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After, having my only child, I have worked hard at...

After, having my only child, I have worked hard at getting to my ideal weight. But no amount of crunches is going to get rid of my skin. I feel great in a two piece but hate bending over. I eat clean...participate in road races...don't drink or smoke. I just want a legit flat tummy. I hope it works.

Sept 3rd....ready. ..

Finding the office this morning was slightly challenging. Met Dr. McAruthur this morning, great "bedside" manner......he is jovial and very down to earth. This practice in particular has been in the area for at least 20 years and has very positive feedback and results. The doc was through and was honest and didn't suggest surgeries I did not need. He also didn't use too much "medical jargon" (even though I am a nurse) he explained it well in laymen's terms. Most of my lower abd/love handle area is too "thin" for lipo. Basically, I do not have enough body fat to qualify. He did however state I am the "ideal" candidate for a mini tummy tuck....which he said he will do a small quantity of lipo in the abd area. I even got a discount for being a nurse.....I didn't even have to hesitate and picked out a surgery date for Sept 3rd, 2014. I do not have to think twice about it.....I am very excited.

Pre-op date approaching.......

Well.....August is finally almost here. Over concern of friends and family, I did consult with a trainer at the gym. And I was correct.....it is loose skin......surgery is the only option if I want to rid myself of this hindrance. My work out ethic and my eating habits have not changed. Since, I have put my foot down my parents are questioning my decision. It is no one's business what I choose to do with my body or my money. I am doing this for myself, not my husband, my child, or my family. Being a nurse, I have very little concern, and I am doing what is best for me. I have traveled a very long road to be where I am health wise today. I am only given one body and if it takes a little nip and tuck to keep my confidence maintained then so be it. The only concern I really have is being off from the gym for 3-4 weeks.......but I know it is better to listen to the MD then to take risks. I am so excited!!!!

Pre-op Party Time.....08/19/2014

Pre-op was very basic. Blood work......and a procedure "lecture" from the office RN. I really have no fears going in. I do have to wear SCD's for two days post-op due to my birth control implant. I cringed at that.....they get so hot and the machine is noisy.....but it is better then a DVT. Only issue I am having Is that patients aren't allowed to pick procedure times, they are assigned. Guess it is just office policy. Only 5 more days to go.......time to deep clean and get my husband's care package mailed out ASAP!

5, 4, 3, 2, 1........Blast off....

Well, I finally have a time to be there at 9:45 am tomorrow. It still hasn't really quite hit me yet, seems like any other day. However, this morning rolling out of bed, I realized I won't be able to do that for a few weeks. The reality of the situation is.....I am willingly and very openly putting myself under the care of medical professionals tomorrow. At, this point I am preparing my daughter for her 1st day of pre-k tomorrow (which I will miss) and hydrating. I have trained for and completed a 1/2 marathon, I can say I was more nervous prior to that then this sx. Of course, my education and own personal experience as a nurse has helped ease the :unknowns" slightly. I know I am young and healthy and I will repair quickly. I will just have to remember to take it "easy".......taking 3-4 weeks from the gym is going to drive me insane.....but I know to follow the MD's orders. No sense in ripping $4800 sutures.

Post op day #1

Well......oddly enough I feel pretty good. A little fuzzy (drowsy) from all the IV meds but I really am having a hard time just sitting still. The procedure ended up being only about 1.5 hours instead of 2. Nurses were all very excellent, I came out of recovery easily. I am bandaged up pretty well and have my binder on so I can't get a good visual. I do have two JP's which are starting to have some orange-red fld but nothing major. I got to see pictures of the discard tissue.....they wouldn't let me take it home (that is a joke.). Other, then having to wear the SCD's I am not having many issues with stairs or walking. Sitting on the toilet is a little uncomfortable but getting up isn't to hard. I am due for my first round of pain meds soon.....regardless I am still going to take them to keep "ahead of the pain". My doctor used a lot of local anesthetic to keep my abd numb....so I hope that doesn't wear off too quickly. But, I know I need to sit still but this is going to be probably the most difficult thing for me.....since I am always on the go!!

Post op Day 5...

Well.....I used the last few days to nap and be still (which is hard for me to do!). My drains barely have any fluid draining into them. I have showered twice....been changing my bandage as directed. I don't have a ton of edema or bruising. Still walking around slightly hunched over but I am more mobile and it is much easier to sit/stand. Miralax has very helpful.....I haven't had any issues with going #2. Only taking pain meds when I wake up...moving around and getting started is the only time I have legit pain. Hoping these drains come out Tuesday.

post op day #13

New updates: Both drains are d/c'ed (last one was out on Thursday). Today is the first day I didn't take pains....just taking otc pain relievers. I have no swelling or fld in my abd cavity. Sutures are show no s/s of infection. Still not able to go to the gym...doc said two more weeks. Stated start out "easy"....I asked him to "define easy". I can pretty much walk up right....sleep on my side.....I don't like sitting still to long or I get uncomfortable. Overall, I'd say I am either I recover well or the surgery really wasn't that difficult. I will add pics.....still have some edema....(puffiness) but very slight. I am in the abd binder 99% of the time as well.

It has been 8 months and I am stoked.

Ok so my scar is still a little visible but it has healed great. I am so happy I made my decision. The only work out difference is that I am not running as much (but still doing cardio and weights). I am now looking at changing my top half. So happy I got my mini!

This seems to be a very grounded and honest doctor. He is quick....to the point.....and very easy going.

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