34, 3 Kids.....A Tummy Tuck is a Necessity! - Hanover, MD

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Hello Everyone. I have been looking into a tummy...

Hello Everyone. I have been looking into a tummy tuck for about 12 years now. I have three children, all by c-section, and every since then, my tummy never looked the same. After I had my son via c-section, my abdomen area started sagging. As the years went on, they started sagging even more. I even noticed a rash from the sagging skin rubbing against my pubic area. When I would work out and shower, I would have to lift of this fold of skin to clean and dry it. This is so embarrassing. My husband says that he loves me no matter what, but with this fold of skin causing all of these problems, I was wondering if it was a turn off for him.
I am no longer curious to see if I should get a tummy tuck, I SCHEDULED my tummy tuck for March 12. My PS office called and said that they have an opening on March 5, so I did what any woman would do..... I TOOK IT! LOL So now, I am 6 days pre-op. I am so excited and I can't wait to see a flatter tummy!

1 Day pre-op

Good morning ladies! so, I am 1 day pre-op today and I am so excited. I can't wait until tomorrow morning. I keep having these weird dreams about the day of the surgery, and how things will play out. PLEASE tell me that y'all are, or have had these dreams too! I am excited.... my electric recliner will be delivered today. I am at work, so I need to confirm with them the delivery time. I want to make sure that I have someone at the house so that it can be delivered. I have all my supplies on the cart that will be next to my recliner and my bag is packed for tomorrow. I am only worried about the patches of ice on the roads and the streets. Today, I fell on the ice on my way to work, and I hope by tomorrow that things will be cleared up and melted away so that I don't have to worry about falling or using my abdomen muscles to help break my fall.
I have attached the pics of how my tummy looks now. the side view, the front view, and the way it looks when I sit down. Now just so you know, I think I am a master illuminist! I have a way to camouflage my tummy in my clothes, and alot of people do not know that my tummy is a big as it is. I have added some samples as well.

Today is the Day!

Well, im on my way to the surgery center. I am so excited! All of my closest friends called or texted me to wish me well. I think that once I get there, I will loose all the excitement and become nervous because reality will start to sink in. Well, I hope I am feeling up to posting about my experience after the surgery. On that note, I will see you on the flat side ladies! Donna, good luck today!

finally -- I'm on the flat side Ladies!!

Well, my husband and my kids has been really helpful. Yesterday after the surgery, I came home, I went to the bathroom every hour and a half. When I got up to go to the bathroom, I took a little walk too. On thing is for sure, my back hurts like hell. If I am standing for too long, it starts to throb. About my meds, my husband is waiting every 4 hours on the pain medication and I keep telling him I need it every 3.5. By the time he give me my meds, the previous dose wore off! He so scared im gonna overdose! I am draining alot..... hopefully these drains will come out in a week. I have my husband change them, they make me gag! Well, thats it for now, I will do another update later. Many thanks goes out to all of you for your prayers, well wishes, support, and guidance. I love y'all! And to get through this, I needed the support of all of you!

The Worst Cough of My Life

Hello everyone. Ok. So yesterday, I had to cough. I proceeded to cough the flem out of my chest and it was so thick, that it got stuck and I could not breath. I did what I thought anyone in that situation would do....I panacked and I jumped up out this recliner so fast. Then, I had to cough harder to get the flem out. I just knew I popped something. That was the most frightening thing I have experienced since the surgery. Other than that, I must say that I am on schedule with the healing process. When I changed my dressing the other day, I felt nauseous. ...not sure why. I will post a pic with me still ib my binder. Hopefully soon I can do a before and after pic
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

When I met Dr. Ashruf, I told him why I wanted a tummy tuck and how I think it would improve my current lifestyle. He completely understood my reasons for wanting a tummy tuck and he made me feel comfortable about the decision to go through with the procedure. I got undressed, and he actually showed me how he can transform my tummy. He was very personable, professional and sympathetic to my situation. I had two other consultations prior to Dr. Ashruf and combined, they did not make me feel as comfortable as Dr. Ashruf. I could have any other PS perform my transformation, but I chose the doctor that I felt more open with and had a sense of what I wanted to do with my body. If you are in the DMV or surrounding areas, and are considering any type of plastic surgery, please contact Dr. Salman Ashruf in Hanover, MD. You won't regret it, and I guarantee you that he will put your needs and wants first to the best of his ability!

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