Rhinoplasty experience

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So my surgery is in exactly ten days. I am more...

So my surgery is in exactly ten days. I am more nervous than ever! It is constantly on my mind and just want it over and done with. Especially scared for the Anesthetic- as i have never been put to sleep before or had any operations. (Will upload some before pictures nearer the time of the surgery.)

I am having the procedure done at The Harley Medical Group in London with Dr Naveen Cavale. I was a little concered at first as i could not find any reviews for rhinoplasty- although every single review for his other cosmetic procedures were five star which calmed me abit. I explained to him that i only wanted him to remove the bump on my nose and not to touch anything else. I was also told that he will have to break it!... This worries me alot ! my poor nose!!! :(
As far as support goes its been good. Of course like most getting this procedure i have gotten the 'your nose is fine!' talk but ive wanted this for a long while and they do not understand how this affects my self confidence. My boyfriend was a little annoyed at first but has no choice other than to be supportive now as its happening very soon! My parents have always had to listen to my complaining about my nose so they're probably relieved that im doing something about it! It's strange it feels like it isnt going to happen as i havent spoke to people much about it despite it being on my mind 24/7! I'm an excited, terrified and, emotional wreck at the moment ! Lets hope my anxiety improves over the next week.... !

Before photos

So here is my nose. An obvious bump that really bothers me. (Excuse the pictures- Just got out the shower!) haha.

Unfortunately i inherited my dads nose!

Like I said- I have only requested to get the hump removed- nothing else!!!

By the way- I am 19 years old (20 in a month) and have wanted this done since I was about 14 !

3 Days to go....

It's strange because the closer my surgery gets the less nervous I am and the more excited I get! I've wanted this for so long. I'm just a little concerned about the anesthetic and the nausea, i hate being sick and a few people have claimed that they have thrown up after their surgery. If you was/wasnt sick after your surgery could you let me know!

My next update i will be in my hospital bed probably very disorientated and uncomfortable!

Surgery time

So The Harley Medical Group called yesterday and told me that my admission time is 9.30am. I am so glad that it is early as this means less waiting around! Like i said i really want to go in there and get it over and done with before the nerves get the better of me! I'll be going with my mum, dad and possibly my boyfriend- the more people who come with me the more nervous i become for some reason! Also the earlier my op the sooner i can eat something ! I'm coming to terms with it all now i think- last week i was so anxious i was having panic attacks at work, trouble sleeping etc. but i think since its so close reality has hit- ive wanted this for as long as i can remember and i know if i did chicken out id regret it forever !
Kind of worrying about the results now too. Its hard because although i know that my nose will not be perfect, im afraid when i see the results i will be disappointed! im writing some notes down today of things to tell/ask my surgeon before the OP.
Also my recovery time... I am going to be so bored! but at least i get to relax. My surgery is this saturday- 27/06/15 and my mum is taking the monday and tuesday off work to take care of me- hopefully it wont come to this as ive heard the whole process isnt as painful/hard as people would think. I'm just planning on watching back to back series on netflix all day everyday!
I was also supposed to get my passport photo done a few days ago and i thought that id wait until my operation- not that there wil be a drastic change but it makes sense i think.

Thank you for your support- this website has really helped me so far !

Before Pictures


before picture

It all fell through ...

So two days before my surgery the administrator called to tell me my surgeon was not confident to operate on me as I had previously taken anti depressants. I was devastated as I'd prepared myself mentally for the journey. A year down the line I am planning my rhinoplasty again this time locally and with another company. I have my consultation wed 15th June and looking forward to what he has to say. Keep u posted

I need help on which nose to go for

so ive had my consultation and recieved two options. I am torn between the two and would like some help on which one to go for.

The first is the open approach, where by the surgeon will break and straighten the bridge and remove cartlidge from the tip to make it turn up and look more natural.

The second the surgeon will do a closed rhinoplasty and will purely remove the hump. he will not touch the tip. this will be a faster recovery and for me a safer option- however i feel it does not look as good as the first more complex option.

I just want a fast recovery and i dont want to over do the work on my nose !

have a look at the pictures !

thanks :)

Tip work

Hi all,

i was just wondering... will tip work for a drooping tip make your nostrils move visible from the front? worrying !

My surgery is tomorrow morning...

I'm excited but terrified !

Any last minute tips with regards to rhinoplasty recovery ?


Day 1 - very slight bleeding and bruising

So I am dripping slightly from my nose but nothing too bad, funnily enough only one of my eyes is slightly bruised but it's all still very very early days ! - I had my surgery at half ten in the morning and came around at around one oclock. Would like to let everybody who is planning on getting this procedure know that anything worth having is not going to be easy but it's all completely worth it in the end. Thanks for your support and I will keep you updated :) X

Day five

I can breathe out of my nose just fine and I've had zero pain. I get my cast off on Saturday and am so so worried ! Fingers crossed all goes okay.

Two weeks post op

Two weeks post op

2 weeks

Dr Alwyn D'Souza

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