Wasn't Happy with Lipo So Went Back for Tummy Tuck - Tampa, FL

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I decided i 2009 that i wanted to get something...

I decided i 2009 that i wanted to get something done to make me feel more confident with my body. When i went for my conceltaion in December of 2009 My doctor said that she recomended a tummy tuck, however i was scard of the scar that comes with a tummy tuck so i went for the Lipo.

The problem with lipo is when u get lipo in certin spots the rest of your body doesn't match up with those areas. I had lipo of the lower back, stomach and flanks But it still left areas that needed attention. I concidered going back and taking care of those areas but when i looked in the mirror i relized that even with those areas takin care of i still had saggy skin and rolls of skin when i sat down which i was not happy with. So in December of 2010 i went back for conceltaion #2.

I schedualed my appointment to have a tummy tuck with no muscle repair for Febuary 7th, a year exactly from my first proceedure.

When i got there i was not so nervouse as i was the first time because i was very comfortable with my doctor and trusted her very much. After surgery i went home which my have not been the best decision because i wound up passing out because my blood pressure droped and i wound up in the hospital anyway. If i was to do it again i would take the after care. It cost more money but it is worth it. The first couple day i slept a lot. The pain was not unbarable it was more uncomfortable than anything. Your stomach is actuall very numb and belly button is completly numb i still have had no sensation in it. I can honestly say that the worst part of the whole experiance is the drains, They are annoying for the most part but also very uncomfortable and they are the reason you can not shower ( That was awful!!!)
Not to mention carring a bloody ball around with u is pretty embarrassing.

A lot of people talk about the straighting of there bodies after surgery. I was standing up straight pretty quickly. It felt funny but it didnt hurt to stand up straight and the more you do it that faster you you get use to it. It still feels funny to a certin degree but it doesn't hurt even tho sometime, due to the nerves repairing themselve i sometime get a sharp pain when i stand up to quickly.

Tommorrow is my 2 week appointment and i am praying they take this drain out bcause i am ready to get back to work, i feel great still a little sore but ready to go!! I can't wait till i can get in the gym and get this show on the road.

I will add photos of the tummy tuck when the...

I will add photos of the tummy tuck when the drains are out

So i went to the doctor Yesterday in hopes that i...

So i went to the doctor Yesterday in hopes that i would get my drain takin out and no luck! She said she doesn't see cases like this to offten were the patient drains so much, i am still in between 15-25 cc of draineg every 8 hours when i am supposed to be in the single didgets. So hopefully next Tuesday i will be getting them out or im gonna lose my mind!

Photo Update

I got my drains out on 3/2, i was so excited but...

I got my drains out on 3/2, i was so excited but after the came out i have gained 6 lbs and i look like im 4 month pregnant. I am not sure what a Seroma is but after reading about it, i hope thats not whats wrong. I hope i'm just being p-noid, not sure if this is normal or not...

Tummy tuck after 2 years and ready to go back to perfect the back side BBL

Well, i went for my consultaion today to look into getting a Brazilian butt lift. The Dr. wound up telling me that i do not have enough fat to make a big difference but we will try... I have been working out for about 3 1/2 months now and the only difference i have noticed is the fact that my butt is disapearing but yet my love handles under my arm pits are not going anywere, so i figured " Why not move the fat around" lol!! I went to one conseltaion today but i want to go to one more before i make a desission on what to do.. will keep ya posted

More pics of my timeline

1week post op

Hoping the swelling in my butt stays but not my back
Dr. Thomas

She is very educated and has 25 years of experience and good at what she does. She knows what she is talking about and had i listen to her the first time it would have saved me $3800.00

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