken by my hubby...... pain subsiding now and im sooo happy

day 2 post op

Quite a lot of pain today and bruising has started. Not great pics but going to take my bra off later and have a look so will put some more pics on. Still struggling to use my arms. Worst part is not being able to cuddle my baby... all he does is cry for me and my 4 year old wants to use me as a bouncy castle arrgghhh


I feel happy that i now have boobs but i am worried... i know they will be swollen for a time but will they shrink a lot? Im happy with the size now and dont want to lose them. Can anyone tell me from their experiences? Will they change much over the next few weeks?


Crying in pain last night. Took my bra off as straps and underband were crippling me. Very swollen around my sides. My hubby had to go get me some bigger sports bras... 40d yikes... look like hammocks ha ha. Anyway its a lot comfier and not digging in. Dont feel too bad today but still cant move my arms much. Chest still very sore when i move

2 day post op

Been getting confused with my days due to meds. I am now 2 days post op. Really swollen around my sides .. did anyone else experience this? Can move my arms a little bit today. Just feel sick and tired. Had to buy new sports bras last night due to swelling .. i wascrying in pain as my bra was digging in so much. Stomach really bloated as well now
dr reza - harley medical group manchester

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