31 Year Old 3 Kids Having a BA 300cc High Profile Mentor - London, GB

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After bf 3 children and especially my third I lost...

After bf 3 children and especially my third I lost what little breast tissue I had to start with. I ended up with empty top boobs and found finding bras to fit really difficult, they would gape at the top. I've always been unhappy with my boobs but this was the tipping point I needed to do something about it. In less than 2 weeks I will be having them done and I'm so anxious about the whole procedure and recovery!

Less than a week!

This time next week I will have boobs. I've got my check in time, 7:30am (it's going to be an early start!) I've sorted a friend to pick me up later. I'm going on my own which I'm pretty nervous about. I've got two Triumph sports bras for after surgery and not sure what else to get, any tips? Has anyone else gone on their own?

3 sleeps and anxiety dreams

I'm getting really anxious. The last two nights I've just had anxiety dream after anxiety dream. I get them whenever I'm worrying about something so I'm not surprised. I keep hugging the kids and wanting to cry. I'm terrified of something going wrong and I'm feeling really selfish. Then on the other hand I'm so excited to finally be doing this. Something I've wanted to do for half my life. I'm trying to get work done and the house tidy, washing up to date so that I don't have things to do when I'm recovering for the first few days. I'm worried about my toddler she's 1 1/2 and extremely cuddly, how am I going to pick her up and cuddle her?

The night before

It's the night before my op! I'm nervous and excited and it still doesn't feel real. I've got to be there for 7:30am so I'm leaving my house just after 5am no fast trains at that time in the morning. I'm worried I'm going to sleep through my alarm or that the taxi won't turn up. Think I will feel a lot better once I am there tomorrow. I've said goodbye to my little boobies. Also took some before pics x

Ouch 1 day post op

Ouch! Well yesterday was a blur, I could not keep my eyes open and keep sleeping waking to be sick. Got home really late like 1am because they kept trying different sickness meds. I'm really sore today. Taking all my pain meds but really can't do much at all. Can't wait till I start feeling a bit better. I woke up from the anaesthetic and said I'm alive and burst into tears! Haha! X

Bruising and headache.

So I'm 2 days post op. I'm still feeling pretty rubbish, I have a constant headache and am nauseous still. I was sick again last night. I'm also very sore. I had a look earlier and was shocked at the amount of bruising. Hoping I start to feel better soon :(

Turned a corner

Wow I feel human today. Yesterday I was doubting having this done at all and today I love them already! I can walk, talk, even had a shower. The sickness has completely gone now which has massively helped. I'm still very bruised but they aren't getting worse. I've kept taking my arnica so hoping that helps. I've sat and cuddled my toddler today to the side of me and run the bath for my older kids. For those feeling like it won't get better, it does!

1 week boobieversary

I meant to do this last week here are some 1 week pics. I'm back at work, driving and just taking pain meds paracetamol and ibuprofen a few times a day. Still bruised but a lot better and the swelling inner week them is slowly going down. I'm still really bloated, totally lost my waist!

2 weeks post op

So I'm 2 weeks post opp, totally off pain killers now and just stiff in the mornings and if I'm on my feet all day. The swelling in between is still there but less than it was. I had another check and steri strips are now off. My stitches are dissolvable but my scars still look sore, they are bumpy too, my left one has a dip in it.
I bought some new sports bras as the others were Uncomfy and I fill a 32d so pleased! They look much better when you see them full length so I will try and get a pic of that!
I found out that I only see my surgeon at 6 weeks if I'm unhappy with something, seems weird as I see all you guys seeing yours. Anyone else not seeing theirs?

Sore ribs

I've been sore underneath for a few days and I thought it was my insicions but after a gentle feel around its my ribs, directly under both boobs. I feel like I've been punched hard! Anything to worry about?
Took some full length pics, when I've got clothes and my sports bra on I feel like I could have gone bigger but naked they look the perfect size. Need to remember I would never have gone out in just a sports bra before!
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