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I am currently 6 days post op. I had surgery...

I am currently 6 days post op. I had surgery April 22, 2014. This is my whole process.

I started online looking at doctors, pictures, and reviews. I also called 3 of my girlfriends that have all had breast implants and asked them their doctors and their size/choices. I scheduled a consult with my surgeon who I found online. Honestly, I found my doctor via Google. It was the surgery center that was local to me and I reviewed all of the doctors that worked there. I called for a consult and because I reviewed all of the doctors, I had no preference for who I did a consult with and knew I didn't have to choose at that time because it was just a consult. My consult went well, the first time. I showed up, the staff was professional, and the atmosphere was very comforting and my doctor was knowledgable. At that time I knew I wanted Dr. Vonu to be my surgeon because of how well the consult went. I went home from the consult confident and excited. Dr. Vonu had told me what size would look good for my body type and let me decide from there. Because I am a tall person, he said I could have any size implant and it would suit well for me.
I scheduled my surgery for the 22nd of April after the consult. 2 weeks later I had still been doing research and had come up with more questions. I wrote them down and called the office to ask. The reception staff recommended I do a second consult. I did and I am glad I did. I had done so much research online that I was second guessing every decision I had made. I went for a second consult and my doctor made me feel at ease. He spoke with a lot of confidence and explained everything thoroughly again. I did a bra fitting and decided to get a slightly larger sized implant.
My final decisions were:
550cc implants (big but not too large that I look heavy)
Under the muscle (for more natural look)
Silicon implants (for natural look, feel, and no rippling when leaning over)
Incision inframary (I have smaller nipples and good breast creases. Armpits weren't my desire for incision due to my feelings about implant placement with that incision site)

2 weeks before surgery I did a pre op appointment and was provided a book that was specific to me and my surgery I was having. I also got after care instructions and also paid for surgery. I was given my prescriptions at that time to fill as well. Everything was gone over step by step and all expectations I could have were discussed and all possible outcomes for pain and effects of anesthesia. It was comforting and exciting. I also got my before pictures taken too. That appointment was the first time I had gone without wearing a padded bra in months. It was freeing to just be myself for the last few weeks and to embrace the idea that I was not going to have to be self conscience anymore.

Day of surgery was tough for me. I was starving! Haha. My surgery was scheduled for 1215 and I wasn't allowed to eat beforehand after midnight the previous night. It was explained to me that it was for safety and to prevent aspirating on my stomach contents of there were issues with surgery or anesthesia. I arrived to the surgical
Center and it was relaxing. My nurse came to greet me and took me back to get prepared. I had to change into a gown, non slip socks, and was allowed to keep my underwear on. I was given a locker and the nurse took the key to put with my chart for discharge. I had to provide a urine sample to check for pregnancy also. I was placed on a hospital bed that had warm air flowing through the sheets. I was given a magazine and an IV. I was given medical bracelets and also testers for antibiotics due to my allergies they wanted to ensure I was getting something safe. I read and relaxed for about 30 minutes as during that time I was able to meet with each member of the surgical team individually. I felt important and well taken care of. The final person I met with was the anesthesiologist. He gave me a "cocktail" to help me relax and they rolled me back to the OR. My arms were strapped down and the anesthesiologist gave me the final dose of "go to sleep". I don't remember anything until recovery. I was dressed by the nurses and had a surgical bra on already, my things were ready for me, and I was given ginger ale, crackers, and meds. I felt sick and had to vomit. I was wheeled out to my car and my caretaker drove me home. I was unable to keep meds down for that night but the following morning I was able to and have felt good ever since. In the mornings wake up sore and with a tight chest and because I was instructed to sleep on my back propped up at night, I have gotten tightness in my neck sometimes. My surgical bra sits on my incisions and I find comfort from the burning sensation it causes by placing wads of gauze over the site. I am only to take my bra off to shower and wash it and I find more comfort with it on to be honest. It's black and fits like a sports bra. I am on day 6 and am swollen throughout my body, mostly my abdomen. The medication causes irregularity and I have added laxatives to my daily medicine. I have been able to move my arms over my head since day 1. I have my post op appointment at day 10 and don't know what to expect. I'm looking forward to the next step in this adventure.

12 days post op

I have been able to do lower body exercises and have been able to sleep well. My breasts are dropping nicely and my incisions are smaller than I anticipated. Life is good.

It's been 5 weeks

Well, it's been 5 weeks and I am really doing well. I have been cleared to do anything and have been for probably 3 weeks now. No more pains except minor ones when laying on my side and squishing a boob. Boobs have fully dropped and look very natural. Still have boob envy but I think I will buy a padded bra when I need a little extra. :)

Another picture

This is my before photos.

Newport News Plastic Surgeon

My overall experience was amazing. I plan to get more work done in the future and will be using the same doctor and surgery center.

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