28 Years Old Woman, with Genetic Tendency for Abdominal Fat - Germany, DE

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Hi you all! I am a 28 years old woman, and last...

Hi you all!
I am a 28 years old woman, and last week I did my first coolsculpting treatment on my lower abdomen.
Two years ago I moved to Germany for work reasons and (shame on me) got 10 kg that have been really hard to get rid off. Unfortunately I was never a sporty person but always kept a quite agitated life, when moved here, the sofa after work gain the battle almost every day.
For my work I travel a lot, and that fact is also making really hard to keep good eating habits, and the clock change has been killing my body function.
Now I decided to take care of myself p and get rid of this additional 10 kg or even more, and get into my best shape.
Unfortunately, thank you mother genetic, I gained all my kilos on my belly, which makes my job harder, and I know, by previous experiences, I will loose the kilos, but the belly is here to stay.
That's the point we got to the coolsculpting!!
I had an appointment at a plastic surgeon, however my goal was to get some "help" on my new mission and avoid the drastic measures. She explained me that my upper abdomen fat is pretty solid so maybe to test the procedure my lower abdomen would be the best candidate.
We used the bigger adapters (it is a lot of fat that successfully I manage to hide with clothes), one time on the left side, and one more time on the right, one hour each.

As per my experience, first 10 min hurt as hell, for me was not light or mild discomfort, was really painful, I even sweat! After the first hour, I felt a bit dizzy, and the nurse gave me some coke to bring my pressure up. Then the second torture came, the 5 minutes massage, hurts like hell part 2, but well, you have to suck it up, it is for your own good.
The second hour on the right side was way easier, maybe due to the paracetamol the nurse gave me.
After that, I drove home during 2 hours, no extreme pain, only some dumbness, swelling and sensitivity to the touch.

After two days I started to feel some cramps, and the sensation of some needles pinching me, but totally bearable. I went for work everyday, and the only issue I had was to choose clothes that would not pressure the belly and that would be accepted at the office.
Lastly night (4th after the procedure) I had the higher discomfort, that was easily taken care of with 500mg of paracetamol.
Today, the cramps are mostly gone, only the belly soared like I was punched many times and that I only feel when I pressure the area, swelling is starting to go away and have been sweating a lot, hopefully it is already the fat cells coming out.

Tuesday, hopefully will start with gym to initiate the 10 kg fight.

I will keep you updated on my results!

1 week is gone

So, one week is gone and the worst is also gone.
My experience has been really good so far, no unbearable pain and only itchy feeling on day6 and 7. Currently I am still itchy but not very frequent.

One week after I still have some areas soared but the swelling is gone. I am back to my normal size and my normal jeans.

See picture from before treatment and after.
Now let's wait for the results in 3 weeks, can't wait!!!!

3 weeks done and no results

Yesterday I completed 3 weeks post procedure, and I can tell you that umnfortunately I can't see no results.

I still have hope since most of the people only starts seeing it after 4 weeks, however, I must confess that I am losing the excitement.

About the symptoms, no pain anymore and very very very occasional itching.

Now.... Lets wait none more week and keep our fingers crossed for me.

4 weeks gone

Good morning everyone!
4 weeks are gone since my first treatment. Me personally I do not see great changes yet but looks like my belly roll is starting to go away....

Can't wait for next week update.
Dr. Gabrielle Pohl

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