Over 30, Breastfed 3 Kids, Boobs Are Sad - Hanover, NH

About a year ago after I stopped breastfeeding my...

About a year ago after I stopped breastfeeding my third I started thinking about implants. My breasts have always been on the larger size but shrunk and sagged after my third. I was about a dd and now I would say I am a C but not a perky c, a saggy c with no "meat" in my breasts. I didn't even wear a bathing suit this summer because I can't find one that holds my breasts like they should. I'm really nervous because I have been reading about people getting sick after getting implants and having them removed. And also nervous about getting surgery and having to be out of commission with a toddler. It wouldn't be until next year. I have a consult in September. I really want them but I'm also super scared. :-/ So I guess I'm on the fence.

Had my consult

So I had my consult today. I am glad that I got more info but I was a little discouraged to find out that I need a lift as well as implants. I was hoping for avoid that. From what I can tell the debate is mixed about whether it is safe to do the lift and implants at the same time. My doctor said they don't recommend it but people have it done no problem. I don't think I could make two surgeries work- with recovery time and it is a lot more expensive. So I guess I am at a little bit of a crossroads.

She did say I was a small c currently which I was surprised about. I've always been a d or dd. I also have stage 3 sagging.

The doctor was very nice and I really did like her. That is a big plus. She took her time and didn't rush us or make us feel like we were keeping her from doing something else. I just wish there was a more cut and dry answer for what I should do.

285 cc

I did the rice test and I'm currently thinking about 285 cc.
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