Petite 5' 2" BA and Labiaplasty - Poole, Dorset

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I'm a 5' 2" 25 year old weighing in at 45.2kg/7st....

I'm a 5' 2" 25 year old weighing in at 45.2kg/7st. Working as a dancer for five years and have decided I want bigger boobs mainly to fill out clothes but also to look great without any. With any luck should help me make more money dancing too but would be so satisfied to look down and see the womanly body I desire.
The Look i want to go for is a lot fuller but also natural, I want to have that natural looking U shape under the breast. To achieve this look my surgeon Mr Cadier advised me to have the implant under the muscle and gave me a few sizes which he thought would suit me (240, 260, 280, 300cc) I then had a sizing consultation and chose 295cc and 325cc implants but now, the day before surgery (!!!) am worried. After a talk with his secretary I have been told there are some more Implant options on the day. I ideally don't want to have that look - like I'm wearing a bra when I am not and as a slim girl I'm worried the bigger impacts will look stuck on.
Don't like the size of my Labia's so getting those reduced which adds an extra 30 mins to the surgery and -£1,274 to my bank account :) by combining the surgeries I have actually saved a bit of money on a procedure I would've probably done in the future.

photos of me pre op

Boob Inspo

Just a few pictures of the sort of image I want.

Boob Inspiration

Found some images of breasts I like.. These are definitely how I want mine to look! I like the big but natural look.

Boob Inspiration

A few more images here!
I have been looking on the internet for breasts and asking all my girl friends what size implants they have!
So far the following images are a good example of what I have in mind.

Post Op

I have big tits! And a very tidy vagina :)I've been in hospital since 7.30 in the morning and now It is 10pm, I am trying to sleep but it's too hot so just going to update instead. The drugs here are goooood I cannot feel any pain (even in my nether regions) lol. The staff are very friendly and attentive here at Harbour hospital.
Mr Cadier himself was really reassuring before the op, I showed him my boob inspiration pictures and he advised me on how to get the look. He helped me to settle on the 325cc implants sub-muscular so that half the implant is HALF covered by my muscle. Thanks to him I am confident these will turn out looking great :)
After surgery I felt drowsy coming round from the Anaesthetic first thing i wanted was a drink. Fortunately wasn't sick. My mouth is very dry though and have a bit of a rough throat. I am still in the hospital and am very happy with the results so far!

Picture's immediately after BA

Took these 3 hours after Op

One week post op

Into week two and I my breasts are starting to feel more like my own. I am off pain meds (only taking ibuprofen for its anti-inflammatory benefits) Wearing my sports bra 24/7, sleeping upright (at least one more week of this). In the first week I didn't feel too bad I ventured out twice to the shops and to dinner. I wasn't in any pain it was more discomfort with the swelling on my chest which peaked at day 5.
Salisbury Plastic Surgeon

Very informative and easy to talk to, explained the procedures in depth and is well known in the area I live.

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