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Hi All, First, I would like to let you know that I...

Hi All,
First, I would like to let you know that I have been looking for doctors for the past 18months. I met some in Spain, then wanted to go to the US and finally choose Dr Hamza, who is based between Paris and London. I am quite tall : 5,8" and weight 65kgs, I was. AlaYs considered as a skinny/ fat and was holding my fat mainly on my tummy, flanks and upper back and have always hated it!
I am only 1 day post op but already very happy with my flat tummy, small waist and rounder buttocks! Dr Hamza has extracted 5L in total
But only 1400cc of fat, so 700cc per cheek, which is ok as I didn't want too big results.

Day 2

I feel better today and are very Well, kept drinking water, taking my painkillers And food supplements. I walked a little in the House And felt good.
The pain is quite strong in my tummy and back, where Dr Hamza removed most of My fat but Im not complaining, I thought the pain would be worse.
The only major issue I have Is getting up And laying down as I either need to crawl or push My body with My arms. Sleeping on My tummy is also very challenging as lt hurts my neck a lot.
My body is very swollen And I keep drinking a lot of water.
My advice to anyone who wants to do the BBL is To be ready mentally, You have To understand the risks and complications you may have And Most importantly know all the after care tips. I had th
I Will relax now And will Most more pictures in the next days


Make sure you talk with someone who had this procedure before, they will be the best to advise and give you all the pre and post surgery tips.
I had the chance to get in touch thanks to RS with a girl who had the same surgery with Dr Hamza a month and a half before me and she was great at answering my questions.
Do not hesitate to get in touch with other people who had this surgery before as this will help a lot.

Day 3 & 4

Very very swollen legs and I have no energy again today!
Luckily my partner is taking good care of me and cooks for me lovely food! Sleeping on my chest becomes very uncomfortable after a few hours in the same position. I have put pillows under my tummy and tried to find positions but it's becoming really challenging to have good sleep.
So far I'm very happy with the results and cannot wait to remove my garment to wash it and have a shower!

Day 5

Day 5 was definitely the toughest one for me so far. I woke up "normal" had yoghurt, fruits and smoothie + medication and vitamins then felt sick and went to lay down. I felt a weird sensation in my lower tummy and rushed to the bathroom and did #2 (finally!) then stood to wash myself, removed my garment To finally wash it and suddenly felt sick and started To vomit.
My garment was still soaked in the soapy water for rinse #3 and I left it to go lay down half naked with no garment on! My partner came back 30min after and found me in this position. He tried to make me stand up to put my garment on (he dried it in between with the hairdryer) but I felt so weak and fainted. He did another attempt This Time for me to eat and I fainted again. Finally, after 3 hours I was able to stand up without feeling dizzy, eat something, wash myself and put the garment back on. I felt OK around 8pm last night, had a good night of sleep and so far today Day 6, I'm feeling much much better and had lots of food!
I have also stopped my antibiotics as they were so strong and gave me the nausea/ vomiting. My body is aching but not as much as on the first days.
I pray for the bad days now to be over and be able to do more soon! Im quite confident and will keep you posted.

Before/After pics

Day 7 - 1 week post op!

Hi Ladies,
Feeling much better and feel myself again!
I still sleep a lot at night and do naps during the day but I'm way better. I have now stopped all my medicine and only have 1/2 paracetamol per day if I have a headache.
My body is still very swollen and bruised, even with all the arnica cream and homeopathy I'm taking but it's slowly going.
My butt is still very swollen too and looks very big. I hope it will shrink as it doesn't look natural at all now!
I also have to wear my partners Boxers as my butt doesn't fit in my old knickers. Haha

Before- After (4 days post op picture)

6 weeks post op!

Hi Ladies,
Apologies for the lack of updates lately but I have been quite busy and didn't have time to write an update. The pictures here aren't from today and were taken week 4 post surgery. This is to show you the great work Dr Hamza did on me.
I will write an update later but as today I'm feeling normal, back to work, seating I my booty buddy and wearing my garments (I bought 2) day and night. I will start alternating and wear my garment only the day in 2 weeks when I'm 2 months post op.
The bruising is now all gone and my scars are healing. However, they are still slightly dark as I have quite a dark skin.

Pics taken on 25th October 2016

Hi All,
Here are more pics of my Journey. Butt has shrunk as you can See And most of the swelling is gone except in the bottom of My back and sides. Im still very stiff on My tummy And back but do massages everyday which releases me.
London Plastic Surgeon

Dr Hamza And Lamia, his assistant have been amazing And I highly recommend him. He knows what he is doing and has been very helpful during the whole process. He understood exactly What I wanted And gave me all the information I needed.

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