Breast implant removal

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I had a breast augmentation in 2009 at the age of...

I had a breast augmentation in 2009 at the age of 20, I had 330 cc under the muscle! Naturally Im a 36A now Im a 36D, Iv never been entirely happy with them and feel they make me look fatter then, more importantly they are PIPs and I need them removed anyway, but Im so scared of looking deformed! But I really dont want another implant as Im so over having big boobs!! Has anybody got any advice for me??

UK girls!???

Also Iv been trying to find out the price of straight forward removal and noone is able to tell me?? How much did you pay?

hate them so much :(

Im so pleased I found this site. I cant stop thinking about having them removed, I just want to feel natural and normal again. My worry is that im single and Il never find a man with deflated weird boobs :( Thought Id share a pic of these horrible things!! So im lucky enough to know someone that works as a cosmetic surgery nurse and Im going to her clinic next wednesday to see the nurse about having them taken out! So at least the balls started rolling now :)


Alot of you talk about capsule removal? Does everyone need this? What does it mean?

Progress :)

So today I booked a consultation with Dr Richards at harley street! Hes had alot of good reviews and hes on youtube too! Comes across really well and seems very experienced and trustworthy! Its not until 14th feb but hopefully time will go quick!

Iv told a few of my friend about having them removed and there are like "what why???" And its kinda putting me off my decision. They think I should get a new implant but they dont understand I dont think. I kinda regreg telling them, hopefully they will forget and maybe Il do it in secret. How did your girl friends react?

consultation done and all booked up!

So today I had a consultation at harley street, and paid a £200 deposit to secure my surgery. Luckily my PS said it would just be a straight forward removal and that I had some breast tissue and that my boobs would just ping back as I havr good skin. I had no breast tissue before but I have gained about 2 and a bit stone so maybe they have grown. Unfortunatey I have to wait until May 12th, and its an overnight stay which I didnt really want as I know aloy of you ladies got to go home the same day. Also iv been quoted alot more then I thought. £3950. But its got to be done. Also the nurse said Id need 2 weeks off work which I was quite suprised about. So just got to play the waiting game now but im so excited to be natural again!!

I chickened out!!

So I havent been on this site for a while and my last update was in 2014!! ... so inbetween booking my explant surgery and the operation date I met my now BF and I didnt want him to be put off how I looked so never ended up having the surgery! .... however after nearly 3 years together im pretty confident he wont leave me if I have botched boobs! And he tells me to get them sorted all the time anyway! So im back on this site and trying to pluck up the courage to see a surgeon again. Has anybody had PIPs removed by the harley medical group?

I can have mine removed free of charge by them but I know that when I go for a consultation they will try and persuade me to have them replaced. Where did all you UK ladies go and how much did you pay? HELP and adviced needed!!!

28 Years Old, 7 Years Old 330cc PIP Implants, Under the Muscle.

So I had my breast augmentation in 2009 by the harley medical group, I was young and insecure and thought having big boobs was important, having grown up abit I realise its really now and tbh I have never really liked them and they havent helped mh confidence like I thought they might. Also Im more concerned about my health then anything else and have seen abit online about implants making you ill, and I have been experiencing some symptoms, whether there boob related or not I want them out my body! I have a consultation with Dan Marsh on Tuesday 24th Jan. Because they are PIP harley medical group are removing them free of charge, just had to pay 100 for the consultation.

London Plastic Surgeon

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