Rhinoplasty Fast Recovery Tips (Age 27) Hampton Roads, VA

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It's day 4 post op for me right now and so far I'm...

It's day 4 post op for me right now and so far I'm satisfied with how my body has been recovering. Really I was happy right away when I looked at myself hours after my rhinoplasty. I had braced myself to look like any number of the photos I've seen countless others post. I did quite a bit of research long before I went ahead with my surgery and I do truly believe that it contributed to my swift recovery. I'm having difficulty posting my images at this time but I'm hoping I can get some up soon enough with this for others to see that you CAN have not so puffy and bruised eyes post rhinoplasty!

Here is what I did:
Starting at about 1 month pre-op: I had an increased fitness workout that included focused breathing exercises (Maui Tai).

3 weeks pre-op: I started adding pineapple to my daily diet. Pineapple has a natural enzyme that is proven to reduce swelling nasal/sinus area called " Bromelain". I would drink a cup or two each day.

2 weeks pre-op: My husband bought me the bromelain vitamin capsule so I began taking this daily as well as drinking a cup or two of pineapple juice daily. Meanwhile still keeping up with my cardio & focused breathing excerises.

The day before surgery: I took one SINECCH pill (which contains an herb called Arnica Montana) and this is a capsule that comes in a box of 12 total. It is clinically proven to reduce swelling and bruising from surgery and/or injury. Its about $30-$40 for this 4 day supply.

Hours post-op: took my 2nd dose of the SINECCH with pineapple juice. I also rotated 20 mins on 10 mins off with two small zip lock bags half full of frozen peas all day and night.

Continue the SINECCH treatment as instructed on the box. Drink nothing but water & pineapple juice. Take the bromelain 2xs a day now. Keep using the frozen peas on and off throughout each day. Get plenty of rest (SLEEP SITTING UP)!

I have 4 kiddos so my mother and husband have taken time off from work to help me around the house. Do not lift or do much of any exercise after surgery.

Fri Sept. 4th

Woke up with most of my swelling and bruising gone! I have a pale green color under each eye and the tip of my nose is still swollen. I still feel like my nose is super sensitive to touch plus the pain relievers are making my nose itch (must fight the urge to scratch!!! Lol). I'm finished with the SINECCH capsules and im still continuing to take Bromalein twice daily as well as drinking pineapple juice. I have also still been using frozen peas occasionally.

before and after

I love my new nose! Removing the splint hurt more than I expected. I had stopped taking the prescription pain meds a few days before going into my follow up appointment to get my splint and stitches removed. That day, I wished I had brought my leftover medicine with me. I'm kind of a baby when it comes to pain tolerance though. I didn't have much pain after surgery because of the medicine I'm sure. The Dr comes in and bends the hard splint back and forth to peel it off. There's a ton of white glue-like stuff holding it on there. Once it was finally off my nose was definitely super sensitive (and still is sensitive today). Next was the stitches and they were pretty easy. The whole deal probably took about 15 minutes.

I love my results! I know my nose will still go through some changes while "settling" but I'm at a good starting point. The tip of my nose is still swollen as well as the top of my bridge between my eyes (I can feel the swollen/tingly sensation there). I'm still not back to my full work out routine but I have resumed all my mommy duties and even did a family museum trip a couple days ago.

So Worth it!

One year post surgery

The doctor said it would up to a year to see the final result of my surgery. I did notice slight changes about 6 months post but not any noticeable changes after that. I am so completely thrilled at my results and glad I didn't put this off any longer. Now I can continue the rest if my life feeling more confident. No more "bad angles" with photographs!!!
Newport News Plastic Surgeon

Love my doctor's personality! He is funny and straight forward. He knew right away what I was looking to accomplish and answered every question with great detail (because it doesn't gross me out to talk about chiseling my nose down).

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