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Now at 6 weeks post op and should have "fully...

Now at 6 weeks post op and should have "fully recovered" and my left ear is over pinned in the middle and sticks out at the top and bottom and the right ear sticks out at the top. Very poor result and the procedure cost me £3,000 with Harley Medical Group. There is very little difference to my ears.

Revision Otoplasty - Bilateral

I have now had revision surgery.

The right is looks "normal".

However I have taken photos of my left ear as the cartilage fold (anti helix) is very sharpe and has created a fold in my ear. You now cannot see the rim (helix) of my ear from a frontal view. The scaphoid fossa at the top of my ear is very prominent.

Question... Will my ear relax and have a more normal shape eventually?

I am 12 days post op - otoplasty revision.

Advice welcome :)
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Poor procedure

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